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2022 Silversea Cruises to Exotic Expedition Cruises

May 217Silver Origin$8,910$
May 287Silver Origin$11,880$
May 2814Silver WindAthens / Piraeus$14,500$
Jun 0113Silver CloudSouthampton$12,800$
Jun 0410Silver ExplorerDarwin$11,070$
Jun 047Silver Origin$11,430$
Jun 1117Silver WindLisbon$13,000$
Jun 117Silver Origin$11,610$
Jun 117Silver WindLisbon$4,600$
Jun 1410Silver Explorer$11,070$
Jun 149Silver Cloud$12,200$
Jun 1810Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge)$5,900$
Jun 187Silver Origin$11,430$
Jun 236Silver Cloud$8,900$
Jun 2410Silver ExplorerDarwin$10,980$
Jun 257Silver Origin$10,980$
Jun 2813Silver WindReykjavík$19,000$
Jun 299Silver Cloud$11,200$
Jul 027Silver Origin$11,430$
Jul 0410Silver Explorer$10,980$
Jul 097Silver Origin$11,160$
Jul 1110Silver Wind$13,900$
Jul 119Silver Cloud$10,530$
Jul 1410Silver ExplorerDarwin$10,710$
Jul 167Silver Origin$11,430$
Jul 206Silver Cloud$8,010$
Jul 2111Silver WindReykjavík$13,410$
Jul 237Silver Origin$10,710$
Jul 2410Silver Explorer$10,710$
Jul 266Silver Cloud$7,920$
Jul 307Silver Origin$11,160$
Aug 0114Silver Cloud$15,570$
Aug 017Silver WindKangerlussuaq$9,270$
Aug 0317Silver ExplorerDarwin$14,490$
Aug 067Silver Origin$11,160$
Aug 0816Silver WindKangerlussuaq$17,910$
Aug 137Silver Origin$10,890$
Aug 1512Silver CloudReykjavík$10,080$
Aug 207Silver Origin$10,890$
Aug 2017Silver ExplorerFremantle / Perth$14,490$
Aug 2424Silver WindKangerlussuaq$44,010$
Aug 2711Silver CloudDublin$7,470$
Aug 277Silver Origin$10,710$
Sep 037Silver Origin$10,710$
Sep 0618Silver ExplorerDarwin$20,520$
Sep 0710Silver CloudLisbon$6,900$
Sep 107Silver Origin$11,160$
Sep 1718Silver WindNome$17,640$
Sep 177Silver Origin$11,160$
Sep 1710Silver CloudValletta$6,800$
Sep 2314Silver MuseOsaka$8,820$
Sep 247Silver Origin$10,710$
Sep 2416Silver ExplorerCairns$12,420$
Sep 2710Silver ShadowTokyo$7,110$
Sep 278Silver CloudLisbon$6,900$
Sep 2717Silver CloudLisbon$11,970$
Oct 017Silver Origin$11,160$
Oct 0511Silver WindVancouver$7,650$
Oct 059Silver CloudMadeira / Funchal$6,900$
Oct 0710Silver ShadowTokyo$7,200$
Oct 0714Silver MuseOsaka$9,360$
Oct 087Silver Origin$10,890$
Oct 1012Silver ExplorerLautoka$11,520$
Oct 1415Silver CloudDakar$7,650$
Oct 157Silver Origin$11,700$
Oct 1611Silver WindSan Diego$6,660$
Oct 1710Silver ShadowTokyo$6,660$
Oct 2114Silver MuseOsaka$8,910$
Oct 2123Silver Explorer$21,330$
Oct 227Silver Origin$11,700$
Oct 2711Silver WindPuntarenas$6,300$
Oct 2711Silver ShadowTokyo$7,600$
Oct 2714Silver ShadowTokyo$8,730$
Oct 297Silver Origin$11,700$
Oct 299Silver CloudRio de Janeiro$5,490$
Nov 0414Silver MuseOsaka$9,000$
Nov 0411Silver MuseOsaka$7,900$
Nov 057Silver Origin$11,250$
Nov 0720Silver CloudBuenos Aires$20,610$
Nov 0711Silver WindGuayaquil$6,390$
Nov 1014Silver ShadowHong Kong$7,470$
Nov 1011Silver ShadowHong Kong$6,900$
Nov 127Silver Origin$11,160$
Nov 1312Silver ExplorerValparaíso$10,170$
Nov 1814Silver MuseHong Kong$7,560$
