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Riviera River Cruises to the Danube River

What could be a more perfect choice for your next holiday than a river cruise on the beautiful Blue Danube? Springing up in the town of Donaueschingen in Germany’s Black Forest, this great waterway flows southeast for 1,785 miles before emptying itself into the Black Sea at Sulina in eastern Romania. Along its vast length, the Danube passes through or borders no less than ten countries, and drains into nine more. It also flows through four national capital cities - Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, and Belgrade - more than any other river in the world.

The ancient origins of its name are lost in the mists of time – with contenders including a bringer of luck, a Vedic river goddess, and even words meaning swift, violent and undisciplined. But your Blue Danube river cruise holiday is far more serene than that. Gliding peacefully between its famous and endlessly enchanting river banks, you’ll experience for yourself the calm delights that inspired “the beautiful blue Danube” of Johann Strauss’s immortal waltz and lullaby. Music is everywhere on the shores of the river Danube – from the wild genius of Mozart in Salzburg to Beethoven, Brahms, and an entire family of Strausses in classical Vienna. You’ll follow in the wake of emperors and kings on your Danube river cruise, too.

Ever since the time of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I of Barbarossa and King Richard I of England, the powerful rulers of Europe and their retinues used this great river to travel and to control their lands - avoiding the often exhausting nature of transportation overland. No wonder, then, that so many fascinating historical sights await you at every turn as your river cruise takes you effortlessly down the Danube – from imposing castles, mighty fortresses, exquisite baroque churches and quiet abbeys to sumptuous palaces, elegant gardens and the most wonderfully preserved medieval towns and villages.

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2024 Riviera River Cruises to the Danube River

