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2020 MSC Cruises to South America

Feb 287MSC SinfoniaSantos / São Paulo$1,598$63960%
Feb 288MSC MusicaBuenos Aires$2,748$1,09960%
Feb 297MSC Sinfonia$1,598$63960%
Mar 017MSC PoesiaSantos / São Paulo$1,698$67960%
Mar 027MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$1,598$63960%
Mar 037MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$1,473$58960%
Mar 063MSC FantasiaRio de Janeiro$873$34960%
Mar 067MSC SinfoniaSantos / São Paulo$1,473$58960%
Mar 076MSC Sinfonia$1,323$52960%
Mar 079MSC MusicaBuenos Aires$2,798$1,11960%
Mar 087MSC PoesiaSantos / São Paulo$1,698$67960%
Mar 094MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$973$38960%
Mar 103MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$748$29960%
Mar 157MSC PoesiaSantos / São Paulo$1,698$67960%
Mar 169MSC MusicaBuenos Aires$2,798$1,11960%
Mar 227MSC PoesiaSantos / São Paulo$1,698$67960%
Nov 154MSC PreziosaSantos / São Paulo$948$37960%
Nov 193MSC PreziosaSantos / São Paulo$798$31960%
Nov 223MSC PreziosaSantos / São Paulo$698$27960%
Nov 253MSC PreziosaSantos / São Paulo$798$31960%
Nov 283MSC PreziosaSantos / São Paulo$798$31960%
Dec 014MSC PreziosaSantos / São Paulo$748$29960%
Dec 023MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$698$27960%
Dec 047MSC Sinfonia$1,448$57960%
Dec 054MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$1,025$41060%
Dec 058MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$1,773$70960%
Dec 0514MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$2,823$1,12960%
Dec 067MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$1,398$55960%
Dec 077MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$1,448$57960%
Dec 1013MSC PreziosaBuenos Aires$6,475$2,59060%
Dec 117MSC Sinfonia$1,448$57960%
Dec 136MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$1,323$52960%
Dec 137MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$1,398$55960%
Dec 1314MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$6,975$2,79060%
Dec 137MSC FantasiaSantos / São Paulo$1,573$62960%
Dec 133MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$673$26960%
Dec 147MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$1,448$57960%
Dec 1613MSC PreziosaBahia de Salvador$3,123$1,24960%
Dec 187MSC Sinfonia$1,673$66960%
Dec 198MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$2,048$81960%
Dec 1915MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$4,723$1,88960%
Dec 207MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$1,673$66960%
Dec 207MSC FantasiaSantos / São Paulo$1,848$73960%
Dec 208MSC OrchestraBuenos Aires$2,973$1,18960%
Dec 217MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$1,673$66960%
Dec 2414MSC PreziosaBuenos Aires$9,795$3,91860%
Dec 258MSC Sinfonia$3,423$1,36960%
Dec 277MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$3,498$1,39960%
Dec 2714MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$9,045$3,61860%
Dec 278MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$3,423$1,36960%
Dec 277MSC FantasiaSantos / São Paulo$3,298$1,31960%
Dec 289MSC OrchestraBuenos Aires$4,723$1,88960%
Dec 288MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$3,423$1,36960%
Dec 2915MSC PreziosaBahia de Salvador$5,198$2,07960%

