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2023 Silversea Cruises to Exotic Expedition Cruises

Dec 0118Silver WindPuerto Williams$22,900$
Dec 027Silver Origin$12,300$
Dec 049Silver SpiritMumbai (Bombay)$5,400$
Dec 0810Silver CloudPuerto Williams$15,900$
Dec 097Silver Origin$12,800$
Dec 1315Silver SpiritMahe$10,400$
Dec 1611Silver Origin$18,900$
Dec 1818Silver CloudPuerto Williams$24,500$
Dec 1918Silver WindPuerto Williams$25,200$
Dec 2215Silver MoonAthens / Piraeus$10,800$
Dec 2710Silver Origin$21,400$
Dec 2815Silver SpiritCape Town$9,800$

2024 Silversea Cruises to Exotic Expedition Cruises

Jan 0510Silver CloudPuerto Williams$17,700$
Jan 0615Silver WindPuerto Williams$22,900$
Jan 0610Silver Moon$6,500$
Jan 067Silver Origin$14,600$
Jan 129Silver SpiritCape Town$6,500$
Jan 1215Silver SpiritCape Town$10,400$
Jan 137Silver Origin$14,500$
Jan 1515Silver CloudPuerto Williams$21,900$
Jan 1610Silver MoonMuscat$6,900$
Jan 207Silver Origin$14,600$
Jan 2112Silver WindPuerto Williams$17,900$
Jan 216Silver SpiritDurban$4,600$
Jan 267Silver MoonDubai$4,300$
Jan 2616Silver MoonDubai$10,200$
Jan 2613Silver MoonDubai$6,700$
Jan 279Silver SpiritCape Town$6,700$
Jan 2715Silver SpiritCape Town$11,900$
Jan 277Silver Origin$14,600$
Jan 3012Silver CloudPuerto Williams$16,900$
Feb 0210Silver WindPuerto Williams$15,900$
Feb 026Silver MoonDoha$3,700$
Feb 037Silver Origin$14,500$
Feb 056Silver SpiritDurban$4,800$
Feb 107Silver Origin$14,500$
Feb 1118Silver MoonMumbai (Bombay)$12,000$
Feb 1115Silver SpiritCape Town$14,800$
Feb 1110Silver CloudPuerto Williams$16,500$
Feb 1210Silver WindPuerto Williams$14,900$
Feb 177Silver Origin$14,300$
Feb 2110Silver CloudPuerto Williams$14,500$
Feb 2210Silver WindPuerto Williams$14,100$
Feb 2616Silver SpiritMahe$10,900$
Feb 2914Silver MoonSingapore$14,000$
Mar 0221Silver CloudPuerto Williams$16,700$
Mar 0319Silver WindPuerto Williams$14,900$
Mar 0317Silver WhisperSingapore$10,600$
Mar 097Silver Origin$14,400$
Mar 1316Silver SpiritDubai$10,400$
Mar 1416Silver MoonHong Kong$11,400$
Mar 167Silver Origin$14,500$
Mar 1816Silver MuseBali / Benoa$10,400$
Mar 2017Silver WhisperMumbai (Bombay)$11,500$
Mar 2223Silver WindBuenos Aires$14,500$
Mar 237Silver Origin$14,500$
Mar 2312Silver CloudWalvis Bay$11,200$
Mar 307Silver Origin$14,500$
Apr 0314Silver MuseTokyo$14,400$
Apr 0412Silver CloudPort Elizabeth$10,900$
Apr 067Silver Origin$14,500$
Apr 0910Silver MoonTokyo$11,500$
Apr 137Silver Origin$14,700$
Apr 1421Silver WindManaus$13,800$
Apr 1611Silver CloudMaputo$12,900$
Apr 1618Silver CloudMaputo$19,100$
Apr 1714Silver MuseTokyo$14,400$
Apr 1910Silver MoonTokyo$7,400$
Apr 1916Silver MoonTokyo$10,900$
Apr 207Silver Origin$14,500$
Apr 277Silver Origin$14,600$
Apr 277Silver CloudZanzibar$9,900$
Apr 296Silver MoonHong Kong$5,200$
May 0518Silver MoonSingapore$10,900$
May 058Silver WindDakar$6,900$
May 0514Silver WindDakar$10,900$