Nov 1814Silver WindValparaíso$10,890$
Nov 1811Silver MuseHong Kong$6,600$
Nov 2117Silver SpiritAthens / Piraeus$8,550$
Nov 2414Silver ShadowSingapore$7,900$
Nov 247Silver ShadowSingapore$4,200$
Nov 267Silver Origin$11,250$
Nov 2710Silver CloudPuerto Williams$11,430$
Nov 285Silver Explorer$15,480$
Dec 017Silver ShadowHo Chi Minh City$4,200$
Dec 0210Silver WindPuerto Williams$11,430$
Dec 036Silver Explorer$19,000$
Dec 0710Silver CloudPuerto Williams$11,430$
Dec 0812Silver SpiritDubai$6,120$
Dec 0813Silver ShadowSingapore$6,930$
Dec 107Silver Origin$10,710$
Dec 1210Silver WindPuerto Williams$12,510$
Dec 1711Silver Origin$17,550$
Dec 1718Silver CloudPuerto Williams$24,210$
Dec 199Silver Explorer$23,220$
Dec 2016Silver SpiritMumbai (Bombay)$8,100$
Dec 2214Silver WindPuerto Williams$17,910$
Dec 2810Silver Origin$17,100$
Dec 289Silver Explorer$23,220$

2023 Silversea Cruises to Exotic Expedition Cruises

Jan 0412Silver CloudPuerto Williams$13,950$
Jan 0514Silver SpiritSingapore$7,290$
Jan 0512Silver WindPuerto Williams$13,140$
Jan 066Silver Explorer$17,100$
Jan 077Silver Origin$11,520$
Jan 147Silver Origin$11,700$
Jan 1612Silver CloudPuerto Williams$14,310$
Jan 1712Silver WindPuerto Williams$14,130$
Jan 186Silver Explorer$17,010$
Jan 1910Silver SpiritHong Kong$6,390$
Jan 217Silver Origin$11,520$
Jan 246Silver Explorer$16,740$
Jan 2818Silver CloudPuerto Williams$24,210$
Jan 287Silver Origin$11,520$
Jan 2910Silver WindPuerto Williams$12,870$
Jan 2914Silver SpiritSingapore$7,740$
Jan 305Silver Explorer$15,750$
Feb 0111Silver Spirit$6,800$
Feb 047Silver Origin$12,060$
Feb 045Silver Explorer$15,750$
Feb 0810Silver WindPuerto Williams$11,430$
Feb 1220Silver ExplorerPuerto Williams$22,680$
Feb 1214Silver SpiritHong Kong$7,740$
Feb 1511Silver SpiritManila$6,800$
Feb 1510Silver CloudPuerto Williams$11,610$
Feb 1810Silver WindPuerto Williams$11,070$
Feb 187Silver Origin$12,060$
Feb 2510Silver CloudPuerto Williams$13,050$
Feb 257Silver Origin$11,430$
Feb 2610Silver SpiritHong Kong$6,390$
Feb 2815Silver MuseSingapore$10,080$
Feb 2810Silver WindPuerto Williams$11,070$
Mar 0414Silver ExplorerPuerto Williams$9,900$
Mar 047Silver Origin$11,700$
Mar 0721Silver CloudPuerto Williams$17,200$
Mar 0816Silver SpiritSingapore$8,460$
Mar 1019Silver WindPuerto Williams$12,900$
Mar 1014Silver SpiritPhuket$8,100$
Mar 117Silver Origin$11,340$
Mar 1416Silver WhisperSingapore$9,720$
Mar 1410Silver WhisperSingapore$7,800$
Mar 1514Silver MuseOsaka$9,630$
Mar 1825Silver ExplorerValparaíso$24,700$
Mar 2417Silver SpiritMumbai (Bombay)$9,540$
Mar 257Silver Origin$11,700$
Mar 2818Silver CloudCape Town$25,200$
Mar 299Silver WindBuenos Aires$5,900$
Mar 2914Silver MuseOsaka$9,720$
Mar 3010Silver WhisperTokyo$7,650$
Apr 017Silver Origin$12,330$
Apr 0723Silver WindRio de Janeiro$9,900$
Apr 087Silver Origin$13,200$
Apr 0910Silver WhisperTokyo$7,920$
Apr 1214Silver MuseKobe$10,170$
Apr 1213Silver Explorer$13,000$
Apr 157Silver Origin$13,400$
