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Azamara Cruises - $1,000 Onboard Credit, $1,000 Air Credit, or Free Stateroom Upgrade

Azamara Cruises - $1,000 Onboard Credit, $1,000 Air Credit, or Free Stateroom Upgrade

Choose One Offer

Free $1,000 Onboard Credit per Suite


Free $1,000 Air Credit


Free Stateroom Upgrade

We couldn’t decide which offer you would like the most. So we are leaving the decision all up to you as part of our Choices, Choices, Choices promotion. Book an Azamara voyage between February 1 and March 31, 2014, and you can select the offer you would like included. So, you can have your cake and eat it too.

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176 Results Found

2020 Azamara Club Cruises

Jan 3110Azamara Quest$2,999$2,49917%
Feb 0415$6,498$2,59960%
Feb 0815Azamara JourneyAuckland$8,498$3,39960%
Feb 1010Azamara Quest$2,699$2,19919%
Feb 1912Buenos Aires$6,498$2,59960%
Feb 2026Azamara Quest$8,998$3,59960%
Feb 2315Azamara JourneySydney$3,599$2,99917%
Mar 0221Buenos Aires$5,498$2,19960%
Mar 0915Azamara JourneyAuckland$3,599$3,19912%
Mar 1711Azamara QuestDubai$5,998$2,39960%
Mar 2313Lima / Callao$5,248$2,09960%
Mar 2418Azamara JourneySydney$3,899$3,39913%
Mar 2817Azamara QuestDubai$7,498$2,99960%
Apr 0513Miami$3,498$1,39960%
Apr 1115Azamara Journey$4,998$1,99960%
Apr 149Azamara QuestAthens / Piraeus$5,773$2,30960%
Apr 188Lisbon$3,448$1,37960%
Apr 239Azamara QuestAthens / Piraeus$8,748$3,49960%
Apr 268Barcelona$3,298$1,31960%
Apr 2616Azamara JourneyDubai$7,748$3,09960%
May 0410Civitavecchia (Rome)$3,898$1,55960%
May 129Azamara JourneyAthens / Piraeus$9,748$3,89960%
May 1410Lisbon$3,898$1,55960%
May 215Azamara JourneyBarcelona$2,998$1,19960%
May 2412Southampton$8,398$3,35960%
May 269Azamara JourneyBarcelona$6,248$2,49960%
May 2613Azamara QuestBarcelona$6,298$2,51960%
Jun 047Azamara JourneyCivitavecchia (Rome)$4,373$1,74960%
Jun 053Southampton$2,325$93060%
Jun 0810Azamara QuestSouthampton$3,748$1,49960%
Jun 0815Southampton$10,673$4,26960%
Jun 119Azamara JourneyMonte Carlo$4,898$1,95960%
