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Riviera River Cruises to the Douro River

There was a time when the Douro was a wild, precarious river, making navigation a daunting task for those trying to keep control of traditional flat bottomed boats. Often they foundered – losing the Port wine they were transporting downriver to the cellars of impatient wine merchants. How different the Douro river is today, tamed by a series of locks that will make your river cruise holiday such a calm, serene experience. Yet the age-old banks of the Douro remain as enchanting as ever, covered as they are with peaceful terraces where olives, almonds, and grapes are cultivated much as they always have been.

How can such a picturesque river valley - with its dramatic cliffs, lush hillsides, medieval walled villages, and fine vineyards - remain so relatively undiscovered? How can so few others have enjoyed the sensation of basking on a sun deck as the unmistakable chirping of crickets and the fragrant scents from the surrounding hillsides pervade the warm evening air? You’ll feel that your river cruise on the Douro is a true revelation, taking you deep into one of the most unspoiled corners of Europe. Wine is never far away from the Douro river, and there are plenty of opportunities to try out the authentic local favorites during your cruise. You’ll be spoilt for choice – whether it’s the sparkling Raposeira of historic Lamego, the familiar Rosé of Mateus Palace, or the Port wine (still trodden by foot) that’s so completely entwined with the history of Oporto.

For 70 miles of the Douro’s 557-mile length, the river forms part of the national border between Spain and Portugal. Its narrow canyons made it a historical barrier for invasions, and an enduring cultural and linguistic divide. On your Douro river cruise, you’ll see the very best that both sides of this fascinating river have to offer.

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2024 Riviera River Cruises to the Douro River

Mar 317MS Douro SplendourPortoCall for Availability
Apr 027MS Douro ElegancePortoCall for Availability
Apr 0710MS Douro SplendourPorto$9,770$3,90860%
Apr 147MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,248$2,89960%
Apr 167MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,623$3,04960%
Apr 217MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,623$3,04960%
Apr 237MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,623$3,04960%
Apr 307MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,873$3,14960%
May 057MS Douro SplendourPorto$9,248$3,69960%
May 077MS Douro ElegancePorto$9,248$3,69960%
May 147MS Douro ElegancePorto$9,248$3,69960%
May 267MS Douro SplendourPorto$9,248$3,69960%
Jun 027MS Douro SplendourPorto$9,373$3,74960%
Jun 117MS Douro ElegancePorto$9,623$3,84960%
Jun 1810MS Douro ElegancePorto$11,570$4,62860%
Jun 187MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,873$3,54960%
Jun 257MS Douro ElegancePorto$9,248$3,69960%
Jun 307MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,873$3,54960%
Jul 027MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,873$3,14960%
Jul 077MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,998$3,19960%
Jul 097MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,248$2,89960%
Jul 147MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,248$2,89960%
Jul 167MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,248$2,89960%
Jul 217MS Douro SplendourPorto$6,998$2,79960%
Jul 237MS Douro ElegancePorto$6,998$2,79960%
Jul 287MS Douro SplendourPorto$6,623$2,64960%
Jul 307MS Douro ElegancePorto$6,623$2,64960%
Aug 047MS Douro SplendourPorto$6,623$2,64960%
Aug 067MS Douro ElegancePortoCall for Availability
Aug 117MS Douro SplendourPorto$6,998$2,79960%
Aug 137MS Douro ElegancePorto$6,623$2,64960%
Aug 187MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,123$2,84960%
Aug 207MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,123$2,84960%
Aug 257MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,623$3,04960%
Aug 277MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,123$3,24960%
Sep 017MS Douro SplendourPorto$10,498$4,19960%
Sep 037MS Douro ElegancePorto$10,748$4,29960%
Sep 087MS Douro SplendourPorto$10,123$4,04960%
Sep 107MS Douro ElegancePorto$10,123$4,04960%
Sep 157MS Douro SplendourPorto$10,123$4,04960%
Sep 297MS Douro SplendourPorto$9,748$3,89960%
Oct 067MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,623$3,44960%
Oct 157MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,998$3,19960%
Oct 207MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,373$2,94960%
Oct 297MS Douro ElegancePorto$5,873$2,34960%
Nov 057MS Douro ElegancePortoCall for Availability
Nov 107MS Douro SplendourPorto$5,123$2,04960%
Nov 127MS Douro ElegancePorto$5,123$2,04960%

