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Celebrity Cruises Suites are the Best

Celebrity Cruises Suites are the Best

Book a suite and get all four offers for a great packaged price. Choose from almost every sailing between January 2015 and April 2017. Get a bonus of up to $300 Onboard Credit on all 4-night and longer 2016 sailings.

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2022 Celebrity Cruises

Jul 017Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,103$57049%
Jul 027Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,551$92341%
Jul 027Celebrity XplorationBaltra$19,635$7,85460%
Jul 087Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,102$57149%
Jul 097Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,577$92442%
Jul 157Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,102$57149%
Jul 167Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,498$85244%
Jul 227Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,102$57149%
Jul 237Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,724$5,67916%
Jul 237Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,569$92342%
Jul 297Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,245$57155%
Jul 307Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$14,478$11,98218%
Jul 307Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,474$85343%
Aug 057Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,105$57349%
Aug 067Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$19,335$7,73460%
Aug 067Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,569$92342%
Aug 127Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,245$49960%
Aug 137Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,397$78145%
Aug 137Celebrity XplorationBaltra$15,315$6,12660%
Aug 197Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,102$57149%
Aug 207Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$13,974$11,57918%
Aug 207Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,498$85244%
Aug 267Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,032$49952%
Aug 277Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,624$5,59916%
Aug 277Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,210$56654%
Sep 027Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,104$57149%
Sep 037Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,402$85240%
Sep 097Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,390$85639%
Sep 107Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$7,449$6,25916%
Sep 107Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,322$78041%
Sep 168Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,771$1,02043%
Sep 177Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,501$95837%
Sep 177Celebrity XplorationBaltra$16,035$6,41460%
Sep 247Celebrity XplorationBaltra$16,035$6,41460%
Sep 247Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,287$67248%
Sep 246Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,270$75041%
Sep 3015Celebrity MillenniumSan Diego$3,292$2,06238%
Oct 017Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,563$92441%
Oct 017Celebrity XplorationBaltra$17,475$6,99060%
Oct 087Celebrity XplorationBaltra$17,400$6,96060%
Oct 087Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,421$78146%
Oct 157Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,668$1,03039%
Oct 157Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,508$89541%
Oct 157Celebrity XplorationBaltra$21,720$8,68860%
Oct 227Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$26,115$10,44660%
Oct 227Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,318$78141%
Oct 227Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,322$72746%
Oct 297Celebrity XplorationBaltra$17,400$6,96060%
Oct 297Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,499$5,49916%
Oct 297Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,322$72746%
Oct 297Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,562$92341%
Nov 056Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,278$71145%
Nov 057Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,477$86742%
Nov 057Celebrity XplorationBaltra$21,218$8,48760%
Nov 118Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,849$1,13839%
Nov 127Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,322$72746%
Nov 127Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$9,524$7,91917%
Nov 197Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$9,724$8,07917%
Nov 197Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,601$97939%
Nov 197Celebrity XplorationBaltra$19,993$7,99760%
Nov 199Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$1,918$1,13641%
Nov 267Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,477$86742%
Nov 2814Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$2,664$1,32651%
Dec 037Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,477$86742%
Dec 107Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,319$72546%
Dec 107Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$26,235$10,49460%
Dec 129Celebrity InfinityRio de Janeiro$2,540$1,20753%
Dec 177Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$24,255$9,70260%
Dec 177Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,409$80643%
Dec 177Celebrity XplorationBaltra$22,873$9,14960%
Dec 2112Celebrity InfinityBuenos Aires$3,124$2,02336%
Dec 2410Celebrity MillenniumFt. Lauderdale$2,971$1,98234%
Dec 317Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$15,138$12,51018%
Dec 317Celebrity XplorationBaltra$20,138$8,05560%