Jun 177MS Emily BrontëCologne$8,248$3,29960%
Jun 187MS George EliotMainz$8,248$3,29960%
Jun 207MS Thomas HardyBudapest$8,748$3,49960%
Jun 217MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$8,248$3,29960%
Jun 2114MS William WordsworthBudapest$13,498$5,39960%
Jun 247MS Emily BrontëCologne$8,373$3,34960%
Jun 277MS Thomas HardyBudapest$8,623$3,44960%
Jun 2710MS Thomas HardyBudapest$10,945$4,37860%
Jul 037MS Oscar WildeCologne$7,873$3,14960%
Jul 047MS Thomas HardyBudapest$7,873$3,14960%
Jul 057MS George EliotCologne$7,873$3,14960%
Jul 087MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,498$2,99960%
Jul 107MS Oscar WildeCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Jul 127MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,873$3,14960%
Jul 127MS George EliotCologne$7,498$2,99960%
Jul 157MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Jul 187MS Thomas HardyBudapest$7,498$2,99960%
Jul 187MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Jul 197MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,498$2,99960%
Jul 197MS George EliotCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Jul 227MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Jul 257MS Thomas HardyBudapest$7,373$2,94960%
Jul 257MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Jul 267MS George EliotCologne$7,373$2,94960%
Jul 2610MS William WordsworthBudapest$9,320$3,72860%
Jul 267MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,373$2,94960%
Jul 297MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,123$2,84960%
Jul 317MS Oscar WildeCologne$7,123$2,84960%
Aug 017MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,123$2,84960%
Aug 017MS Thomas HardyBudapest$6,873$2,74960%
Aug 027MS William WordsworthBudapest$6,873$2,74960%
Aug 027MS George EliotCologne$7,123$2,84960%
Aug 077MS Oscar WildeCologne$7,123$2,84960%
Aug 087MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Aug 087MS Thomas HardyBudapest$6,498$2,59960%
Aug 097MS William WordsworthBudapest$6,498$2,59960%
Aug 097MS George EliotCologne$6,623$2,64960%
Aug 127MS Emily BrontëCologne$6,623$2,64960%
Aug 147MS Oscar WildeCologne$7,123$2,84960%
Aug 1410MS Oscar WildeCologne$10,220$4,08860%
Aug 1510MS Thomas HardyBudapest$8,995$3,59860%
Aug 157MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Aug 157MS Thomas HardyBudapest$6,873$2,74960%
Aug 1610MS William WordsworthBudapest$8,820$3,52860%
Aug 197MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Aug 217MS Oscar WildeCologne$7,123$2,84960%
Aug 227MS Thomas HardyBudapest$6,873$2,74960%
Aug 227MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,498$2,99960%
Aug 237MS William WordsworthBudapest$6,873$2,74960%
Aug 2310MS William WordsworthBudapest$8,995$3,59860%
Aug 267MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Aug 2610MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$11,995$4,79860%
Aug 2914MS Thomas HardyBudapest$12,873$5,14960%
Aug 297MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$8,123$3,24960%
Aug 307MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,498$2,99960%
Sep 027MS George EliotMainz$8,498$3,39960%
Sep 057MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$8,873$3,54960%
Sep 0614MS William WordsworthBudapest$14,623$5,84960%
Sep 097MS George EliotMainz$8,498$3,39960%
Sep 127MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$8,498$3,39960%
Sep 127MS Thomas HardyBudapest$10,123$4,04960%
Sep 167MS George EliotMainz$8,248$3,29960%
Sep 1614MS Emily BrontëBudapest$13,623$5,44960%
Sep 177MS Oscar WildeCologne$8,498$3,39960%
Sep 1910MS Thomas HardyBudapest$12,645$5,05860%
Sep 197MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$9,623$3,84960%
Sep 197MS Thomas HardyBudapest$10,123$4,04960%
Sep 2010MS William WordsworthBudapest$12,145$4,85860%
Sep 237MS George EliotMainz$7,623$3,04960%
Sep 2614MS Thomas HardyBudapest$12,373$4,94960%
Sep 2710MS William WordsworthBudapest$12,020$4,80860%
Sep 307MS George EliotMainz$6,873$2,74960%
Sep 3014MS Emily BrontëBudapest$11,123$4,44960%
Oct 017MS Oscar WildeCologne$7,623$3,04960%
Oct 037MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Oct 047MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,498$2,99960%
Oct 087MS Oscar WildeCologne$6,873$2,74960%
Oct 107MS Thomas HardyBudapest$6,873$2,74960%
Oct 107MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,123$2,84960%
Oct 1410MS Emily BrontëBudapest$8,820$3,52860%
Oct 147MS Emily BrontëBudapest$6,498$2,59960%
Oct 157MS Oscar WildeCologne$6,873$2,74960%
Oct 177MS Thomas HardyBudapest$6,123$2,44960%
Oct 1710MS Thomas HardyBudapest$8,070$3,22860%
Oct 177MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$6,498$2,59960%
Oct 177MS George EliotCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Oct 187MS William WordsworthBudapest$6,123$2,44960%
Oct 217MS Emily BrontëBudapest$5,748$2,29960%
Oct 227MS Oscar WildeCologne$5,498$2,19960%
Oct 247MS George EliotCologne$6,498$2,59960%
Oct 247MS Thomas HardyBudapest$5,373$2,14960%
Oct 247MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$6,123$2,44960%
Oct 257MS William WordsworthBudapest$4,998$1,99960%
Oct 297MS Oscar WildeCologneCall for Availability
Oct 317MS Thomas HardyBudapestCall for Availability
Nov 017MS William WordsworthBudapestCall for Availability
Dec 014MS Oscar WildeCologne$3,748$1,49960%
Dec 015MS Thomas HardyBudapest$3,873$1,54960%
Dec 025MS William WordsworthBudapest$3,873$1,54960%
Dec 024MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$3,748$1,49960%
Dec 035MS Emily BrontëBudapest$3,873$1,54960%
Dec 054MS Oscar WildeCologne$3,748$1,49960%
Dec 064MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$3,748$1,49960%
Dec 075MS William WordsworthBudapest$3,748$1,49960%
Dec 085MS Emily BrontëBudapest$3,748$1,49960%
Dec 094MS Oscar WildeCologne$3,623$1,44960%
Dec 104MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$3,623$1,44960%
Dec 115MS Thomas HardyBudapest$3,748$1,49960%
Dec 125MS William WordsworthBudapest$3,748$1,49960%
Dec 134MS Oscar WildeCologne$3,373$1,34960%
Dec 135MS Emily BrontëBudapest$3,748$1,49960%
Dec 144MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$3,373$1,34960%
Dec 165MS Thomas HardyBudapest$3,748$1,49960%
Dec 175MS William WordsworthBudapest$3,373$1,34960%
Dec 174MS Oscar WildeCologne$3,373$1,34960%
Dec 184MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$3,373$1,34960%