Jun 188Azamara QuestStockholm$4,648$1,85960%
Jun 207Azamara JourneyBarcelona$4,548$1,81960%
Jun 2313Copenhagen$8,398$3,35960%
Jun 2710Azamara JourneyCivitavecchia (Rome)$7,173$2,86960%
Jul 0614Dublin$8,848$3,53960%
Jul 0711Azamara JourneyVenice$13,373$5,34960%
Jul 0818Azamara QuestOslo$11,548$4,61960%
Jul 1814Azamara JourneyAthens / Piraeus$17,248$6,89960%
Jul 2017Southampton$9,223$3,68960%
Jul 2611Azamara QuestCopenhagen$11,748$4,69960%
Aug 0110Azamara JourneyAthens / Piraeus$7,523$3,00960%
Aug 0615Southampton$7,498$2,99960%
Aug 0612Azamara QuestStockholm$7,348$2,93960%
Aug 119Azamara JourneyVenice$5,773$2,30960%
Aug 1811Azamara QuestAmsterdam$14,248$5,69960%
Aug 209Azamara JourneyCivitavecchia (Rome)$5,773$2,30960%
Aug 2112Southampton$5,248$2,09960%
Aug 2912Azamara QuestDublin$8,748$3,49960%
Sep 029Southampton$5,698$2,27960%
Sep 057Azamara JourneyVenice$8,123$3,24960%
Sep 1015Azamara QuestSouthampton$8,748$3,49960%
Sep 118Lisbon$4,798$1,91960%
Sep 1214Azamara JourneyAthens / Piraeus$19,998$7,99960%
Sep 197Barcelona$5,598$2,23960%
Sep 267Nice$6,198$2,47960%
Sep 2812Azamara QuestBarcelona$7,698$3,07960%
Oct 037Azamara JourneyAthens / Piraeus$4,548$1,81960%
Oct 037Civitavecchia (Rome)$5,598$2,23960%
Oct 107Azamara QuestVenice$5,798$2,31960%
Oct 109Azamara JourneyVenice$4,498$1,79960%
Oct 107Venice$5,598$2,23960%
Oct 1710Azamara QuestVenice$6,798$2,71960%
Oct 198Azamara JourneyBarcelona$3,748$1,49960%
Oct 2417Athens / Piraeus$6,448$2,57960%
Oct 278Azamara QuestCivitavecchia (Rome)$3,898$1,55960%
Nov 0410Azamara QuestBarcelona$4,648$1,85960%
Nov 1010Dubai$5,423$2,16960%
Nov 1022Azamara JourneyLisbon$23,498$9,39960%
Nov 1416Azamara QuestLisbon$4,498$1,79960%
Nov 2019Dubai$7,348$2,93960%
Nov 309Azamara QuestRio de Janeiro$4,373$1,74960%
Dec 0210Azamara Journey$6,298$2,51960%
Dec 0912$4,648$1,85960%
Dec 0912Azamara QuestBuenos Aires$3,748$1,49960%
Dec 1210Azamara Journey$4,648$1,85960%
Dec 2115Azamara QuestBuenos Aires$7,648$3,05960%
Dec 2114Fremantle / Perth$8,998$3,59960%
Dec 2215Azamara Journey$8,848$3,53960%