2023 Celebrity Cruises

Jan 0212Celebrity InfinityValparaíso$3,127$2,05135%
Jan 033Celebrity MillenniumFt. Lauderdale$505$28344%
Jan 077Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$20,395$8,15860%
Jan 147Celebrity XplorationBaltra$17,875$7,15060%
Jan 1414Celebrity InfinityBuenos Aires$3,996$2,73132%
Jan 147Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$9,624$7,99917%
Jan 287Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$9,624$7,99917%
Jan 2814Celebrity InfinityBuenos Aires$3,736$2,47134%
Feb 038Celebrity MillenniumFt. Lauderdale$1,227$58153%
Feb 047Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$9,124$7,59917%
Feb 1114Celebrity InfinityBuenos Aires$3,859$2,58234%
Feb 117Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,317$72346%
Feb 117Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$9,124$7,59917%
Feb 187Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$9,824$8,15917%
Feb 187Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,317$72346%
Feb 257Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$18,915$7,56660%
Feb 257Celebrity XplorationBaltra$16,035$6,41460%
Feb 257Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,396$79444%
Feb 2514Celebrity InfinityBuenos Aires$3,543$2,30335%
Mar 047Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,396$79444%
Mar 047Celebrity XplorationBaltra$17,355$6,94260%
Mar 047Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$13,398$11,11818%
Mar 117Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$18,915$7,56660%
Mar 117Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,237$65148%
Mar 1112Celebrity InfinityBuenos Aires$2,802$1,73938%
Mar 187Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$20,115$8,04660%
Mar 187Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,237$65148%
Mar 187Celebrity XplorationBaltra$14,875$5,95060%
Mar 2312Celebrity InfinityValparaíso$2,802$1,73938%
Mar 257Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$21,315$8,52660%
Mar 257Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,237$65148%
Apr 017Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$18,195$7,27860%
Apr 017Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,316$72246%
Apr 049Celebrity InfinityBuenos Aires$1,804$1,05142%
Apr 087Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$20,595$8,23860%
Apr 087Celebrity XplorationBaltra$18,075$7,23060%
Apr 087Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,285$69446%
Apr 1313Celebrity InfinityRio de Janeiro$2,552$1,42745%
Apr 156Celebrity MillenniumSan Juan$1,292$77940%
Apr 157Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$8,324$6,95917%
Apr 2115Celebrity MillenniumFt. Lauderdale$4,109$2,72634%
Apr 227Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$23,475$9,39060%
Apr 227Celebrity XplorationBaltra$16,395$6,55860%
Apr 2610Celebrity InfinityLisbon$2,790$1,84234%
Apr 297Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$19,515$7,80660%
Apr 297Celebrity XplorationBaltra$14,475$5,79060%
May 067Celebrity XplorationBaltra$14,995$5,99860%
May 066Celebrity MillenniumLos Angeles / San Pedro$1,415$93335%
May 069Celebrity InfinityBarcelona$2,451$1,60335%
May 067Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$7,024$5,91916%
May 127Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,332$77342%
May 137Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$19,515$7,80660%
May 159Celebrity InfinityLisbon$2,451$1,60335%
May 197Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,418$84541%
May 207Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$13,458$11,16618%
May 2410Celebrity InfinityBarcelona$2,868$1,91334%
May 267Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,411$84541%
May 277Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$13,458$11,16618%
May 277Celebrity XplorationBaltra$16,875$6,75060%
Jun 027Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,575$98838%
Jun 037Celebrity InfinityAthens / Piraeus$2,086$1,41133%
Jun 037Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,024$5,11916%
Jun 097Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,539$95938%
Jun 107Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$19,515$7,80660%
Jun 107Celebrity Infinity$1,928$1,26735%
Jun 107Celebrity XplorationBaltra$15,195$6,07860%
Jun 167Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,633$1,03137%
Jun 177Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$21,075$8,43060%
Jun 177Celebrity InfinityAthens / Piraeus$2,085$1,41033%
Jun 237Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,625$1,03137%
Jun 247Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$16,515$6,60660%
Jun 247Celebrity InfinityAthens / Piraeus$1,928$1,26735%
Jun 307Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,704$1,10236%
Jul 017Celebrity Infinity$1,928$1,26735%
Jul 017Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$18,435$7,37460%
Jul 077Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,625$1,03137%