2025 Riviera River Cruises to the Danube River

Mar 217MS William WordsworthBudapestCall for Availability
Mar 287MS William WordsworthBudapestCall for Availability
Apr 047MS William WordsworthBudapest$4,998$1,99960%
Apr 117MS William WordsworthBudapest$5,623$2,24960%
Apr 227MS Emily BrontëCologne$8,123$3,24960%
Apr 2314MS Oscar WildeCologne$14,873$5,94960%
Apr 2514MS William WordsworthBudapest$11,373$4,54960%
May 027MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$6,998$2,79960%
May 037MS George EliotCologne$7,623$3,04960%
May 067MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,998$3,19960%
May 077MS Oscar WildeBudapest$7,998$3,19960%
May 097MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,998$3,19960%
May 097MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$6,998$2,79960%
May 107MS George EliotCologne$7,748$3,09960%
May 137MS Emily BrontëCologne$8,373$3,34960%
May 1414MS Oscar WildeBudapest$13,123$5,24960%
May 167MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,998$3,19960%
May 1610MS William WordsworthBudapest$10,720$4,28860%
May 167MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,748$3,09960%
May 207MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,748$3,09960%
May 237MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$8,623$3,44960%
May 2314MS William WordsworthCologne$12,998$5,19960%
May 277MS Emily BrontëCologne$8,248$3,29960%
May 277MS George EliotMainz$7,748$3,09960%
May 287MS Oscar WildeBudapest$7,998$3,19960%
Jun 037MS George EliotMainz$8,373$3,34960%
Jun 037MS Emily BrontëCologne$8,623$3,44960%
Jun 0310MS Emily BrontëCologne$12,470$4,98860%
Jun 047MS Oscar WildeBudapest$8,248$3,29960%
Jun 0410MS Oscar WildeBudapest$10,495$4,19860%
Jun 0614MS William WordsworthCologne$14,498$5,79960%
Jun 107MS George EliotMainz$8,748$3,49960%
Jun 107MS Emily BrontëCologne$8,748$3,49960%
Jun 117MS Oscar WildeBudapest$8,248$3,29960%
Jun 177MS George EliotMainz$8,748$3,49960%
Jun 177MS Emily BrontëCologne$8,373$3,34960%
Jun 1910MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$12,595$5,03860%
Jun 197MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$8,748$3,49960%
Jun 2014MS William WordsworthBudapest$14,123$5,64960%
Jun 247MS Emily BrontëCologne$8,623$3,44960%
Jun 267MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$8,623$3,44960%
Jul 027MS Oscar WildeCologne$7,998$3,19960%
Jul 037MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$8,248$3,29960%
Jul 047MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,248$2,89960%
Jul 047MS George EliotCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Jul 0410MS George EliotCologne$11,595$4,63860%
Jul 087MS Emily BrontëCologne$8,373$3,34960%
Jul 097MS Oscar WildeCologne$7,623$3,04960%
Jul 107MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$8,248$3,29960%
Jul 117MS George EliotCologne$7,998$3,19960%
Jul 117MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,998$3,19960%
Jul 177MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,248$2,89960%
Jul 1710MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$11,095$4,43860%
Jul 187MS George EliotCologne$8,248$3,29960%
Jul 227MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,248$2,89960%
Jul 247MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,998$3,19960%
Jul 257MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,248$2,89960%
Jul 257MS George EliotCologne$8,248$3,29960%
Jul 297MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,248$2,89960%
Jul 317MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,248$2,89960%
Aug 0110MS William WordsworthBudapest$8,520$3,40860%
Aug 017MS William WordsworthBudapest$6,373$2,54960%
Aug 017MS George EliotCologne$7,623$3,04960%
Aug 027MS Oscar WildeCologne$8,248$3,29960%
Aug 0510MS Emily BrontëCologne$11,095$4,43860%
Aug 057MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,248$2,89960%
