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Riviera River Cruises to the Moselle River

When René Pottier became the first Tour de France rider to reach the top of Ballon d'Alsace in 1905, he was probably too out of breath to notice that he was passing the source of the great Moselle river. Yet this is where it rises in the Vosges Mountains, before making its 339-mile journey through France, Luxembourg, and Germany to its confluence with the Rhine at Deutsches Eck near Koblenz. What a stunning choice the Moselle is for your river cruise holiday. Twisting and turning like a blue ribbon, it meanders sedately along one of Germany's most beautiful valleys. It sets a pace that will feel entirely natural as you revel in watching the riverside sights glide serenely by - towering castles, verdant hills, and picture-postcard villages.

First cultivated by the Romans, the Moselle is one of Germany's most spectacular wine regions. Your Moselle river cruise will take you past terraced vineyards on craggy slopes that rise up at impossible gradients – with one at 68% claiming to be the steepest in Europe. Some of the best Riesling grapes are grown here just as they have been for centuries. Cochem, for example, with its castle crowning a mound covered in vineyards, was once the very center of the Moselle wine trade. Bernkastel, full of fine and ornate half-timbered houses, is still home to the “Pointed House,” a dwelling built by a Moselle vintner in 1416.

Although the Moselle flows through a region that has been shaped by man for over 2,000 years, its stunning scenery remains unspoiled and its medieval old towns wonderfully preserved. Your Moselle river cruise will take you through tiny winding streets, along quaint hidden passageways, for romantic strolls through delightful market squares – and to Trier, the oldest and arguably the most fascinating Roman city in Germany.

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2024 Riviera River Cruises to the Moselle River

Apr 257MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,498$2,59960%
Apr 277MS Jane AustenParintins$6,998$2,79960%
Apr 307MS Lord ByronLyon$5,998$2,39960%
May 027MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,873$2,74960%
May 047MS Jane AustenParintins$7,373$2,94960%
May 077MS Lord ByronLyon$6,998$2,79960%
May 097MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,998$2,79960%
May 117MS Jane AustenParintins$7,373$2,94960%
May 1610MS William ShakespeareLyon$9,895$3,95860%
May 167MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,873$2,74960%
May 237MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,373$2,94960%
May 307MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,248$2,89960%
Jun 067MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,123$3,24960%
Jun 107MS Lord ByronLyon$7,873$3,14960%
Jun 187MS Jane AustenParintins$8,748$3,49960%
Jun 207MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,998$3,19960%
Jun 257MS Jane AustenParintins$8,373$3,34960%
Jun 277MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,498$2,99960%
Jul 027MS Jane AustenParintins$7,998$3,19960%
Jul 047MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,373$2,94960%
Jul 077MS Lord ByronLyon$8,123$3,24960%
Jul 1110MS William ShakespeareLyon$10,020$4,00860%
Jul 117MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,998$2,79960%
Jul 147MS Lord ByronLyon$6,623$2,64960%
Jul 187MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,873$2,74960%
Jul 197MS Jane AustenParintins$7,623$3,04960%
Jul 257MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,873$2,74960%
Jul 267MS Jane AustenParintins$7,623$3,04960%
Jul 317MS Lord ByronLyon$6,498$2,59960%
Aug 017MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,873$2,74960%
Aug 027MS Jane AustenParintins$7,373$2,94960%
Aug 077MS Lord ByronLyonCall for Availability
Aug 087MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,873$2,74960%
Aug 097MS Jane AustenParintins$7,373$2,94960%
Aug 157MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,873$2,74960%
Aug 167MS Jane AustenParintins$7,623$3,04960%
Aug 227MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,873$2,74960%
Aug 247MS Lord ByronLyon$6,498$2,59960%
Aug 297MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,373$2,94960%
Aug 3110MS Lord ByronLyon$10,395$4,15860%
Aug 317MS Lord ByronLyon$7,373$2,94960%
Sep 027MS Jane AustenParintins$9,123$3,64960%
Sep 057MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,873$3,14960%
Sep 097MS Jane AustenParintins$9,123$3,64960%
Sep 127MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,248$3,29960%
Sep 167MS Jane AustenParintins$9,123$3,64960%
Sep 177MS Lord ByronLyon$7,873$3,14960%
Sep 1910MS William ShakespeareLyon$11,020$4,40860%
Sep 197MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,998$3,19960%
Sep 237MS Jane AustenParintins$8,623$3,44960%
Sep 247MS Lord ByronLyon$7,373$2,94960%
Sep 267MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,498$2,99960%
Oct 037MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,248$2,89960%
Oct 107MS Jane AustenParintins$7,373$2,94960%
Oct 107MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,623$2,64960%
Oct 117MS Lord ByronLyon$5,998$2,39960%
Oct 177MS Jane AustenParintins$6,873$2,74960%
Oct 177MS William ShakespeareLyon$5,998$2,39960%
Oct 1810MS Lord ByronLyon$8,195$3,27860%
Oct 247MS William ShakespeareLyon$5,373$2,14960%
Oct 247MS Jane AustenParintins$6,248$2,49960%
Nov 047MS Lord ByronLyonCall for Availability