2021 Azamara Club Cruises

Jan 0417Melbourne$8,398$3,35960%
Jan 0517Azamara QuestBuenos Aires$14,998$5,99960%
Jan 0612Azamara Journey$5,998$2,39960%
Jan 1812Azamara Journey$5,998$2,39960%
Jan 2116Sydney$10,148$4,05960%
Jan 2216Azamara QuestBuenos Aires$7,048$2,81960%
Jan 3012Azamara Journey$5,998$2,39960%
Feb 0617Auckland$10,848$4,33960%
Feb 0713Azamara QuestBuenos Aires$5,848$2,33960%
Feb 1112Azamara Journey$5,998$2,39960%
Feb 2012Azamara QuestBuenos Aires$5,248$2,09960%
Feb 2312Azamara Journey$5,998$2,39960%
Feb 2318Sydney$8,998$3,59960%
Mar 0416Azamara QuestRio de Janeiro$5,598$2,23960%
Mar 0712Azamara Journey$5,998$2,39960%
Mar 1921Azamara Journey$16,798$6,71960%
Mar 2012Azamara QuestLisbon$6,823$2,72960%
Mar 2715$7,698$3,07960%
Apr 019Azamara QuestCivitavecchia (Rome)$5,773$2,30960%
Apr 098Azamara JourneyLisbon$4,548$1,81960%
Apr 1010Azamara QuestVenice$6,998$2,79960%
Apr 1115Tokyo$12,598$5,03960%
Apr 177Azamara JourneyBarcelona$4,023$1,60960%
Apr 2011Azamara QuestVenice$6,123$2,44960%
Apr 247Azamara JourneyMonte Carlo$4,023$1,60960%
Apr 2615Tokyo$12,598$5,03960%
May 0114Azamara QuestAthens / Piraeus$14,998$5,99960%
May 0713Azamara JourneyVenice$7,348$2,93960%
May 1116Tokyo$7,873$3,14960%
May 1510Azamara QuestAthens / Piraeus$7,873$3,14960%
May 206Azamara JourneyBarcelona$5,198$2,07960%
May 2511Azamara QuestBarcelona$6,473$2,58960%
May 2614Azamara JourneyBarcelona$9,398$3,75960%
May 2723$9,098$3,63960%
Jun 0912Azamara JourneyBordeaux$7,998$3,19960%
Jun 1311Azamara QuestLisbon$6,648$2,65960%
Jun 197Athens / Piraeus$5,598$2,23960%
Jun 2112Azamara JourneySouthampton$8,198$3,27960%
Jun 2417Azamara QuestSouthampton$14,198$5,67960%
Jun 2614Athens / Piraeus$14,998$5,99960%
Jul 0313Azamara JourneyDublin$10,398$4,15960%
Jul 1010Athens / Piraeus$8,198$3,27960%
Jul 1112Azamara QuestCopenhagen$8,798$3,51960%
Jul 1612Azamara JourneyEdinburgh / Queensferry Landing$10,198$4,07960%
Jul 2014Athens / Piraeus$16,748$6,69960%
Jul 2312Azamara QuestStockholm$8,798$3,51960%
Jul 2818Azamara JourneySouthampton$15,598$6,23960%
Aug 0310Athens / Piraeus$8,598$3,43960%
Aug 0412Azamara QuestAmsterdam$8,598$3,43960%
Aug 137Venice$5,998$2,39960%
Aug 1513Azamara JourneyOslo$9,598$3,83960%
Aug 1612Azamara QuestDublin$9,598$3,83960%
Aug 208Venice$6,798$2,71960%
Aug 2812Azamara QuestDublin$8,598$3,43960%
Aug 2811Azamara JourneyAmsterdam$7,598$3,03960%
Sep 0410Civitavecchia (Rome)$8,398$3,35960%
Sep 0810Azamara JourneyLisbon$8,398$3,35960%
Sep 0910Azamara QuestSouthampton$8,398$3,35960%
Sep 1414Athens / Piraeus$15,498$6,19960%
Sep 1811Azamara JourneyBarcelona$8,998$3,59960%
Sep 1913Azamara QuestBordeaux$10,998$4,39960%
Sep 2811Athens / Piraeus$9,398$3,75960%
Sep 2914Azamara JourneyAthens / Piraeus$15,498$6,19960%
Oct 027Azamara QuestBarcelona$4,998$1,99960%
Oct 0910Azamara QuestCivitavecchia (Rome)$6,598$2,63960%
Oct 1312Azamara JourneyAthens / Piraeus$9,198$3,67960%
Oct 1611Athens / Piraeus$6,798$2,71960%
Oct 199Azamara QuestVenice$6,598$2,63960%
Oct 2710Athens / Piraeus$8,198$3,27960%
Oct 287Azamara QuestCivitavecchia (Rome)$4,798$1,91960%
Nov 0216Azamara JourneyAthens / Piraeus$8,248$3,29960%
Nov 0410Azamara QuestBarcelona$6,598$2,63960%
Nov 0615Athens / Piraeus$10,398$4,15960%
Nov 1412Azamara QuestLisbon$4,198$1,67960%
Nov 1819Azamara JourneyDubai$10,248$4,09960%
Nov 219Civitavecchia (Rome)$5,598$2,23960%
Nov 3021Lisbon$17,998$7,19960%
Dec 0712Azamara Journey$7,248$2,89960%
Dec 1916Azamara JourneyFremantle / Perth$15,498$6,19960%
Dec 2113$10,998$4,39960%