May 0816Silver CloudMale$15,300$
May 085Silver CloudMale$10,700$
May 136Silver WindGran Canaria / Las Palmas$5,500$
May 1311Silver CloudCochin$6,500$
May 187Silver Origin$14,700$
May 1912Silver WindLisbon$10,100$
May 239Silver MoonMumbai (Bombay)$5,500$
May 2317Silver MoonMumbai (Bombay)$10,000$
May 2416Silver CloudSingapore$18,800$
May 257Silver Origin$14,700$
May 3114Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge)$14,100$
Jun 018Silver MoonJeddah$5,800$
Jun 017Silver Origin$14,000$
Jun 087Silver Origin$13,700$
Jun 0910Silver CloudDarwin$12,400$
Jun 1412Silver WindReykjavík$16,100$
Jun 157Silver Origin$13,400$
Jun 1910Silver Cloud$12,600$
Jun 227Silver Origin$13,900$
Jun 269Silver Wind$12,900$
Jun 297Silver Origin$13,900$
Jun 2910Silver CloudDarwin$12,600$
Jul 059Silver Wind$12,900$
Jul 067Silver Origin$12,600$
Jul 0910Silver Cloud$12,600$
Jul 137Silver Origin$12,600$
Jul 1412Silver Wind$16,100$
Jul 1910Silver CloudDarwin$12,400$
Jul 207Silver Origin$12,200$
Jul 277Silver Origin$12,600$
Jul 2910Silver Cloud$12,100$
Aug 0110Silver WindReykjavík$10,400$
Aug 037Silver Origin$12,200$
Aug 0817Silver CloudDarwin$20,900$
Aug 107Silver Origin$12,600$
Aug 1112Silver WindReykjavík$14,400$
Aug 177Silver Origin$12,300$
Aug 2324Silver WindKangerlussuaq$52,900$
Aug 247Silver Origin$12,200$
Aug 2517Silver CloudFremantle / Perth$21,200$
Aug 317Silver Origin$12,200$
Sep 077Silver Origin$12,600$
Sep 1121Silver CloudDarwin$23,600$
Sep 147Silver Origin$12,200$
Sep 1618Silver WindNome$15,900$
Sep 217Silver Origin$12,200$
Sep 2610Silver MuseTokyo$9,200$
Sep 287Silver Origin$12,200$
Oct 0214Silver CloudLautoka$16,800$
Oct 057Silver Origin$12,400$
Oct 0615Silver MuseTokyo$10,600$
Oct 127Silver Origin$12,400$
Oct 1523Silver Cloud$26,500$
Oct 197Silver Origin$12,600$
Oct 267Silver Origin$13,000$
Oct 3110Silver WindPuntarenas$7,700$
Oct 3118Silver WindPuntarenas$12,600$
Nov 027Silver Origin$12,600$
Nov 0712Silver CloudValparaíso$9,800$
Nov 108Silver WindLima / Callao$6,300$
Nov 167Silver SpiritAthens / PiraeusCall for Availability
Nov 167Silver Origin$12,400$
Nov 177Silver DawnAthens / PiraeusCall for Availability
Nov 1820Silver WindValparaíso$17,900$
Nov 1910Silver CloudPuerto Williams$14,900$
Nov 237Silver Origin$11,500$
Nov 2910Silver CloudPuerto Williams$14,900$
Nov 307Silver Origin$12,300$
Dec 0418Silver DawnMumbai (Bombay)$10,400$
Dec 0418Silver WhisperMumbai (Bombay)$10,400$
Dec 077Silver Origin$12,100$
Dec 0810Silver WindPuerto Williams$15,400$
Dec 0910Silver CloudPuerto Williams$14,900$
Dec 147Silver Origin$12,100$
Dec 1818Silver WindPuerto Williams$26,500$
Dec 1810Silver SpiritMahe$7,500$
Dec 1910Silver CloudPuerto Williams$16,900$
Dec 217Silver Origin$13,100$
Dec 2216Silver WhisperSingapore$10,400$
Dec 2222Silver DawnSingapore$13,900$
Dec 287Silver Origin$15,000$
Dec 2810Silver SpiritMahe$8,900$
Dec 2915Silver CloudPuerto Williams$22,400$

