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NCL FREE Balcony Upgrades

NCL FREE Balcony Upgrades

Receive a free oceanview, balcony or mini-suite upgrade on almost every sailing over two nights long. PLUS when you book a cruise vacation 3 days or longer and automatically receive 50% reduced deposit.

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2022 Norwegian Cruises

Aug 124Norwegian SkyMiami$1,298$51960%
Aug 127Norwegian PearlBoston$2,148$85960%
Aug 137Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,448$1,77960%
Aug 137Norwegian BlissSeattle$2,923$1,16960%
Aug 1310Norwegian EscapeCivitavecchia (Rome)$3,873$1,54960%
Aug 145Norwegian BreakawayMiami$1,498$59960%
Aug 147Norwegian EncoreSeattle$2,923$1,16960%
Aug 147Norwegian JoyNew York City$2,448$97960%
Aug 147Norwegian JadeAthens / Piraeus$2,298$91960%
Aug 1411Norwegian Star$3,298$1,31960%
Aug 147Norwegian EpicBarcelona$2,498$99960%
Aug 147Norwegian GemVenice$2,498$99960%
Aug 157Norwegian JewelSeward$1,773$70960%
Aug 165Norwegian SkyMiami$1,373$54960%
Aug 169Norwegian GetawayCopenhagen$2,998$1,19960%
Aug 167Norwegian EpicCivitavecchia (Rome)$2,498$99960%
Aug 1610Norwegian DawnStockholm$3,098$1,23960%
Aug 185Norwegian SunSeattle$1,173$46960%
Aug 197Norwegian PearlBoston$2,098$83960%
Aug 199Norwegian Spirit$2,698$1,07960%
Aug 207Norwegian BlissSeattle$2,898$1,15960%
Aug 207Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,298$1,71960%
Aug 217Norwegian SkyMiami$1,448$57960%
Aug 217Norwegian EncoreSeattle$2,898$1,15960%
Aug 217Norwegian EpicBarcelona$2,398$95960%
Aug 217Norwegian JoyNew York City$2,448$97960%
Aug 217Norwegian GemVenice$2,498$99960%
Aug 217Norwegian JadeAthens / Piraeus$2,298$91960%
Aug 217Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,723$68960%
Aug 227Norwegian JewelVancouver$1,773$70960%
Aug 2310Norwegian EscapeCivitavecchia (Rome)$3,748$1,49960%
Aug 239Norwegian SunSeattle$2,373$94960%
Aug 237Norwegian EpicCivitavecchia (Rome)$2,398$95960%
Aug 259Norwegian GetawayCopenhagen$2,998$1,19960%
Aug 2510Norwegian StarReykjavík$2,998$1,19960%
Aug 267Norwegian PearlBoston$1,723$68960%
Aug 2610Norwegian DawnAmsterdam$2,673$1,06960%
Aug 277Norwegian BlissSeattle$2,723$1,08960%
Aug 277Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,098$1,63960%
Aug 287Norwegian EncoreSeattle$2,723$1,08960%
Aug 287Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,723$68960%
Aug 284Norwegian JoyNew York City$1,348$53960%
Aug 287Norwegian SkyMiami$1,348$53960%
Aug 287Norwegian JadeAthens / Piraeus$2,298$91960%
Aug 287Norwegian GemVenice$2,398$95960%
Aug 287Norwegian EpicBarcelona$2,298$91960%
Aug 289Norwegian Spirit$2,698$1,07960%
Aug 297Norwegian JewelSeward$1,723$68960%
Aug 307Norwegian EpicCivitavecchia (Rome)$2,298$91960%
Sep 015Norwegian JoyNew York City$1,623$64960%
Sep 015Norwegian SunSeattle$1,173$46960%
Sep 027Norwegian PearlBoston$2,098$83960%
Sep 0210Norwegian EscapeCivitavecchia (Rome)$3,623$1,44960%
Sep 037Norwegian BlissSeattle$2,673$1,06960%
Sep 037Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,448$1,77960%
Sep 039Norwegian GetawayCopenhagen$2,998$1,19960%
Sep 047Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,848$73960%
Sep 047Norwegian GemVenice$2,398$95960%
Sep 047Norwegian EncoreSeattle$2,673$1,06960%
Sep 0412Norwegian Star$3,473$1,38960%
Sep 047Norwegian SkyMiami$1,448$57960%
Sep 047Norwegian EpicBarcelona$2,298$91960%
Sep 047Norwegian JadeAthens / Piraeus$2,298$91960%
Sep 057Norwegian JewelVancouver$1,573$62960%
Sep 0510Norwegian DawnSouthampton$2,723$1,08960%
Sep 069Norwegian SunSeattle$2,073$82960%
Sep 0612Norwegian Spirit$3,148$1,25960%
Sep 0610Norwegian JoyNew York City$2,298$91960%
Sep 067Norwegian EpicCivitavecchia (Rome)$2,298$91960%
Sep 097Norwegian PearlQuébec City$1,973$78960%
Sep 107Norwegian BlissSeattle$2,623$1,04960%