2022 Azamara Club Cruises

Jan 0312$9,248$3,69960%
Jan 0416Azamara JourneyMelbourne$13,998$5,59960%
Jan 0716Azamara QuestMiami$11,248$4,49960%
Jan 1512$9,248$3,69960%
Jan 2016Azamara JourneyAuckland$12,998$5,19960%
Jan 2310Azamara QuestLima / Callao$5,748$2,29960%
Jan 2712$9,248$3,69960%
Feb 0221Azamara Quest$12,498$4,99960%
Feb 0517Azamara JourneyAuckland$13,998$5,59960%
Feb 0812$9,248$3,69960%
Feb 2012$9,248$3,69960%
Feb 2217Azamara Journey$12,998$5,19960%
Feb 2322Azamara QuestBuenos Aires$11,748$4,69960%
Mar 1116Azamara Journey$11,748$4,69960%
Mar 2715Azamara JourneyTokyo$15,998$6,39960%
Apr 1115Azamara JourneyTokyo$15,998$6,39960%

    Terms and Conditions

    Choices Promotion: This promotion offers a choice between a $500 per person ChoiceAir credit, $500 per person Onboard Credit, or a one stateroom category upgrade (Club Oceanview at Club Interior prices, or Club Veranda at Club Oceanview prices). Bookings must be created at standard fares between February 1 and March 31, 2014. Guests one and two in a stateroom must select the same option and selection must be made by March 31, 2014. Enter promotion code CHOICES CHS for ChoiceAir credit, CHOICES OBC for Onboard Credit, or CHOICES UPG for upgrade at the time of booking creation. Visit AzamaraClubCruises.com/Choices for full listing of applicable sailings. Offer is applicable to new individual bookings and to staterooms in non-contracted group bookings with staterooms named and fully deposited during the offer period. Choices promotion is combinable with back to back savings, onboard booking savings, CPP program, reduced single supplements, and up to one other OBC program. The promotion is not combinable with any other program, promotion or discounted rates. Single bookings paying 200% supplements qualify for the full amount. Offers are subject to change and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Certain restrictions apply. Read below for further details for each individual component of this offer. $500 ChoiceAir® Credit (CAC) is per person, in USD, not redeemable for cash, and is based on round-trip flights from select U.S. and Canadian gateways. Promo code CHOICES CHS must be entered at the time of booking to select this option. Air has to be booked through ChoiceAir®. Air credit will be applied against cruise fare after ChoiceAir® flights are added to the booking. CAC is not available for 3rd and 4th guests in a stateroom. Certain gateways may not be available on all voyages. Full details for ChoiceAir® are available at AzamaraClubCruises.com/ChoiceAir. $500 per person Onboard Credit (OBC) is in USD, based on double occupancy, has no cash value, is not redeemable for cash, is not transferable and will expire if not used by 10:00 PM on the last evening of the voyage. Onboard credit cannot be used in the Casino or for future cruise bookings. OBC is not available for 3rd and 4th guests in a stateroom. Promo code CHOICES OBC must be entered at the time of booking to select this option. One category upgrade allows guests to book Club Veranda staterooms at Club Oceanview prices or Club Oceanview staterooms at Club Interior prices. Promo code CHOICES UPG must be entered at the time of booking to select this option. Bookings must be made in desired category, which will be priced at the lower fare after entering the code. Club Veranda will be priced at category 08 Club Oceanview rate and Club Oceanview will be priced at category 12 Club Interior rate. AzAmazing EveningsSM events are complimentary, and available on most sailings. A few select itineraries may not feature ports conducive to such events, in which case the AzAmazing EveningsSM event will be held onboard. A refund will not be given if you do not attend, or if the event date, port, venue or program changes, or the event must be cancelled or changed for any reason by Azamara Club Cruises®. All AzAmazing EveningsSM dates, ports, venues, and programs are subject to change without notice. Because Azamara Club Cruises® incurs costs for each participating guest, we ask that you let us know by no later than 10:00 PM the previous day if you decide not to attend. Confirmed guests who do not cancel by this deadline and do not show up, will be assessed a cancellation fee of $100 per person. Onboard Credits (OBC’s) cannot be used to pay for cancellation fees. If you do not pre-book the AzAmazing EveningsSM event online but decide to participate once onboard, you may sign up until the morning of the event, space permitting. To be sure there is room for you, we encourage you to sign up before boarding. © 2014 Azamara Club Cruises®. Ships’ Registry: Malta.

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