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Regent Seven Seas Bonus Savings

Regent Seven Seas Bonus Savings

Bonus savings of up to $8,400 per suite are included in the featured 2-for-1 all-inclusive fares. Indulge in the comfort of luxury from the very start of your journey with FREE Roundtrip Business Class Air* on all Intercontinental flights or enjoy FREE Roundtrip Air* on all Domestic flights. Also extend your vacation with our FREE 3-Night pre- or post-Cruise Land Program on select voyages.

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291 Results Found

2020 Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Apr 0718Seven Seas NavigatorPapeete$28,998$8,39972%
Apr 0734Seven Seas NavigatorPapeete$44,398$16,14964%
Apr 0821Seven Seas MarinerAbu Dhabi$34,998$11,89967%
Apr 1620Seven Seas VoyagerAbu Dhabi$29,398$9,69968%
Apr 1710Seven Seas ExplorerBarcelona$20,598$5,79972%
Apr 2516Seven Seas NavigatorLimassol$23,998$9,09963%
Apr 2721Seven Seas ExplorerBarcelona$40,398$15,79961%
Apr 277Seven Seas ExplorerBarcelona$15,998$5,19968%
Apr 2936Seven Seas MarinerAthens$48,198$19,19961%
Apr 2918Seven Seas MarinerAthens$24,998$9,39963%
May 0414Seven Seas ExplorerLisbon$31,398$11,59964%
May 1111Seven Seas NavigatorMiami$12,398$4,99960%
May 1718Seven Seas MarinerMiami$26,998$11,39958%
May 1824Seven Seas ExplorerSouthampton$49,598$20,09960%
May 1812Seven Seas ExplorerSouthampton$27,998$10,39963%
May 2214Seven Seas NavigatorMiami$13,798$4,99964%
May 2322Seven Seas VoyagerHaifa$42,198$16,54961%
May 2312Seven Seas VoyagerHaifa$26,398$9,49965%
May 3012Seven Seas ExplorerSouthampton$28,798$10,79963%
Jun 0410Seven Seas VoyagerAthens$23,398$8,09966%
Jun 0413Seven Seas MarinerSan Francisco$18,998$8,29957%
Jun 0510Seven Seas NavigatorMontréal$10,398$3,99962%
Jun 1112Seven Seas ExplorerSouthampton$27,998$10,39963%
Jun 1410Seven Seas VoyagerVenice$21,998$7,39967%
Jun 1529Seven Seas NavigatorNew York City$41,598$16,19962%
Jun 1515Seven Seas NavigatorNew York City$21,998$8,59961%
Jun 1574Seven Seas NavigatorNew York City$94,998$35,14964%
Jun 177Seven Seas MarinerVancouver$13,798$5,79958%
Jun 237Seven Seas ExplorerStockholm$19,398$6,39968%
Jun 2412Seven Seas VoyagerVenice$26,598$9,69964%
Jun 247Seven Seas MarinerSeward$13,998$5,79959%
Jun 3014Seven Seas NavigatorReykjavík$24,998$8,89965%
Jun 3010Seven Seas ExplorerCopenhagen$26,598$9,49965%
Jun 3028Seven Seas NavigatorReykjavík$42,598$16,09963%
Jul 017Seven Seas MarinerVancouver$14,398$5,99959%
Jul 0610Seven Seas VoyagerMonte Carlo$22,798$7,79966%
Jul 087Seven Seas MarinerSeward$14,598$6,09959%
Jul 107Seven Seas ExplorerStockholm$19,398$6,59966%
Jul 1434Seven Seas NavigatorDublin$51,598$19,59963%
Jul 1414Seven Seas NavigatorDublin$24,398$8,19967%
Jul 157Seven Seas MarinerVancouver$6,799$6,1999%