Sep 107Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,448$1,77960%
Sep 117Norwegian GemVenice$2,398$95960%
Sep 117Norwegian SkyMiami$1,223$48960%
Sep 117Norwegian JadeAthens / Piraeus$2,298$91960%
Sep 117Norwegian EncoreSeattle$2,623$1,04960%
Sep 117Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,973$78960%
Sep 117Norwegian EpicBarcelona$2,298$91960%
Sep 129Norwegian GetawayCopenhagen$2,798$1,11960%
Sep 1210Norwegian Escape$3,623$1,44960%
Sep 127Norwegian JewelSeward$1,573$62960%
Sep 137Norwegian EpicCivitavecchia (Rome)$2,298$91960%
Sep 1510Norwegian DawnAmsterdam$2,523$1,00960%
Sep 157Norwegian SunSeattle$1,698$67960%
Sep 167Norwegian PearlBoston$2,098$83960%
Sep 1610Norwegian StarSouthampton$2,748$1,09960%
Sep 167Norwegian JoyNew York City$1,973$78960%
Sep 177Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,448$1,77960%
Sep 177Norwegian BlissSeattle$2,398$95960%
Sep 187Norwegian EncoreSeattle$2,398$95960%
Sep 187Norwegian JadeAthens / Piraeus$2,298$91960%
Sep 187Norwegian SkyMiami$1,448$57960%
Sep 1812Norwegian Spirit$3,148$1,25960%
Sep 187Norwegian EpicBarcelona$2,198$87960%
Sep 187Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,973$78960%
Sep 187Norwegian GemVenice$2,398$95960%
Sep 197Norwegian JewelVancouver$1,448$57960%
Sep 207Norwegian EpicCivitavecchia (Rome)$2,198$87960%
Sep 219Norwegian GetawayCopenhagen$2,698$1,07960%
Sep 227Norwegian SunSeattle$1,573$62960%
Sep 2210Norwegian Escape$3,398$1,35960%
Sep 237Norwegian PearlQuébec City$1,973$78960%
Sep 2310Norwegian JoyNew York City$2,398$95960%
Sep 247Norwegian BlissSeattle$2,373$94960%
Sep 247Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,448$1,77960%
Sep 257Norwegian EncoreSeattle$2,373$94960%
Sep 257Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,973$78960%
Sep 257Norwegian SkyMiami$1,223$48960%
Sep 257Norwegian EpicBarcelona$2,198$87960%
Sep 257Norwegian GemVenice$2,298$91960%
Sep 257Norwegian JadeAthens / Piraeus$2,198$87960%
Sep 2510Norwegian Dawn$2,448$97960%
Sep 2610Norwegian StarCopenhagen$2,698$1,07960%
Sep 267Norwegian JewelSeward$1,348$53960%
Sep 275Norwegian EpicCivitavecchia (Rome)$1,623$64960%
Sep 297Norwegian SunSeattle$1,523$60960%
Sep 305Norwegian Spirit$2,123$84960%
Sep 307Norwegian PearlBoston$2,098$83960%
Sep 309Norwegian GetawayCopenhagen$2,598$1,03960%
Oct 017Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,298$1,71960%
Oct 017Norwegian BlissSeattle$2,248$89960%
Oct 027Norwegian SkyMiami$1,348$53960%
Oct 0211Norwegian EpicBarcelona$2,623$1,04960%
Oct 0210Norwegian EscapeCivitavecchia (Rome)$3,298$1,31960%
Oct 027Norwegian EncoreSeattle$2,248$89960%
Oct 027Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,973$78960%
Oct 027Norwegian GemVenice$2,098$83960%
Oct 027Norwegian JadeAthens / Piraeus$1,973$78960%
Oct 035Norwegian JoyNew York City$1,248$49960%
Oct 037Norwegian JewelVancouver$1,448$57960%
Oct 055Norwegian Spirit$2,123$84960%
Oct 0510Norwegian DawnAmsterdam$2,448$97960%
Oct 065Norwegian SunSeattle$1,073$42960%
Oct 0610Norwegian StarSouthampton$2,423$96960%
Oct 077Norwegian PearlQuébec City$1,973$78960%
Oct 087Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,298$1,71960%
Oct 087Norwegian BlissSeattle$2,198$87960%
Oct 084Norwegian JoyNew York City$1,173$46960%
Oct 097Norwegian EncoreSeattle$2,198$87960%
Oct 097Norwegian SkyMiami$1,473$58960%
Oct 097Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,973$78960%
Oct 097Norwegian GemVenice$2,098$83960%
Oct 099Norwegian GetawayCopenhagen$2,373$94960%
Oct 097Norwegian JadeAthens / Piraeus$1,973$78960%
Oct 109Norwegian JewelVancouver$1,573$62960%
Oct 1011Norwegian Spirit$2,648$1,05960%
Oct 1116Norwegian SunSeattle$2,648$1,05960%
Oct 129Norwegian EscapeCivitavecchia (Rome)$2,998$1,19960%
Oct 1210Norwegian JoyNew York City$2,173$86960%
