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Riviera River Cruises to the Seine River

What better way to discover Paris and northern France than on a river cruise on the incomparable Seine? As well as showing you all the delights of the iconic, romantic capital, our Seine cruise will take you on this enchanting, gently flowing river all the way to where it meets the sea at the English Channel. The landscape changes endlessly as you glide through the heart of historic Normandy. Medieval castles and stone bridges give way to chalk cliffs, verdant green countryside, cider orchards, half-timbered barns and wooden farmhouses. Steep forested hills that give sanctuary to deer and wild boar make way for country estates and pretty villages. Sweeping bends reveal huge cathedrals and tranquil abbeys.

There’s fascinating history to be found at every turn on your Seine river cruise. The spectacular Chateau Gaillard, a huge medieval castle completed in 1198 by Richard the Lionheart to defend Rouen from the French, is a reminder of ancient rivalries. Rouen itself, Normandy’s historic capital and one of Europe’s finest medieval cities, was where the legendary Joan of Arc was burned for her beliefs in 1431, with her ashes thrown into the Seine. There’s the magnificent Jumièges Abbey, consecrated in the presence of William the Conqueror. There’s only one place for your unforgettable Seine river cruise to end, and that’s Paris. From the imposing Arc de Triomphe to the grand Champs Élysées, from the iconic Eiffel Tower to the riverside Notre Dame, and from the stunning white Sacré-Coeur to bohemian Montmartre, Paris is everything you imagine it to be - and even more.

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2021 Riviera River Cruises to the Seine River

Mar 297MS William ShakespeareLyonCall for Availability
Apr 017MS Lord ByronLyonCall for Availability
Apr 087MS Lord ByronLyon$6,198$2,47960%
Apr 127MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,198$2,47960%
Apr 157MS Lord ByronLyon$6,398$2,55960%
Apr 197MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,398$2,55960%
Apr 207MS Jane AustenParintins$7,198$2,87960%
Apr 227MS Lord ByronLyon$6,398$2,55960%
Apr 267MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,848$2,73960%
Apr 277MS Jane AustenParintins$7,648$3,05960%
Apr 297MS Lord ByronLyon$6,848$2,73960%
May 037MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,273$2,90960%
May 047MS Jane AustenParintins$8,073$3,22960%
May 067MS Lord ByronLyon$7,273$2,90960%
May 107MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,273$2,90960%
May 117MS Jane AustenParintins$8,073$3,22960%
May 137MS Lord ByronLyon$7,273$2,90960%
May 177MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,273$2,90960%
May 187MS Jane AustenParintins$8,498$3,39960%
May 207MS Lord ByronLyon$7,273$2,90960%
May 247MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,698$3,07960%
May 257MS Jane AustenParintins$8,923$3,56960%
May 277MS Lord ByronLyon$7,698$3,07960%
May 317MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,548$3,41960%
Jun 037MS Lord ByronLyon$8,548$3,41960%
Jun 077MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,548$3,41960%
Jun 107MS Lord ByronLyon$8,548$3,41960%
Jun 147MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,548$3,41960%
Jun 157MS Jane AustenParintins$9,348$3,73960%
Jun 177MS Lord ByronLyon$8,548$3,41960%
Jun 217MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,548$3,41960%
Jun 227MS Jane AustenParintins$9,348$3,73960%
Jun 247MS Lord ByronLyon$8,548$3,41960%
Jun 287MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,123$3,24960%
Jun 297MS Jane AustenParintins$8,923$3,56960%
Jul 017MS Lord ByronLyon$8,123$3,24960%
Jul 057MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,698$3,07960%
Jul 067MS Jane AustenParintins$7,848$3,13960%
Jul 087MS Lord ByronLyon$7,698$3,07960%
Jul 127MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,273$2,90960%
Jul 137MS Jane AustenParintins$7,848$3,13960%
Jul 157MS Lord ByronLyon$7,273$2,90960%
Jul 197MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,048$2,81960%
Jul 207MS Jane AustenParintins$7,848$3,13960%
Jul 227MS Lord ByronLyon$7,048$2,81960%
Jul 267MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,048$2,81960%
Jul 297MS Lord ByronLyon$7,048$2,81960%
Aug 027MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,048$2,81960%
Aug 057MS Lord ByronLyon$7,048$2,81960%
Aug 097MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,048$2,81960%
Aug 107MS Jane AustenParintins$7,848$3,13960%
Aug 127MS Lord ByronLyon$7,048$2,81960%
Aug 167MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,473$2,98960%
Aug 177MS Jane AustenParintins$7,848$3,13960%
Aug 197MS Lord ByronLyon$7,048$2,81960%
Aug 237MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,473$2,98960%
Aug 247MS Jane AustenParintins$8,273$3,30960%
Aug 267MS Lord ByronLyon$7,473$2,98960%
Aug 307MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,348$3,33960%
Aug 317MS Jane AustenParintins$9,148$3,65960%
Sep 027MS Lord ByronLyon$8,973$3,58960%
Sep 067MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,973$3,58960%
Sep 077MS Jane AustenParintins$9,773$3,90960%
Sep 097MS Lord ByronLyon$8,973$3,58960%
Sep 137MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,973$3,58960%
Sep 147MS Jane AustenParintins$9,773$3,90960%
Sep 167MS Lord ByronLyon$8,973$3,58960%
Sep 217MS Jane AustenParintins$9,773$3,90960%
Sep 237MS Lord ByronLyon$8,548$3,41960%
Sep 277MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,548$3,41960%
Sep 307MS Lord ByronLyon$8,123$3,24960%
Oct 047MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,698$3,07960%
Oct 077MS Lord ByronLyon$7,698$3,07960%
Oct 117MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,048$2,81960%
Oct 127MS Jane AustenParintins$8,273$3,30960%
Oct 147MS Lord ByronLyon$7,048$2,81960%
Oct 187MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,398$2,55960%
Oct 197MS Jane AustenParintins$7,648$3,05960%
Oct 217MS Lord ByronLyon$6,398$2,55960%
Oct 257MS William ShakespeareLyon$5,773$2,30960%
Nov 017MS William ShakespeareLyonCall for Availability

