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Riviera River Cruises - Save up to $1,500

Riviera River Cruises - Save up to $1,500

Waive up to $1,500 during Wave Season

Book now to save up to $1,500 per cabin on almost every itinerary including our most popular.

Act fast, this offer ends March 31st, 2020.

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2020 Riviera River Cruises

Mar 307MS Robert BurnsBudapestCall for Availability
Mar 317MS William ShakespeareLyonCall for Availability
Apr 014MS George EliotAmsterdam$2,598$1,03960%
Apr 024MS Geoffrey ChaucerAmsterdam$2,598$1,03960%
Apr 027MS Lord ByronLyonCall for Availability
Apr 037MS Oscar WildeAmsterdam$4,548$1,81960%
Apr 037MS Douro ElegancePorto$6,398$2,55960%
Apr 037MS William WordsworthBudapestCall for Availability
Apr 037MS Thomas HardyBudapest$3,898$1,55960%
Apr 044MS Emily BrontëAmsterdam$2,948$1,17960%
Apr 054MS George EliotAmsterdam$2,948$1,17960%
Apr 057MS Douro SplendourPorto$6,398$2,55960%
Apr 064MS Geoffrey ChaucerAmsterdam$3,148$1,25960%
Apr 077MS William ShakespeareLyon$4,973$1,98960%
Apr 084MS Emily BrontëAmsterdam$3,148$1,25960%
Apr 094MS George EliotAmsterdam$3,148$1,25960%
Apr 097MS Lord ByronLyon$5,448$2,17960%
Apr 107MS Douro ElegancePorto$6,823$2,72960%
Apr 107MS Oscar WildeAmsterdam$5,448$2,17960%
Apr 107MS William WordsworthBudapest$4,573$1,82960%
Apr 127MS Douro SplendourPorto$6,823$2,72960%
Apr 127MS Emily BrontëAmsterdam$5,898$2,35960%
Apr 137MS George EliotAmsterdam$5,673$2,26960%
Apr 147MS William ShakespeareLyon$5,448$2,17960%
Apr 144MS Geoffrey ChaucerAmsterdam$3,598$1,43960%
Apr 167MS Lord ByronLyonCall for Availability
Apr 177MS Oscar WildeAmsterdam$6,323$2,52960%
Apr 177MS Thomas HardyBudapestCall for Availability
Apr 184MS Geoffrey ChaucerAmsterdam$3,598$1,43960%
Apr 197MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,273$2,90960%
Apr 197MS Emily BrontëAmsterdam$6,323$2,52960%
Apr 207MS Robert BurnsBudapest$5,873$2,34960%
Apr 207MS George EliotAmsterdam$6,323$2,52960%
Apr 217MS William ShakespeareLyon$5,673$2,26960%
Apr 217MS Jane AustenParintins$7,298$2,91960%
Apr 227MS Geoffrey ChaucerAmsterdam$6,523$2,60960%
Apr 237MS Lord ByronLyon$5,673$2,26960%
Apr 2414MS William WordsworthBudapest$9,098$3,63960%
Apr 247MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,473$2,98960%
Apr 267MS Emily BrontëAmsterdam$6,523$2,60960%
Apr 2714MS Robert BurnsBudapest$10,748$4,29960%
Apr 287MS Jane AustenParintins$7,723$3,08960%
Apr 287MS George EliotCologne$6,398$2,55960%
Apr 297MS Geoffrey ChaucerAmsterdam$6,748$2,69960%
Apr 307MS Lord ByronLyon$6,098$2,43960%
May 017MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,698$3,07960%
May 0114MS Thomas HardyBudapest$12,048$4,81960%
May 047MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,698$3,07960%
May 057MS Jane AustenParintins$8,173$3,26960%
May 057MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,973$2,78960%
May 067MS George EliotMainz$5,548$2,21960%
May 077MS Lord ByronLyon$6,973$2,78960%
May 0714MS Geoffrey ChaucerCologne$12,198$4,87960%
May 077MS Charles DickensCologne$7,273$2,90960%
May 087MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,698$3,07960%
May 0814MS William WordsworthBudapest$12,048$4,81960%
May 097MS Oscar WildeBudapest$6,298$2,51960%
May 117MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,148$2,85960%
May 127MS Jane AustenParintins$8,173$3,26960%
May 127MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,973$2,78960%
May 137MS George EliotMainz$6,648$2,65960%