Oct 1311Norwegian EpicCivitavecchia (Rome)$2,598$1,03960%
Oct 147Norwegian PearlBoston$1,848$73960%
Oct 157Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,298$1,71960%
Oct 157Norwegian BlissSeattle$2,198$87960%
Oct 1510Norwegian Dawn$2,973$1,18960%
Oct 167Norwegian JadeAthens / Piraeus$1,873$74960%
Oct 167Norwegian SkyMiami$1,473$58960%
Oct 1610Norwegian StarSouthampton$2,423$96960%
Oct 167Norwegian EncoreSeattle$2,198$87960%
Oct 167Norwegian GemVenice$2,098$83960%
Oct 167Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,973$78960%
Oct 1810Norwegian GetawayCopenhagen$2,448$97960%
Oct 217Norwegian PearlBoston$1,848$73960%
Oct 2111Norwegian Spirit$2,748$1,09960%
Oct 2111Norwegian EscapeCivitavecchia (Rome)$3,598$1,43960%
Oct 227Norwegian JoyNew York City$1,848$73960%
Oct 227Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,298$1,71960%
Oct 237Norwegian JadeAthens / Piraeus$1,773$70960%
Oct 237Norwegian SkyMiami$1,473$58960%
Oct 237Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,848$73960%
Oct 237Norwegian GemVenice$1,973$78960%
Oct 2511Norwegian DawnCivitavecchia (Rome)$2,848$1,13960%
Oct 2610Norwegian StarSouthampton$2,348$93960%
Oct 2712Norwegian Sun$3,348$1,33960%
Oct 287Norwegian PearlBoston$1,723$68960%
Oct 297Norwegian JoyNew York City$1,848$73960%
Oct 297Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,098$1,63960%
Oct 307Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,848$73960%
Oct 307Norwegian GemVenice$1,973$78960%
Oct 307Norwegian JadeAthens / Piraeus$1,773$70960%
Oct 307Norwegian SkyMiami$1,473$58960%
Nov 0111Norwegian Spirit$2,748$1,09960%
Nov 0116Norwegian EscapeCivitavecchia (Rome)$2,898$1,15960%
Nov 047Norwegian PearlBoston$1,723$68960%
Nov 057Norwegian JoyNew York City$1,848$73960%
Nov 0511Norwegian StarCivitavecchia (Rome)$2,548$1,01960%
Nov 057Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,098$1,63960%
Nov 0515Norwegian DawnBarcelona$2,798$1,11960%
Nov 067Norwegian SkyMiami$1,473$58960%
Nov 067Norwegian JadeAthens / Piraeus$1,773$70960%
Nov 067Norwegian GemVenice$1,873$74960%
Nov 0614Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$3,498$1,39960%
Nov 0810Norwegian Sun$2,773$1,10960%
Nov 127Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,098$1,63960%
Nov 1212Norwegian Spirit$2,623$1,04960%
Nov 1319Norwegian Jade$4,248$1,69960%
Nov 135Norwegian SkyMiami$1,248$49960%
Nov 1611Norwegian StarAthens / Piraeus$2,873$1,14960%
Nov 183Norwegian SkyMiami$848$33960%
Nov 1810Norwegian Sun$3,123$1,24960%
Nov 197Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,673$1,86960%
Nov 214Norwegian SkyMiami$1,348$53960%
Nov 2412Norwegian Spirit$2,623$1,04960%
Nov 253Norwegian SkyMiami$923$36960%
Nov 267Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,098$1,63960%
Nov 2714Norwegian StarLisbon$1,973$78960%
Nov 2812Norwegian Sun$2,823$1,12960%
Nov 289Norwegian SkyMiami$1,823$72960%
Dec 0219Norwegian Jade$5,248$2,09960%
Dec 037Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$3,973$1,58960%
Dec 0616Norwegian Spirit$2,848$1,13960%
Dec 079Norwegian SkyMiami$1,898$75960%
Dec 107Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,098$1,63960%
Dec 1012Norwegian Sun$2,398$95960%
Dec 117Norwegian StarRio de Janeiro$1,348$53960%
Dec 163Norwegian SkyMiami$823$32960%
Dec 177Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,673$1,86960%
Dec 1814Norwegian StarBuenos Aires$3,673$1,46960%
Dec 194Norwegian SkyMiami$973$38960%
Dec 2112Norwegian Jade$4,923$1,96960%
Dec 2212Norwegian SpiritSydney$3,448$1,37960%
Dec 2211Norwegian Sun$3,848$1,53960%
Dec 233Norwegian SkyMiami$1,723$68960%
Dec 247Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$6,423$2,56960%
Dec 264Norwegian SkyMiami$1,823$72960%
Dec 303Norwegian SkyMiami$1,823$72960%
Dec 317Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$6,473$2,58960%