2022 Riviera River Cruises to the Seine River

Apr 057MS Jane AustenParintins$6,523$2,60960%
Apr 077MS Lord ByronLyon$6,523$2,60960%
Apr 127MS Jane AustenParintins$7,573$3,02960%
Apr 147MS Lord ByronLyon$6,723$2,68960%
Apr 197MS Jane AustenParintins$7,573$3,02960%
Apr 217MS Lord ByronLyon$6,723$2,68960%
Apr 267MS Jane AustenParintins$8,048$3,21960%
Apr 287MS Lord ByronLyon$7,198$2,87960%
May 037MS Jane AustenParintins$8,473$3,38960%
May 057MS Lord ByronLyon$7,648$3,05960%
May 107MS Jane AustenParintins$8,473$3,38960%
May 127MS Lord ByronLyon$7,648$3,05960%
May 177MS Jane AustenParintins$8,923$3,56960%
May 197MS Lord ByronLyon$7,648$3,05960%
May 247MS Jane AustenParintins$9,373$3,74960%
May 267MS Lord ByronLyon$8,098$3,23960%
May 317MS Jane AustenParintins$9,373$3,74960%
Jun 027MS Lord ByronLyon$8,973$3,58960%
Jun 077MS Jane AustenParintins$9,823$3,92960%
Jun 097MS Lord ByronLyon$8,973$3,58960%
Jun 147MS Jane AustenParintins$9,823$3,92960%
Jun 167MS Lord ByronLyon$8,973$3,58960%
Jun 217MS Jane AustenParintins$9,823$3,92960%
Jun 237MS Lord ByronLyon$8,973$3,58960%
Jun 287MS Jane AustenParintins$8,923$3,56960%
Jun 307MS Lord ByronLyon$8,548$3,41960%
Jul 057MS Jane AustenParintins$8,248$3,29960%
Jul 077MS Lord ByronLyon$8,098$3,23960%
Jul 127MS Jane AustenParintins$8,248$3,29960%
Jul 147MS Lord ByronLyon$7,648$3,05960%
Jul 197MS Jane AustenParintins$8,248$3,29960%
Jul 217MS Lord ByronLyon$7,398$2,95960%
Jul 267MS Jane AustenParintins$8,248$3,29960%
Jul 287MS Lord ByronLyon$7,398$2,95960%
Aug 027MS Jane AustenParintins$8,248$3,29960%
Aug 047MS Lord ByronLyon$7,398$2,95960%
Aug 097MS Jane AustenParintins$8,248$3,29960%
Aug 117MS Lord ByronLyon$7,398$2,95960%
Aug 167MS Jane AustenParintins$8,248$3,29960%
Aug 187MS Lord ByronLyon$7,398$2,95960%
Aug 237MS Jane AustenParintins$8,698$3,47960%
Aug 257MS Lord ByronLyon$7,848$3,13960%
Aug 307MS Jane AustenParintins$9,623$3,84960%
Sep 017MS Lord ByronLyon$9,423$3,76960%
Sep 067MS Jane AustenParintins$10,273$4,10960%
Sep 087MS Lord ByronLyon$9,423$3,76960%
Sep 137MS Jane AustenParintins$10,273$4,10960%
Sep 157MS Lord ByronLyon$9,423$3,76960%
Sep 207MS Jane AustenParintins$10,273$4,10960%
Sep 227MS Lord ByronLyon$8,973$3,58960%
Sep 277MS Jane AustenParintins$9,623$3,84960%
Sep 297MS Lord ByronLyon$8,548$3,41960%
Oct 047MS Jane AustenParintins$8,648$3,45960%
Oct 067MS Lord ByronLyon$8,098$3,23960%
Oct 117MS Jane AustenParintins$8,698$3,47960%
Oct 137MS Lord ByronLyon$7,398$2,95960%
Oct 187MS Jane AustenParintins$8,048$3,21960%
Oct 207MS Lord ByronLyon$6,723$2,68960%

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