Jul 087Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$17,235$6,89460%
Jul 087Celebrity InfinityAthens / Piraeus$2,085$1,41033%
Jul 087Celebrity XplorationBaltra$16,875$6,75060%
Jul 147Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,704$1,10236%
Jul 157Celebrity InfinityAthens / Piraeus$2,085$1,41033%
Jul 157Celebrity XplorationBaltra$15,235$6,09460%
Jul 217Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,625$1,03137%
Jul 227Celebrity XplorationBaltra$15,675$6,27060%
Jul 227Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$7,324$6,15916%
Jul 227Celebrity Infinity$1,928$1,26735%
Jul 287Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,704$1,10236%
Jul 297Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$20,115$8,04660%
Jul 297Celebrity InfinityAthens / Piraeus$2,007$1,33934%
Jul 297Celebrity XplorationBaltra$13,995$5,59860%
Aug 047Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,625$1,03137%
Aug 057Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,524$5,51916%
Aug 057Celebrity InfinityAthens / Piraeus$2,085$1,41033%
Aug 117Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,704$1,10236%
Aug 127Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,524$5,51916%
Aug 127Celebrity Infinity$1,928$1,26735%
Aug 127Celebrity XplorationBaltra$16,635$6,65460%
Aug 187Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,625$1,03137%
Aug 197Celebrity InfinityAthens / Piraeus$2,007$1,33934%
Aug 197Celebrity XplorationBaltra$13,555$5,42260%
Aug 197Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$18,915$7,56660%
Aug 257Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,547$95939%
Aug 267Celebrity XplorationBaltra$13,155$5,26260%
Aug 267Celebrity InfinityAthens / Piraeus$1,928$1,26735%
Aug 267Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,024$5,11916%
Sep 017Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$1,311$74544%
Sep 027Celebrity Infinity$1,928$1,26735%
Sep 027Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$18,915$7,56660%
Sep 027Celebrity XplorationBaltra$15,795$6,31860%
Sep 087Celebrity MillenniumSeward$1,232$67346%
Sep 097Celebrity InfinityAthens / Piraeus$2,085$1,41033%
Sep 097Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$18,915$7,56660%
Sep 097Celebrity XplorationBaltra$14,715$5,88660%
Sep 1514Celebrity MillenniumVancouver$2,556$1,49142%
Sep 167Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,024$5,11916%
Sep 167Celebrity InfinityAthens / Piraeus$1,928$1,26735%
Sep 239Celebrity InfinityAthens / Piraeus$2,451$1,60335%
Sep 237Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$19,515$7,80660%
Sep 307Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,024$5,11916%
Sep 3012Celebrity MillenniumTokyo$3,355$2,34231%
Oct 029Celebrity InfinityBarcelona$2,451$1,60335%
Oct 077Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$17,715$7,08660%
Oct 077Celebrity XplorationBaltra$14,315$5,72660%
Oct 1110Celebrity InfinityLisbon$2,633$1,69936%
Oct 1212Celebrity MillenniumTokyo$3,355$2,34231%
Oct 147Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$7,024$5,91916%
Oct 217Celebrity XplorationBaltra$16,195$6,47860%
Oct 219Celebrity InfinityBarcelona$2,268$1,46036%
Oct 217Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$7,224$6,07916%
Oct 2412Celebrity MillenniumTokyo$3,121$2,12932%
Oct 287Celebrity XplorationBaltra$13,035$5,21460%
Oct 287Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$7,324$6,15916%
Oct 309Celebrity InfinityLisbon$2,268$1,46036%
Nov 047Celebrity XplorationBaltra$14,515$5,80660%
Nov 047Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$23,395$9,35860%
Nov 0512Celebrity MillenniumTokyo$3,121$2,12932%
Nov 0810Celebrity InfinityBarcelona$2,633$1,69936%
Nov 117Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$22,195$8,87860%
Nov 1712Celebrity MillenniumTokyo$3,199$2,20032%
Nov 1810Celebrity InfinityBarcelona$2,633$1,69936%
Nov 187Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$22,195$8,87860%
Nov 187Celebrity XplorationBaltra$19,155$7,66260%
Nov 257Celebrity XplorationBaltra$15,195$6,07860%
Nov 2811Celebrity InfinityBarcelona$2,971$1,93735%
Nov 2912Celebrity Millennium$2,456$1,41943%
Dec 027Celebrity XplorationBaltra$19,035$7,61460%
Dec 097Celebrity XplorationBaltra$15,435$6,17460%
Dec 097Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$19,275$7,71060%
Dec 0912Celebrity InfinityBarcelona$2,963$1,88137%
Dec 1112Celebrity MillenniumMumbai (Bombay)$3,590$2,42733%
Dec 167Celebrity XplorationBaltra$14,315$5,72660%
Dec 167Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,624$5,59916%
Dec 2112Celebrity InfinityBarcelona$3,459$2,31034%
Dec 2312Celebrity Millennium$3,433$2,41330%
Dec 237Celebrity XplorationBaltra$16,875$6,75060%
Dec 237Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$18,998$7,59960%
Dec 307Celebrity XplorationBaltra$16,875$6,75060%
Dec 307Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$7,024$5,91916%