2023 Norwegian Cruises

Jan 0114Norwegian Star$3,023$1,20960%
Jan 0212Norwegian Jade$3,198$1,27960%
Jan 0210Norwegian Sun$2,198$87960%
Jan 0312Norwegian SpiritAuckland$2,923$1,16960%
Jan 077Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,398$1,75960%
Jan 129Norwegian Sun$2,173$86960%
Jan 1412Norwegian Jade$3,198$1,27960%
Jan 147Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,398$1,75960%
Jan 1514Norwegian StarBuenos Aires$4,998$1,99960%
Jan 1512Norwegian SpiritSydney$2,923$1,16960%
Jan 215Norwegian Sun$1,698$67960%
Jan 217Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,398$1,75960%
Jan 2618Norwegian Jade$6,048$2,41960%
Jan 2611Norwegian Sun$2,548$1,01960%
Jan 2712Norwegian SpiritAuckland$2,923$1,16960%
Jan 287Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,398$1,75960%
Jan 2914Norwegian StarBuenos Aires$4,998$1,99960%
Feb 047Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,598$1,83960%
Feb 0611Norwegian Sun$2,848$1,13960%
Feb 0812Norwegian SpiritSydney$2,873$1,14960%
Feb 117Pride Of AmericaHonolulu$4,598$1,83960%
Feb 1214Norwegian StarBuenos Aires$4,998$1,99960%
Feb 1318Norwegian Jade$5,548$2,21960%
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Terms and Conditions

One and two night sailings are excluded. Fares are in U.S. dollars, cruise only, per person and based on double occupancy. Government taxes & fees and onboard service charges are additional. Singles paying 200% are eligible for this offer. Free upgrade refers to a better available accommodation within the "meta" (i.e. Inside for the price of a lower Inside category, Oceanview for the price of a lower Oceanview category, Balcony for the price of a lower Balcony category or a Mini-Suite for the price of a lower Mini-Suite category). This promotion will also include upgrades across "meta" categories. This will be an Oceanview for the price of an Inside, a Balcony for the price of an Oceanview or a Mini-Suite for the price of a Balcony. Studios, The Haven and all Suite categories are excluded from this offer. Reduced Deposit is 50% off the standard deposit. Reduced Deposit does not apply to The Haven and/or Suite categories. Reservations booked with Reduced Deposit and cancelled during the Cancellation Fee Period will be assessed the cancellation fee based on amount of deposit paid. One Coupon Book will be included per reservation with the first guest's E-Documents. Offer valid for new reservations only. Qualifying FIT Reservations can be included into existing FS and Traditional Groups and count towards Tour Conductor Credits. Reservations in RQ status will not be eligible for this offer unless converted to OF or BK status within the designated Booking Window. Offer not combinable with existing Group Block rates. With all bookings made under Guarantee rates, stateroom assignment is subject to Norwegian Cruise Line's discretion and can be assigned at any time up to day of sailing. Not applicable on chartered dates or for Group Types INCREG and INCLARGE.

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All prices appearing on our website are in U.S. dollars. Prices are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.

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United Kingdom 020-8133-2862
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Hong Kong 8120-6202
Other Countries 1-727-906-0444

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