2025 Riviera River Cruises to the Douro River

Mar 207MS Douro ElegancePortoCall for Availability
Mar 237MS Douro SplendourPortoCall for Availability
Mar 277MS Douro ElegancePortoCall for Availability
Mar 307MS Douro SplendourPortoCall for Availability
Apr 037MS Douro ElegancePorto$6,373$2,54960%
Apr 067MS Douro SplendourPorto$6,748$2,69960%
Apr 107MS Douro ElegancePorto$6,748$2,69960%
Apr 137MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,123$2,84960%
Apr 1710MS Douro ElegancePorto$10,320$4,12860%
Apr 177MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,123$2,84960%
Apr 207MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,123$2,84960%
Apr 247MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,623$3,04960%
Apr 277MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,373$2,94960%
May 017MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,623$3,04960%
May 047MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,748$3,09960%
May 0810MS Douro ElegancePorto$10,820$4,32860%
May 087MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,998$3,19960%
May 117MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,998$3,19960%
May 157MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,123$3,24960%
May 187MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,123$3,24960%
May 227MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,373$3,34960%
May 257MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,373$3,34960%
May 297MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,373$3,34960%
Jun 017MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,498$3,39960%
Jun 057MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,498$3,39960%
Jun 087MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,498$3,39960%
Jun 127MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,498$3,39960%
Jun 1210MS Douro ElegancePorto$11,695$4,67860%
Jun 157MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,498$3,39960%
Jun 197MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,498$3,39960%
Jun 227MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,373$3,34960%
Jun 2610MS Douro ElegancePorto$11,445$4,57860%
Jun 267MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,373$3,34960%
Jun 297MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,373$3,34960%
Jul 0310MS Douro ElegancePorto$11,070$4,42860%
Jul 037MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,998$3,19960%
Jul 067MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,623$3,04960%
Jul 107MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,373$2,94960%
Jul 137MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,748$3,09960%
Jul 177MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,748$3,09960%
Jul 207MS Douro SplendourPorto$6,998$2,79960%
Jul 247MS Douro ElegancePorto$6,748$2,69960%
Jul 277MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,123$2,84960%
Jul 3110MS Douro ElegancePorto$9,820$3,92860%
Jul 317MS Douro ElegancePorto$6,748$2,69960%
Aug 037MS Douro SplendourPorto$6,748$2,69960%
Aug 077MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,123$2,84960%
Aug 107MS Douro SplendourPorto$6,748$2,69960%
Aug 147MS Douro ElegancePorto$6,748$2,69960%
Aug 177MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,123$2,84960%
Aug 2110MS Douro ElegancePorto$10,320$4,12860%
Aug 217MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,123$2,84960%
Aug 247MS Douro SplendourPortoCall for Availability
Aug 287MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,748$3,09960%
Aug 317MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,748$3,09960%
Sep 047MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 077MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 1110MS Douro ElegancePorto$12,195$4,87860%
Sep 117MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 147MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 1810MS Douro ElegancePorto$12,195$4,87860%
Sep 187MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 217MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 257MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 287MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,498$3,39960%
Oct 027MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,373$3,34960%
Oct 0210MS Douro ElegancePorto$11,445$4,57860%
Oct 057MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,998$3,19960%
Oct 097MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,748$3,09960%
Oct 127MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,373$2,94960%
Oct 167MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,748$3,09960%
Oct 197MS Douro SplendourPorto$6,748$2,69960%
Oct 237MS Douro ElegancePorto$6,748$2,69960%
Oct 267MS Douro SplendourPorto$5,623$2,24960%
Nov 027MS Douro SplendourPortoCall for Availability

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