Jul 1612Seven Seas VoyagerBarcelona$25,998$8,29969%
Jul 1718Seven Seas ExplorerCopenhagen$40,398$13,89966%
Jul 227Seven Seas MarinerSeward$6,899$6,2999%
Jul 287Seven Seas VoyagerVenice$17,398$4,69973%
Jul 2820Seven Seas NavigatorCopenhagen$34,398$12,59964%
Jul 297Seven Seas MarinerVancouver$6,899$6,2999%
Aug 0412Seven Seas ExplorerReykjavík$28,598$11,49960%
Aug 0410Seven Seas VoyagerCivitavecchia (Rome)$23,598$7,19970%
Aug 057Seven Seas MarinerSeward$6,699$6,0999%
Aug 127Seven Seas MarinerVancouver$6,599$5,99910%
Aug 147Seven Seas VoyagerMonte Carlo$17,798$4,79974%
Aug 1612Seven Seas ExplorerOslo$28,398$10,49964%
Aug 1711Seven Seas NavigatorAmsterdam$20,198$6,59968%
Aug 197Seven Seas MarinerSeward$6,399$5,79910%
Aug 2112Seven Seas VoyagerBarcelona$26,998$8,69968%
Aug 267Seven Seas MarinerVancouver$6,199$5,59910%
Aug 2812Seven Seas ExplorerStockholm$28,598$10,69963%
Sep 0214Seven Seas VoyagerVenice$28,598$10,59963%
Sep 027Seven Seas VoyagerVenice$17,998$5,89968%
Sep 027Seven Seas MarinerSeward$5,899$5,29911%
Sep 097Seven Seas MarinerVancouver$5,699$5,09911%
Sep 097Seven Seas VoyagerCivitavecchia (Rome)$16,998$5,39969%
Sep 0912Seven Seas ExplorerSouthampton$28,598$10,69963%
Sep 1115Seven Seas NavigatorBarcelona$12,998$3,19976%
Sep 1614Seven Seas VoyagerMonte Carlo$29,998$10,89964%
Sep 167Seven Seas MarinerSeward$5,399$4,79912%
Sep 2126Seven Seas ExplorerSouthampton$48,598$19,09961%
Sep 2114Seven Seas ExplorerSouthampton$29,998$10,89964%
Sep 2312Seven Seas MarinerVancouver$8,699$8,3495%
Sep 2612Seven Seas NavigatorMontréal$19,998$8,59958%
Sep 308Seven Seas VoyagerIstanbul$19,598$6,69966%
Oct 057Seven Seas MarinerLos Angeles / San Pedro$7,598$2,89962%
Oct 0512Seven Seas ExplorerBarcelona$25,998$9,39964%
Oct 0810Seven Seas NavigatorNew York City$17,598$7,39958%
Oct 0812Seven Seas VoyagerAthens$24,998$8,89965%
Oct 1210Seven Seas MarinerLos Angeles / San Pedro$10,998$4,09963%
Oct 1710Seven Seas ExplorerVenice$21,998$7,39967%
Oct 1812Seven Seas NavigatorMontréal$14,998$5,99961%
Oct 2013Seven Seas VoyagerBarcelona$21,598$6,69969%
Oct 227Seven Seas MarinerLos Angeles / San Pedro$7,598$2,89962%
Oct 2710Seven Seas ExplorerCivitavecchia (Rome)$19,998$6,39969%
Oct 2968Seven Seas MarinerLos Angeles / San Pedro$93,998$37,72460%
Oct 2937Seven Seas MarinerLos Angeles / San Pedro$55,398$21,29962%
Oct 2916Seven Seas MarinerLos Angeles / San Pedro$24,598$8,79965%
Oct 3016Seven Seas NavigatorNew York City$14,198$5,19964%
Nov 0212Seven Seas VoyagerBarcelona$20,998$6,89968%
Nov 0676Seven Seas ExplorerBarcelona$112,998$41,64964%
Nov 0622Seven Seas ExplorerBarcelona$32,598$10,79967%
Nov 1424Seven Seas VoyagerLisbon$34,598$12,39965%
Nov 1421Seven Seas MarinerLimassol$37,598$13,19965%
Nov 1525Seven Seas NavigatorMiami$24,398$9,69961%
Nov 2822Seven Seas ExplorerDubai$42,998$13,89968%