May 147MS Charles DickensCologne$7,373$2,94960%
May 147MS Lord ByronLyon$6,973$2,78960%
May 1514MS Thomas HardyBudapest$12,048$4,81960%
May 157MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,123$3,24960%
May 167MS Oscar WildeBudapest$6,298$2,51960%
May 177MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,123$3,24960%
May 187MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,573$3,02960%
May 207MS George EliotMainz$7,323$2,92960%
May 217MS Lord ByronLyon$6,973$2,78960%
May 217MS Geoffrey ChaucerBudapest$6,748$2,69960%
May 217MS Charles DickensCologne$7,373$2,94960%
May 227MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,123$3,24960%
May 2214MS William WordsworthBudapest$12,498$4,99960%
May 237MS Oscar WildeBudapestCall for Availability
May 247MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,123$3,24960%
May 257MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,573$3,02960%
May 267MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,398$2,95960%
May 277MS George EliotMainz$7,548$3,01960%
May 287MS Lord ByronLyon$7,398$2,95960%
May 297MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,348$3,33960%
May 307MS Oscar WildeBudapest$7,173$2,86960%
Jun 027MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,823$3,12960%
Jun 037MS George EliotMainz$7,973$3,18960%
Jun 047MS Charles DickensCologne$7,773$3,10960%
Jun 047MS Lord ByronLyon$7,823$3,12960%
Jun 047MS Geoffrey ChaucerBudapest$7,598$3,03960%
Jun 067MS Oscar WildeBudapest$7,598$3,03960%
Jun 077MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,548$3,41960%
Jun 087MS Emily BrontëCologne$8,123$3,24960%
Jun 0814MS Robert BurnsBudapest$12,498$4,99960%
Jun 097MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,823$3,12960%
Jun 107MS George EliotMainz$7,973$3,18960%
Jun 1114MS Geoffrey ChaucerBudapest$12,498$4,99960%
Jun 117MS Lord ByronLyon$7,823$3,12960%
Jun 117MS Charles DickensCologne$7,773$3,10960%
Jun 1214MS Thomas HardyBudapest$12,498$4,99960%
Jun 127MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,548$3,41960%
Jun 137MS Oscar WildeBudapest$7,598$3,03960%
Jun 157MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,998$3,19960%
Jun 167MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,823$3,12960%
Jun 177MS George EliotMainz$7,973$3,18960%
Jun 187MS Lord ByronLyon$7,823$3,12960%
Jun 187MS Charles DickensCologne$8,123$3,24960%
Jun 197MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,548$3,41960%
Jun 207MS Oscar WildeBudapest$7,598$3,03960%
Jun 217MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,548$3,41960%
Jun 227MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,998$3,19960%
Jun 237MS Jane AustenParintins$9,448$3,77960%
Jun 237MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,823$3,12960%
Jun 247MS George EliotMainz$7,748$3,09960%
Jun 257MS Geoffrey ChaucerBudapest$7,598$3,03960%
Jun 257MS Lord ByronLyon$7,823$3,12960%
Jun 257MS Charles DickensCologne$7,773$3,10960%
Jun 277MS Oscar WildeBudapest$7,173$2,86960%
Jun 287MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,348$3,33960%
Jun 307MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,398$2,95960%
Jun 307MS Jane AustenParintins$9,023$3,60960%
Jul 017MS George EliotCologne$6,923$2,76960%
Jul 027MS Lord ByronLyon$7,398$2,95960%
Jul 027MS Charles DickensCologne$6,473$2,58960%
Jul 027MS Geoffrey ChaucerBudapest$6,748$2,69960%
Jul 037MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,698$3,07960%
Jul 047MS Oscar WildeBudapestCall for Availability
Jul 047MS Thomas HardyVienna$6,298$2,51960%