Apr 1916Silver WhisperTokyo$9,810$
Apr 2013Silver CloudMuscat$12,300$
Apr 227Silver Origin$13,200$
Apr 2617Silver ExplorerLautoka$17,400$
Apr 297Silver Origin$13,400$
Apr 3011Silver WindLisbon$8,000$
May 0312Silver CloudJeddah$11,600$
May 067Silver Origin$13,200$
May 1112Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge)$10,800$
May 1318Silver ExplorerCairns$15,700$
May 137Silver Origin$13,700$
May 1511Silver CloudAthens / Piraeus$9,300$
May 207Silver Origin$13,000$
May 2312Silver WindHamburg$10,000$
May 2611Silver CloudLisbon$7,400$
May 277Silver Origin$13,000$
May 3110Silver Explorer$12,500$
Jun 037Silver Origin$12,800$
Jun 0412Silver WindHelsinki$10,000$
Jun 069Silver CloudDublin$8,600$
Jun 107Silver Origin$13,000$
Jun 1010Silver ExplorerDarwin$12,500$
Jun 1510Silver CloudDublin$9,200$
Jun 1614Silver WindHamburg$12,000$
Jun 177Silver Origin$12,800$
Jun 2010Silver Explorer$12,300$
Jun 247Silver Origin$12,800$
Jun 2510Silver CloudReykjavík$13,800$
Jun 3012Silver WindReykjavík$15,300$
Jun 3010Silver ExplorerDarwin$12,300$
Jul 017Silver Origin$12,800$
Jul 059Silver CloudKangerlussuaq$11,700$
Jul 087Silver Origin$12,800$
Jul 1010Silver ExplorerDarwin$11,800$
Jul 129Silver Wind$11,700$
Jul 149Silver Cloud$11,700$
Jul 157Silver Origin$12,800$
Jul 2010Silver Explorer$11,800$
Jul 219Silver Wind$11,700$
Jul 227Silver Origin$12,800$
Jul 2316Silver CloudKangerlussuaq$18,900$
Jul 297Silver Origin$12,800$
Jul 3010Silver ExplorerDarwin$11,800$
Jul 3012Silver Wind$15,000$
Aug 057Silver Origin$12,800$
Aug 0816Silver CloudKangerlussuaq$18,500$
Aug 0917Silver ExplorerDarwin$15,900$
Aug 1110Silver WindReykjavík$13,200$
Aug 127Silver Origin$12,800$
Aug 197Silver Origin$12,800$
Aug 2124Silver WindKangerlussuaq$50,900$
Aug 2415Silver CloudKangerlussuaq$16,900$
Aug 2617Silver ExplorerFremantle / Perth$15,900$
Aug 267Silver Origin$12,000$
Sep 027Silver Origin$12,200$
Sep 0812Silver CloudReykjavík$8,400$
Sep 097Silver Origin$11,800$
Sep 1418Silver WindNome$18,500$
Sep 167Silver Origin$12,200$
Sep 2011Silver Cloud$7,800$
Sep 2110Silver WhisperTokyo$7,800$
Sep 237Silver Origin$11,800$
Sep 2514Silver MuseTokyo$10,300$
Sep 307Silver Origin$12,200$
Oct 0115Silver CloudFt. Lauderdale$8,200$
Oct 0110Silver WhisperTokyo$7,800$
Oct 0216Silver WindVancouver$8,700$
Oct 077Silver Origin$11,800$
Oct 0916Silver MuseTokyo$9,800$
Oct 1116Silver WhisperTokyo$9,700$
Oct 147Silver Origin$12,200$
Oct 169Silver CloudLima / Callao$6,600$
Oct 217Silver Origin$11,800$
Oct 2514Silver MuseHong Kong$8,200$
Oct 2714Silver WhisperHong Kong$8,000$
Oct 287Silver Origin$12,200$
Oct 2918Silver SpiritAthens / Piraeus$10,200$
Nov 0211Silver WindValparaíso$10,900$
Nov 047Silver Origin$12,200$
Nov 1014Silver WhisperBangkok$7,900$
Nov 117Silver Origin$11,500$
Nov 1318Silver WindPuerto Williams$19,600$
Nov 169Silver SpiritDubai$7,200$
Nov 187Silver Origin$11,500$
Nov 2518Silver SpiritDubai$9,200$
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