Dec 0510Seven Seas MarinerBuenos Aires$20,598$5,69973%
Dec 0814Seven Seas VoyagerCape Town$30,598$10,19967%
Dec 1012Seven Seas NavigatorMiami$11,398$4,29963%
Dec 1521Seven Seas MarinerRio de Janeiro$29,998$10,69965%
Dec 2017Seven Seas ExplorerSingapore$38,598$10,69973%
Dec 2224Seven Seas NavigatorMiami$24,598$9,39962%
Dec 2214Seven Seas VoyagerCape Town$33,598$11,19967%

2021 Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Jan 0516Seven Seas MarinerMiami$24,998$9,69962%
Jan 0526Seven Seas VoyagerCape Town$40,398$13,99966%
Jan 05117Seven Seas MarinerMiami$149,998$62,22459%
Jan 0514Seven Seas VoyagerCape Town$24,998$7,39971%
Jan 0551Seven Seas MarinerMiami$73,598$27,14964%
Jan 0615Seven Seas ExplorerSydney$40,998$11,39973%
Jan 1515Seven Seas NavigatorHonolulu$24,998$7,39971%
Jan 1912Seven Seas VoyagerRio de Janeiro$25,798$8,29968%
Jan 2147Seven Seas ExplorerAuckland$81,598$27,09967%
Jan 2123Seven Seas MarinerLimassol$35,998$10,39972%
Jan 2114Seven Seas ExplorerAuckland$38,998$10,39974%
Jan 3010Seven Seas NavigatorPapeete$24,798$3,79985%
Jan 3121Seven Seas VoyagerBuenos Aires$40,598$14,69964%
Feb 0418Seven Seas ExplorerSydney$42,998$12,89971%
Feb 0910Seven Seas NavigatorPapeete$24,798$3,79985%
Feb 1430Seven Seas MarinerAuckland$60,198$19,89967%
Feb 1412Seven Seas MarinerAuckland$35,998$9,39974%
Feb 1910Seven Seas NavigatorPapeete$24,798$3,79985%
Feb 2121Seven Seas VoyagerLimassol$40,598$14,69964%
Feb 227Seven Seas ExplorerBali$21,998$4,49980%
Feb 2215Seven Seas ExplorerBali$33,998$10,39970%
Feb 2656Seven Seas MarinerSydney$86,198$31,39964%
Feb 2618Seven Seas MarinerSydney$40,998$11,89971%
Mar 0118Seven Seas NavigatorPapeete$29,998$6,99977%
Mar 018Seven Seas ExplorerBangkok (Laem Chabang)$23,598$5,29978%
Mar 0912Seven Seas ExplorerHong Kong$29,598$8,49972%
Mar 0960Seven Seas ExplorerHong Kong$87,998$33,74962%
Mar 0928Seven Seas ExplorerHong Kong$50,398$18,09965%
Mar 1430Seven Seas VoyagerBuenos Aires$40,998$14,04966%
Mar 1412Seven Seas VoyagerBuenos Aires$25,798$8,29968%
Mar 1618Seven Seas MarinerSingapore$38,598$11,69970%
Mar 1914Seven Seas NavigatorLimassol$23,598$7,59968%
Mar 2116Seven Seas ExplorerHong Kong$35,598$11,49968%
Mar 2618Seven Seas VoyagerRio de Janeiro$24,998$7,39971%
Apr 0225Seven Seas NavigatorMiami$25,998$9,19965%
Apr 0330Seven Seas MarinerDubai$48,198$17,49964%
Apr 0320Seven Seas MarinerDubai$34,398$11,19968%
Apr 0632Seven Seas ExplorerTokyo$51,998$19,99962%
Apr 0614Seven Seas ExplorerTokyo$33,998$10,89968%
Apr 2018Seven Seas ExplorerTokyo$32,798$10,59968%
Apr 2310Seven Seas MarinerIstanbul$21,998$7,39967%
Apr 269Seven Seas VoyagerBarcelona$21,398$6,69969%
Apr 2714Seven Seas NavigatorMiami$16,998$5,69967%
May 0811Seven Seas ExplorerVancouver$17,598$6,24965%
May 117Seven Seas VoyagerAthens$18,998$5,49972%