Aug 077MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,248$2,89960%
Aug 087MS George EliotCologne$7,623$3,04960%
Aug 0910MS Oscar WildeCologne$11,095$4,43860%
Aug 097MS Oscar WildeCologne$7,248$2,89960%
Aug 127MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,998$3,19960%
Aug 147MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$8,248$3,29960%
Aug 157MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,998$3,19960%
Aug 197MS Emily BrontëCologne$8,248$3,29960%
Aug 217MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,623$3,04960%
Aug 227MS William WordsworthBudapest$8,373$3,34960%
Aug 257MS George EliotMainz$7,998$3,19960%
Aug 267MS Emily BrontëCologne$8,248$3,29960%
Aug 287MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$8,373$3,34960%
Aug 297MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,748$3,09960%
Sep 017MS George EliotMainz$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 0214MS Emily BrontëCologne$15,873$6,34960%
Sep 047MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$9,248$3,69960%
Sep 0514MS William WordsworthBudapest$15,373$6,14960%
Sep 087MS George EliotMainz$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 117MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 127MS Oscar WildeCologne$8,748$3,49960%
Sep 1210MS Oscar WildeCologne$12,595$5,03860%
Sep 157MS George EliotMainz$8,748$3,49960%
Sep 1610MS Oscar WildeCologne$13,195$5,27860%
Sep 1614MS Emily BrontëBudapest$14,498$5,79960%
Sep 1810MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$13,095$5,23860%
Sep 197MS Oscar WildeCologne$9,248$3,69960%
Sep 197MS William WordsworthBudapest$8,748$3,49960%
Sep 1910MS William WordsworthBudapest$11,520$4,60860%
Sep 227MS George EliotMainz$8,373$3,34960%
Sep 257MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$8,623$3,44960%
Sep 267MS William WordsworthBudapest$8,373$3,34960%
Sep 267MS Oscar WildeCologne$8,623$3,44960%
Sep 297MS George EliotMainz$7,623$3,04960%
Sep 307MS Emily BrontëBudapest$7,998$3,19960%
Sep 3010MS Emily BrontëBudapest$10,245$4,09860%
Oct 027MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,998$3,19960%
Oct 0310MS William WordsworthBudapest$10,520$4,20860%
Oct 037MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,748$3,09960%
Oct 037MS Oscar WildeCologne$8,623$3,44960%
Oct 077MS Emily BrontëBudapest$8,248$3,29960%
Oct 097MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,623$3,04960%
Oct 107MS Oscar WildeCologne$8,248$3,29960%
Oct 1010MS William WordsworthBudapest$9,495$3,79860%
Oct 107MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,248$2,89960%
Oct 147MS Emily BrontëBudapest$6,873$2,74960%
Oct 1410MS Emily BrontëBudapest$9,120$3,64860%
Oct 167MS George EliotCologne$7,748$3,09960%
Oct 167MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$7,373$2,94960%
Oct 177MS Oscar WildeCologne$6,998$2,79960%
Oct 177MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,248$2,89960%
Oct 217MS Emily BrontëBudapest$5,998$2,39960%
Oct 237MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$6,623$2,64960%
Oct 237MS George EliotCologne$6,998$2,79960%
Oct 247MS William WordsworthBudapest$5,623$2,24960%
Oct 2410MS William WordsworthBudapest$8,395$3,35860%
Oct 247MS Oscar WildeCologne$5,998$2,39960%
Oct 317MS William WordsworthBudapestCall for Availability
Oct 317MS Oscar WildeCologneCall for Availability
Dec 014MS Oscar WildeCologne$3,623$1,44960%
Dec 025MS William WordsworthBudapest$3,873$1,54960%
Dec 034MS George EliotCologne$3,623$1,44960%
Dec 054MS Oscar WildeCologne$3,623$1,44960%
Dec 064MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$3,623$1,44960%
Dec 074MS George EliotCologne$3,623$1,44960%
Dec 075MS William WordsworthBudapest$3,873$1,54960%
Dec 085MS Emily BrontëBudapest$3,873$1,54960%
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