Jul 067MS Emily BrontëCologne$6,923$2,76960%
Jul 077MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,948$2,77960%
Jul 077MS Jane AustenParintins$8,173$3,26960%
Jul 087MS George EliotCologne$6,923$2,76960%
Jul 097MS Lord ByronLyon$6,948$2,77960%
Jul 097MS Charles DickensCologne$6,823$2,72960%
Jul 097MS Geoffrey ChaucerBudapest$6,298$2,51960%
Jul 107MS William WordsworthBudapest$6,298$2,51960%
Jul 117MS Oscar WildeBudapest$6,298$2,51960%
Jul 117MS Thomas HardyVienna$6,298$2,51960%
Jul 127MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,698$3,07960%
Jul 137MS Emily BrontëCologne$6,923$2,76960%
Jul 147MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,523$2,60960%
Jul 147MS Jane AustenParintins$8,173$3,26960%
Jul 157MS George EliotCologne$7,273$2,90960%
Jul 167MS Lord ByronLyon$6,523$2,60960%
Jul 177MS William WordsworthBudapest$6,298$2,51960%
Jul 1814MS Oscar WildeCologne$12,623$5,04960%
Jul 187MS Thomas HardyVienna$6,298$2,51960%
Jul 207MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,273$2,90960%
Jul 217MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,298$2,51960%
Jul 227MS George EliotCologne$7,273$2,90960%
Jul 237MS Charles DickensCologne$6,473$2,58960%
Jul 237MS Lord ByronLyon$6,298$2,51960%
Jul 257MS Thomas HardyVienna$6,298$2,51960%
Jul 277MS Emily BrontëCologne$6,923$2,76960%
Jul 287MS William ShakespeareLyonCall for Availability
Jul 307MS Charles DickensCologne$6,473$2,58960%
Jul 317MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,698$3,07960%
Aug 017MS Thomas HardyVienna$4,323$1,72960%
Aug 017MS Oscar WildeCologne$7,273$2,90960%
Aug 027MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,698$3,07960%
Aug 037MS Robert BurnsBudapest$6,298$2,51960%
Aug 047MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,298$2,51960%
Aug 057MS George EliotCologne$6,923$2,76960%
Aug 067MS Lord ByronLyon$6,298$2,51960%
Aug 067MS Charles DickensCologne$6,473$2,58960%
Aug 077MS Douro ElegancePorto$7,698$3,07960%
Aug 087MS Thomas HardyVienna$4,323$1,72960%
Aug 087MS Oscar WildeCologne$6,923$2,76960%
Aug 107MS Robert BurnsBudapest$6,298$2,51960%
Aug 117MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,298$2,51960%
Aug 137MS Charles DickensCologne$6,473$2,58960%
Aug 137MS Lord ByronLyon$6,298$2,51960%
Aug 137MS George EliotMainz$7,523$3,00960%
Aug 147MS William WordsworthBudapest$6,298$2,51960%
Aug 157MS Thomas HardyVienna$4,773$1,90960%
Aug 177MS Robert BurnsBudapest$6,298$2,51960%
Aug 177MS Emily BrontëCologne$6,923$2,76960%
Aug 187MS Jane AustenParintins$8,173$3,26960%
Aug 187MS William ShakespeareLyonCall for Availability
Aug 207MS Lord ByronLyon$6,298$2,51960%
Aug 207MS George EliotMainz$7,523$3,00960%
Aug 207MS Charles DickensCologne$6,823$2,72960%
Aug 217MS William WordsworthBudapest$6,298$2,51960%
Aug 227MS Oscar WildeCologne$6,923$2,76960%
Aug 227MS Thomas HardyVienna$6,298$2,51960%
Aug 237MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,698$3,07960%
Aug 247MS Emily BrontëCologne$6,923$2,76960%
Aug 257MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,748$2,69960%
Aug 257MS Jane AustenParintins$8,798$3,51960%
Aug 277MS George EliotMainz$7,748$3,09960%
Aug 277MS Lord ByronLyon$6,748$2,69960%
Aug 277MS Charles DickensCologne$6,823$2,72960%
Aug 287MS William WordsworthBudapest$7,173$2,86960%
Aug 287MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,123$3,24960%
Aug 297MS Thomas HardyVienna$7,173$2,86960%
Aug 297MS Oscar WildeCologne$7,773$3,10960%
Aug 317MS Emily BrontëCologne$7,698$3,07960%
Sep 017MS Jane AustenParintins$9,473$3,78960%