2025 Silversea Cruises to Exotic Expedition Cruises

Jan 047Silver Origin$14,300$
Jan 0510Silver WindPuerto Williams$17,200$
Jan 0716Silver SpiritMahe$12,600$
Jan 0714Silver WhisperSingapore$8,900$
Jan 117Silver Origin$14,300$
Jan 1310Silver CloudPuerto Williams$16,200$
Jan 1510Silver WindPuerto Williams$16,500$
Jan 187Silver Origin$14,300$
Jan 2111Silver WhisperHong Kong$8,400$
Jan 2315Silver CloudPuerto Williams$20,900$
Jan 2315Silver SpiritCape Town$10,700$
Jan 2518Silver WindPuerto Williams$25,500$
Jan 257Silver Origin$14,300$
Feb 017Silver Origin$14,300$
Feb 0114Silver WhisperHong Kong$9,100$
Feb 0715Silver SpiritCape Town$9,900$
Feb 0710Silver CloudPuerto Williams$15,700$
Feb 087Silver Origin$14,300$
Feb 1210Silver WindPuerto Williams$14,900$
Feb 157Silver Origin$14,300$
Feb 1510Silver WhisperSingapore$8,900$
Feb 1710Silver CloudPuerto Williams$14,500$
Feb 2218Silver WindPuerto Williams$22,500$
Feb 2215Silver SpiritCape Town$9,700$
Feb 227Silver Origin$14,300$
Feb 2512Silver Whisper$8,900$
Feb 2710Silver CloudPuerto Williams$14,000$
Mar 017Silver Origin$14,500$
Mar 0616Silver MuseSingapore$10,400$
Mar 087Silver Origin$14,500$
Mar 0916Silver SpiritCape Town$11,100$
Mar 0910Silver CloudPuerto Williams$13,900$
Mar 0922Silver CloudPuerto Williams$17,900$
Mar 0914Silver WhisperHong Kong$10,300$
Mar 1222Silver WindPuerto Williams$14,900$
Mar 157Silver Origin$14,500$
Mar 1912Silver CloudUshuaia$7,900$
Mar 227Silver Origin$14,500$
Mar 2214Silver MuseTokyo$11,600$
Mar 2314Silver WhisperTokyo$11,600$
Mar 2516Silver SpiritMahe$9,800$
Mar 297Silver Origin$14,500$
Mar 3123Silver CloudValparaíso$25,400$
Apr 0319Silver WindCape Town$15,400$
Apr 057Silver Origin$14,900$
Apr 0514Silver MuseTokyo$11,600$
Apr 0620Silver WhisperTokyo$12,400$
Apr 1017Silver SpiritDoha$10,000$
Apr 127Silver Origin$14,900$
Apr 1916Silver MuseTokyo$10,400$
Apr 197Silver Origin$14,700$
Apr 2221Silver Wind$16,700$
Apr 2312Silver Cloud$15,700$
Apr 267Silver Origin$14,700$
Apr 2618Silver WhisperSingapore$10,400$
May 037Silver Origin$14,700$
May 0518Silver MuseSingapore$10,400$
May 0614Silver CloudLautoka$17,700$
May 107Silver Origin$14,700$
May 1313Silver WindLisbon$12,600$
May 1417Silver WhisperMumbai (Bombay)$9,100$
May 177Silver Origin$14,400$
May 2023Silver CloudLautoka$25,700$
May 2317Silver MuseDoha$9,900$
May 247Silver Origin$14,300$
May 2610Silver WindReykjavík$10,700$
May 317Silver Origin$14,300$
Jun 0510Silver WindDublin$10,700$
Jun 077Silver Origin$14,100$
Jun 1210Silver CloudDarwin$12,900$
Jun 147Silver Origin$14,100$
Jun 1514Silver WindReykjavík$13,600$
Jun 217Silver Origin$13,700$
Jun 2210Silver CloudDarwin$12,900$
Jun 287Silver Origin$13,400$
Jun 2914Silver WindReykjavík$20,700$
Jul 0216Silver CloudDarwin$17,900$
Jul 057Silver Origin$12,900$
Jul 127Silver Origin$12,900$
Jul 139Silver Wind$14,500$
Jul 1816Silver CloudBali / Benoa$17,900$
Jul 197Silver Origin$12,600$
Jul 229Silver Wind$14,500$
Jul 267Silver Origin$12,600$
Jul 319Silver Wind$14,700$
Aug 027Silver Origin$12,300$
Aug 0317Silver CloudDarwin$21,900$
Aug 097Silver Origin$12,300$
Aug 0913Silver Wind$20,100$
Aug 167Silver Origin$11,900$
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