May 1212Seven Seas MarinerBarcelona$28,598$9,79966%
May 1615Seven Seas NavigatorMiami$14,398$4,39970%
May 1810Seven Seas VoyagerIstanbul$24,598$7,59970%
May 197Seven Seas ExplorerVancouver$13,398$5,54959%
May 247Seven Seas MarinerVenice$18,598$5,29972%
May 267Seven Seas ExplorerSeward$14,398$5,09965%
May 2823Seven Seas VoyagerHaifa$45,798$16,29965%
May 2815Seven Seas VoyagerHaifa$32,598$11,09966%
May 3116Seven Seas NavigatorNew York City$24,998$8,79965%
May 3194Seven Seas NavigatorNew York City$124,998$45,64964%
May 3130Seven Seas NavigatorNew York City$46,398$16,44965%
May 3110Seven Seas MarinerCivitavecchia (Rome)$24,798$7,89969%
Jun 027Seven Seas ExplorerVancouver$14,998$5,39965%
Jun 097Seven Seas ExplorerSeward$14,998$5,39965%
Jun 1010Seven Seas MarinerAthens$23,598$7,29970%
Jun 1220Seven Seas VoyagerCivitavecchia (Rome)$42,398$15,19965%
Jun 128Seven Seas VoyagerCivitavecchia (Rome)$20,398$6,19970%
Jun 167Seven Seas ExplorerVancouver$15,398$5,59964%
Jun 1630Seven Seas NavigatorReykjavík$49,598$17,39965%
Jun 1614Seven Seas NavigatorReykjavík$26,998$8,69968%
Jun 2012Seven Seas MarinerIstanbul$26,998$8,99967%
Jun 2012Seven Seas VoyagerBarcelona$28,998$9,99966%
Jun 237Seven Seas ExplorerSeward$15,398$5,59964%
Jun 3016Seven Seas NavigatorSouthampton$29,598$9,79967%
Jun 307Seven Seas ExplorerVancouver$15,598$5,69964%
Jul 0210Seven Seas MarinerAthens$23,998$7,49969%
Jul 0214Seven Seas VoyagerSouthampton$33,998$11,99965%
Jul 077Seven Seas ExplorerSeward$15,998$5,89964%
Jul 1210Seven Seas MarinerVenice$24,998$7,99969%
Jul 147Seven Seas ExplorerVancouver$16,598$6,19963%
Jul 1612Seven Seas VoyagerReykjavík$29,998$10,79965%
Jul 1620Seven Seas NavigatorCopenhagen$36,598$12,39967%
Jul 217Seven Seas ExplorerSeward$16,598$6,19963%
Jul 227Seven Seas MarinerCivitavecchia (Rome)$19,798$5,89971%
Jul 2822Seven Seas VoyagerOslo$50,598$18,79963%
Jul 2812Seven Seas VoyagerOslo$31,598$11,29965%
Jul 287Seven Seas ExplorerVancouver$16,598$6,19963%
Jul 297Seven Seas MarinerMonte Carlo$19,798$5,99970%
Aug 047Seven Seas ExplorerSeward$15,998$5,89964%
Aug 0512Seven Seas NavigatorAmsterdam$22,798$6,99970%
Aug 0510Seven Seas MarinerBarcelona$25,598$8,29968%
Aug 0528Seven Seas NavigatorAmsterdam$37,598$12,49967%
Aug 0920Seven Seas VoyagerAmsterdam$44,798$15,89965%
Aug 0910Seven Seas VoyagerAmsterdam$26,398$8,69968%
Aug 117Seven Seas ExplorerVancouver$15,798$5,79964%
Aug 1517Seven Seas MarinerVenice$36,798$12,39967%
Aug 157Seven Seas MarinerVenice$18,998$5,49972%
Aug 1716Seven Seas NavigatorBarcelona$19,998$6,29969%
Aug 187Seven Seas ExplorerSeward$15,398$5,59964%
Aug 1910Seven Seas VoyagerSouthampton$25,398$8,19968%
Aug 2217Seven Seas MarinerCivitavecchia (Rome)$36,798$12,39967%
Aug 2210Seven Seas MarinerCivitavecchia (Rome)$24,398$7,69969%
Aug 257Seven Seas ExplorerVancouver$14,998$5,39965%