2025 Riviera River Cruises to the Moselle River

Mar 277MS Thomas HardyLyonCall for Availability
Apr 027MS Lord ByronLyonCall for Availability
Apr 027MS Jane AustenParintins$5,998$2,39960%
Apr 037MS Thomas HardyLyon$5,248$2,09960%
Apr 097MS Jane AustenParintins$6,373$2,54960%
Apr 107MS Thomas HardyLyon$5,623$2,24960%
Apr 177MS Thomas HardyLyon$6,623$2,64960%
Apr 247MS Thomas HardyLyon$6,873$2,74960%
Apr 297MS Lord ByronLyon$6,248$2,49960%
May 017MS Thomas HardyLyon$7,373$2,94960%
May 0110MS Thomas HardyLyon$10,745$4,29860%
May 037MS Jane AustenParintins$7,123$2,84960%
May 067MS Lord ByronLyon$7,373$2,94960%
May 087MS Thomas HardyLyon$7,373$2,94960%
May 107MS Jane AustenParintins$7,373$2,94960%
May 157MS Thomas HardyLyon$7,373$2,94960%
May 227MS Thomas HardyLyon$7,748$3,09960%
May 297MS Thomas HardyLyon$7,623$3,04960%
Jun 027MS Lord ByronLyon$7,373$2,94960%
Jun 037MS Jane AustenParintins$8,123$3,24960%
Jun 057MS Thomas HardyLyon$7,998$3,19960%
Jun 097MS Lord ByronLyon$7,748$3,09960%
Jun 0910MS Lord ByronLyon$11,120$4,44860%
Jun 107MS Jane AustenParintins$8,498$3,39960%
Jun 127MS Thomas HardyLyon$8,248$3,29960%
Jun 177MS Jane AustenParintins$8,748$3,49960%
Jun 197MS Thomas HardyLyon$8,248$3,29960%
Jul 017MS Jane AustenParintins$7,748$3,09960%
Jul 037MS Thomas HardyLyon$7,373$2,94960%
Jul 067MS Lord ByronLyon$6,998$2,79960%
Jul 1010MS Thomas HardyLyon$10,620$4,24860%
Jul 107MS Thomas HardyLyon$7,248$2,89960%
Jul 137MS Lord ByronLyon$7,373$2,94960%
Jul 257MS Jane AustenParintins$7,373$2,94960%
Jul 307MS Lord ByronLyon$7,373$2,94960%
Aug 017MS Jane AustenParintins$7,373$2,94960%
Aug 067MS Lord ByronLyon$6,998$2,79960%
Aug 0610MS Lord ByronLyon$10,370$4,14860%
Aug 087MS Jane AustenParintins$7,373$2,94960%
Aug 157MS Jane AustenParintins$7,623$3,04960%
Aug 217MS Thomas HardyLyon$7,998$3,19960%
Aug 237MS Lord ByronLyon$6,998$2,79960%
Aug 287MS Thomas HardyLyon$7,623$3,04960%
Aug 307MS Lord ByronLyon$7,373$2,94960%
Sep 017MS Jane AustenParintins$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 047MS Thomas HardyLyon$8,248$3,29960%
Sep 087MS Jane AustenParintins$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 117MS Thomas HardyLyon$8,623$3,44960%
Sep 157MS Jane AustenParintins$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 167MS Lord ByronLyon$7,748$3,09960%
Sep 187MS Thomas HardyLyon$8,623$3,44960%
Sep 227MS Jane AustenParintins$8,498$3,39960%
Sep 2310MS Lord ByronLyon$11,120$4,44860%
Sep 237MS Lord ByronLyon$7,748$3,09960%
Sep 257MS Thomas HardyLyon$8,248$3,29960%
Oct 027MS Thomas HardyLyon$7,748$3,09960%
Oct 097MS Thomas HardyLyon$7,248$2,89960%
Oct 097MS Jane AustenParintins$7,373$2,94960%
Oct 107MS Lord ByronLyon$6,373$2,54960%
Oct 167MS Thomas HardyLyon$6,248$2,49960%
Oct 167MS Jane AustenParintins$6,998$2,79960%
Oct 177MS Lord ByronLyon$5,873$2,34960%
Oct 237MS Thomas HardyLyon$5,873$2,34960%
Oct 237MS Jane AustenParintins$6,123$2,44960%
Oct 2310MS Thomas HardyLyon$9,245$3,69860%
Nov 037MS Lord ByronLyonCall for Availability

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