Sep 017MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,248$3,29960%
Sep 037MS Lord ByronLyon$8,248$3,29960%
Sep 037MS George EliotMainz$8,173$3,26960%
Sep 037MS Geoffrey ChaucerBudapest$8,048$3,21960%
Sep 047MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 0414MS William WordsworthBudapest$12,923$5,16960%
Sep 057MS Thomas HardyVienna$8,048$3,21960%
Sep 057MS Oscar WildeCologne$8,548$3,41960%
Sep 067MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 087MS Jane AustenParintins$9,473$3,78960%
Sep 087MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,248$3,29960%
Sep 107MS George EliotMainz$8,173$3,26960%
Sep 107MS Lord ByronLyon$8,248$3,29960%
Sep 107MS Charles DickensCologne$7,773$3,10960%
Sep 107MS Geoffrey ChaucerBudapest$8,048$3,21960%
Sep 117MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 127MS Thomas HardyVienna$8,048$3,21960%
Sep 127MS Oscar WildeCologne$8,223$3,28960%
Sep 157MS Jane AustenParintins$9,473$3,78960%
Sep 157MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,248$3,29960%
Sep 177MS Lord ByronLyon$8,248$3,29960%
Sep 177MS Charles DickensCologne$8,348$3,33960%
Sep 177MS Geoffrey ChaucerBudapest$8,048$3,21960%
Sep 177MS George EliotMainz$7,948$3,17960%
Sep 187MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 1814MS William WordsworthBudapest$12,923$5,16960%
Sep 197MS Thomas HardyVienna$8,048$3,21960%
Sep 197MS Oscar WildeCologne$8,223$3,28960%
Sep 217MS Emily BrontëBudapest$8,048$3,21960%
Sep 227MS William ShakespeareLyon$8,248$3,29960%
Sep 247MS Lord ByronLyon$7,823$3,12960%
Sep 247MS Charles DickensCologne$8,123$3,24960%
Sep 257MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 267MS Oscar WildeCologne$8,123$3,24960%
Sep 267MS Thomas HardyVienna$6,923$2,76960%
Sep 297MS William ShakespeareLyon$7,823$3,12960%
Oct 017MS George EliotCologne$7,348$2,93960%
Oct 017MS Lord ByronLyon$7,398$2,95960%
Oct 017MS Charles DickensCologne$6,923$2,76960%
Oct 027MS Douro ElegancePorto$8,123$3,24960%
Oct 037MS Oscar WildeCologne$7,273$2,90960%
Oct 047MS Douro SplendourPorto$8,123$3,24960%
Oct 057MS Emily BrontëBudapest$6,748$2,69960%
Oct 067MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,948$2,77960%
Oct 087MS George EliotCologne$6,923$2,76960%
Oct 087MS Geoffrey ChaucerBudapest$6,748$2,69960%
Oct 107MS Oscar WildeCologne$6,923$2,76960%
Oct 117MS Douro SplendourPorto$7,698$3,07960%
Oct 127MS Emily BrontëBudapest$6,298$2,51960%
Oct 137MS William ShakespeareLyon$6,298$2,51960%
Oct 157MS Lord ByronLyon$6,298$2,51960%
Oct 157MS George EliotCologne$4,923$1,96960%
Oct 167MS Douro ElegancePorto$6,823$2,72960%
Oct 167MS William WordsworthBudapestCall for Availability
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Terms and Conditions

$1,500 per cabin offer is available on all 15-day cruises and valid on all upper deck cabins and suites. $1,000 per cabin offer is valid on most 8-day cruises in upper deck cabins and suites. $800 per cabin offer is valid on standard middle deck cabins. $200 per cabin offer is valid on standard lower deck cabins. Select cruises shorter than eight days are available at $500 promotional discount promotional. Offer is based on cabin availability at the time of booking and is not valid on any single supplement free cabins or solo departures. $400 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm a reservation. Offer not valid on the “The Danube’s Imperial Cities & Yuletide Markets River Cruise”. Offers valid on bookings deposited through March 31, 2020.

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