Aug 2915Seven Seas VoyagerBarcelona$31,998$10,99966%
Sep 017Seven Seas ExplorerSeward$14,398$5,09965%
Sep 017Seven Seas MarinerMonte Carlo$18,998$5,49972%
Sep 0210Seven Seas NavigatorNew York City$13,998$4,69967%
Sep 087Seven Seas ExplorerVancouver$13,998$4,89966%
Sep 0810Seven Seas MarinerVenice$25,998$8,49968%
Sep 1210Seven Seas NavigatorMontréal$18,798$7,09963%
Sep 1310Seven Seas VoyagerAthens$24,598$7,79969%
Sep 157Seven Seas ExplorerSeward$13,998$4,94965%
Sep 189Seven Seas MarinerBarcelona$21,598$6,79969%
Sep 2212Seven Seas NavigatorNew York City$21,998$8,69961%
Sep 2219Seven Seas ExplorerVancouver$31,998$9,99969%
Sep 2310Seven Seas VoyagerAthens$24,598$7,79969%
Sep 2719Seven Seas MarinerMonte Carlo$39,198$13,59966%
Sep 277Seven Seas MarinerMonte Carlo$18,998$5,49972%
Sep 2726Seven Seas MarinerMonte Carlo$51,598$18,29965%
Oct 0320Seven Seas VoyagerCivitavecchia (Rome)$31,598$8,79973%
Oct 0412Seven Seas MarinerCivitavecchia (Rome)$26,998$8,99967%
Oct 0410Seven Seas NavigatorMontréal$19,398$7,39962%
Oct 1112Seven Seas ExplorerTokyo$30,998$8,49973%
Oct 1410Seven Seas NavigatorNew York City$18,998$7,19963%
Oct 1629Seven Seas MarinerVenice$47,398$14,69969%
Oct 1615Seven Seas MarinerVenice$29,398$9,19969%
Oct 167Seven Seas MarinerVenice$17,798$4,89973%
Oct 2322Seven Seas MarinerCivitavecchia (Rome)$31,998$9,99969%
Oct 2310Seven Seas ExplorerTokyo$28,998$7,49975%
Oct 238Seven Seas MarinerCivitavecchia (Rome)$17,998$4,99973%
Oct 2412Seven Seas NavigatorMontréal$16,598$5,99964%
Oct 3022Seven Seas VoyagerAbu Dhabi$42,598$11,99972%
Oct 3114Seven Seas MarinerBarcelona$19,398$5,69971%
Nov 0216Seven Seas ExplorerTokyo$36,998$10,49972%
Nov 0230Seven Seas ExplorerTokyo$57,398$17,94969%
Nov 0528Seven Seas NavigatorMiami$38,398$11,44971%
Nov 0518Seven Seas NavigatorMiami$24,598$7,29971%
Nov 0562Seven Seas NavigatorMiami$78,998$27,74965%
Nov 1424Seven Seas MarinerMiami$27,998$10,19964%
Nov 1832Seven Seas ExplorerHong Kong$60,798$18,64970%
Nov 1814Seven Seas ExplorerHong Kong$35,998$9,49974%
Nov 2116Seven Seas VoyagerCape Town$37,598$10,29973%
Nov 2310Seven Seas NavigatorRio de Janeiro$20,798$4,89977%
Dec 0234Seven Seas ExplorerSingapore$68,998$21,99969%
Dec 0218Seven Seas ExplorerSingapore$41,598$11,29973%
Dec 0334Seven Seas NavigatorBuenos Aires$49,398$16,59967%
Dec 0316Seven Seas NavigatorBuenos Aires$29,998$8,99971%
Dec 0715Seven Seas VoyagerCape Town$36,998$9,99973%
Dec 0810Seven Seas MarinerMiami$12,798$4,09968%
Dec 1818Seven Seas MarinerMiami$24,398$8,89964%
Dec 1918Seven Seas Navigator$26,798$8,69968%
Dec 2016Seven Seas ExplorerSydney$44,598$12,29973%
Dec 2214Seven Seas VoyagerCape Town$27,998$6,49977%

2022 Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Jan 0530Seven Seas ExplorerAuckland$64,798$20,29969%
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