2024 Celebrity Cruises

Jan 0211Celebrity InfinityBarcelona$2,632$1,65138%
Jan 0412Celebrity MillenniumBali / Benoa$3,277$3,1106%
Jan 067Celebrity XplorationBaltra$15,248$6,09960%
Jan 067Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,874$5,79916%
Jan 137Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,999$5,89916%
Jan 137Celebrity XplorationBaltra$15,498$6,19960%
Jan 1612Celebrity Millennium$3,277$3,1106%
Jan 207Celebrity XplorationBaltra$18,748$7,49960%
Jan 207Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$7,236$6,08816%
Jan 277Celebrity XplorationBaltra$15,848$6,33960%
Jan 277Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,936$5,84816%
Jan 2811Celebrity MillenniumBali / Benoa$3,366$3,1995%
Feb 0210Celebrity InfinityAthens / Piraeus$2,790$1,84234%
Feb 037Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,936$5,84816%
Feb 037Celebrity XplorationBaltra$15,248$6,09960%
Feb 0813Celebrity Millennium$3,187$2,01437%
Feb 107Celebrity XpeditionBaltra$6,999$5,89916%
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Terms and Conditions

Cruise must be booked on or after Nov. 16, 2015. Offer is capacity controlled, availability varies by sailing and eligible staterooms may sell out. Offer applies to 4-night and longer cruises that depart Jan. 2016 – Apr. 2017. Offer excludes Celebrity Xpedition®, Transatlantic, Transpacific, repositioning, Asia, and South America repositioning cruises. Offer provides each of the first two guests in an ocean view and above stateroom booking with a complimentary Go Big option, which includes guest's choice of a Classic Beverage Package, Unlimited Internet Package, $150 per person onboard credit ("OBC"), or Prepaid Gratuities. For an additional charge, select the Go Better option and receive a choice of two amenities or the Go Best option and receive all four amenities plus an upgrade to the Premium Beverage Package. Guests who book any suite between Nov 16, 2015 to Jan 3, 2016, will receive complimentary Go Best option for applicable sailings that depart Jan. 2016 to April 2017. Charge varies by option and cruise nights. Guests in the same staterooms must select the same option(s), notify Celebrity of the selected option(s) at the time of booking and provide the applicable promo name. Promo codes are not required. Offer also provides each third and higher occupancy guest who is booked in a triple or higher occupancy Qualifying Booking stateroom with one 40-minute Internet Package and one Classic Non-Alcoholic Beverage Package. Internet usage terms apply. Classic Beverage Package option includes beer up to $6 per serving, spirits, cocktails, and frozen drinks up to $8 per serving, wine by the glass up to $9 per serving, all soda selections, fresh and bottled juices, premium coffees, teas, non-premium bottled water, and server gratuities (amount based on gratuity guidelines). Premium Beverage Package upgrade with Go Best option includes beer, wine by the glass, spirits, cocktails, and frozen drinks up to $13 per serving, all soda selections, premium bottled water, specialty coffees and teas, non-alcoholic frozen drinks and smoothies, specialty waters, energy drinks, fresh and bottled juices and server gratuities (amount based on gratuity guidelines). Classic Non-Alcoholic Beverage Package includes all soda selections, fresh and bottled juices, premium coffees, teas, non-premium bottled water, and server gratuities (amount based on gratuity guidelines). Terms of Celebrity's Alcohol Policy apply, including a minimum drinking age, which varies by itinerary. Each guest must provide date of birth at the time of booking. Prepaid Gratuities option provides for prepaid stateroom, waiter, assistant waiter, and headwaiter gratuities in the amount suggested by Celebrity's guidelines. Gratuities will be applied to reservation within 10 days of booking date. Guests with Internet Packages will receive instructions for Internet access in their staterooms on the first day of the cruise. Onboard Credit option: Guests' stateroom folios will be credited with an OBC. OBC has no cash value, is applicable to cruise only, non-transferable, not redeemable for cash, and will expire if not used by 10:00 PM on the final night of the cruise. Captain's Club Reduced Deposit Offer: Classic members and higher are eligible for a 50% reduced deposit on Qualifying Bookings made more than 70 days from departure date. Reduced deposit must be paid by deposit payment required due date. To redeem at celebritycruises.com, proceed to the payment page, select "Other" in the deposit field and enter 50% off the deposit amount. Celebrity's cancellation policy applies, including but not limited to full cancellation penalty amounts. Valid membership number must be provided at time of booking; new members may book on board without a membership number but must provide the membership number 90 days prior to sail date. Go Big, Go Better, and Go Best booking options are applicable to new individual bookings and to staterooms in non-contracted group bookings, which must be named and deposited during the Offer Period. All offers are non-transferable and applicable only to the Qualifying Booking. Go Big, Go Better, Go Best booking options exclude interior staterooms, are not combinable with any other offer, promotion or discounted rate, including, but not limited to, Book & Go, Exciting Deals, Celebrity's ChoiceAir®, Interline, Senior, resident rates, net rates, travel agent, and employee rates. No refunds or credits for unused options. Offers and prices are subject to availability and change without notice, capacity controlled, and not applicable to charters or contracted groups. Single occupancy bookings eligible for Offers. Trade: Group bookings that are named prior to the Go Big, Go Better, Go Best Booking Period cannot be cancelled and rebooked under this Offer. Refer to Cruise Ticket Contract for additional terms and conditions. Celebrity reserves the right to cancel the Offer at any time, correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, and change or update fares, fees and surcharges at any time without prior notice.

International Customers


All prices appearing on our website are in U.S. dollars. Prices are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.

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Canada (toll-free) 1-888-313-8883
United Kingdom 020-8133-2862
Australia 02-8005-0873
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Other Countries 1-727-906-0444

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