2021 MSC Cruises to South America

Jan 027MSC Sinfonia$1,673$66960%
Jan 037MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$1,798$71960%
Jan 037MSC FantasiaSantos / São Paulo$1,823$72960%
Jan 0313MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$3,098$1,23960%
Jan 047MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$1,673$66960%
Jan 057MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$1,673$66960%
Jan 069MSC OrchestraBuenos Aires$3,398$1,35960%
Jan 0714MSC PreziosaBuenos Aires$3,573$1,42960%
Jan 097MSC Sinfonia$1,673$66960%
Jan 107MSC FantasiaSantos / São Paulo$1,823$72960%
Jan 1014MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$3,323$1,32960%
Jan 106MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$1,598$63960%
Jan 117MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$1,673$66960%
Jan 127MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$1,673$66960%
Jan 1314MSC PreziosaBahia de Salvador$3,573$1,42960%
Jan 159MSC OrchestraBuenos Aires$3,398$1,35960%
Jan 1613MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$3,098$1,23960%
Jan 167MSC Sinfonia$1,673$66960%
Jan 168MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$2,048$81960%
Jan 177MSC FantasiaSantos / São Paulo$1,823$72960%
Jan 187MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$1,673$66960%
Jan 197MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$1,673$66960%
Jan 2112MSC PreziosaBuenos Aires$3,073$1,22960%
Jan 237MSC Sinfonia$1,673$66960%
Jan 247MSC FantasiaSantos / São Paulo$1,823$72960%
Jan 245MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$1,348$53960%
Jan 2413MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$2,948$1,17960%
Jan 249MSC OrchestraBuenos Aires$3,398$1,35960%
Jan 257MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$1,673$66960%
Jan 267MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$1,673$66960%
Jan 272MSC PreziosaBahia de Salvador$523$20960%
Jan 298MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$1,873$74960%
Jan 307MSC Sinfonia$1,548$61960%
Jan 317MSC FantasiaSantos / São Paulo$1,698$67960%
Feb 017MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$1,548$61960%
Feb 024MSC PreziosaBuenos Aires$748$29960%
Feb 027MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$1,548$61960%
Feb 029MSC OrchestraBuenos Aires$3,223$1,28960%
Feb 033MSC PreziosaBuenos Aires$723$28960%
Feb 064MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$1,098$43960%
Feb 067MSC Sinfonia$1,548$61960%
Feb 077MSC FantasiaSantos / São Paulo$1,698$67960%
Feb 087MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$1,548$61960%
Feb 097MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$1,548$61960%
Feb 103MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$723$28960%
Feb 119MSC OrchestraBuenos Aires$3,223$1,28960%
Feb 137MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$2,223$88960%
Feb 137MSC Sinfonia$2,048$81960%
Feb 147MSC FantasiaSantos / São Paulo$2,248$89960%
Feb 157MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$2,048$81960%
Feb 167MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$2,048$81960%
Feb 206MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$1,423$56960%
Feb 207MSC Sinfonia$1,548$61960%
Feb 208MSC OrchestraBuenos Aires$3,048$1,21960%
Feb 217MSC FantasiaSantos / São Paulo$1,698$67960%
Feb 227MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$1,548$61960%
Feb 237MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$1,548$61960%
Feb 263MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$823$32960%
Feb 277MSC Sinfonia$1,448$57960%
Feb 287MSC FantasiaSantos / São Paulo$1,573$62960%
Feb 289MSC OrchestraBuenos Aires$3,223$1,28960%
Mar 014MSC PreziosaRio de Janeiro$773$30960%
Mar 017MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$1,398$55960%
Mar 023MSC PreziosaSantos / São Paulo$723$28960%
Mar 027MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$1,448$57960%
Mar 053MSC PreziosaSantos / São Paulo$823$32960%
Mar 067MSC Sinfonia$1,448$57960%
Mar 084MSC PreziosaSantos / São Paulo$723$28960%
Mar 087MSC SinfoniaMontevideo$1,398$55960%
Mar 097MSC SinfoniaBuenos Aires$1,448$57960%
Mar 099MSC OrchestraBuenos Aires$3,073$1,22960%
Mar 137MSC Sinfonia$1,448$57960%
Mar 153MSC PreziosaSantos / São Paulo$723$28960%
Mar 183MSC PreziosaSantos / São Paulo$823$32960%
Mar 189MSC OrchestraBuenos Aires$3,073$1,22960%
Mar 213MSC PreziosaSantos / São Paulo$723$28960%
Mar 243MSC PreziosaSantos / São Paulo$823$32960%
Mar 278MSC OrchestraBuenos Aires$2,973$1,18960%

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