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Norwegian Cruises to the Bahamas

Norwegian Cruise Line has the perfect remedy for three common situations. First, you have just spent a couple of days at Disney World Orlando, where you catered to the kid’s every whim. Now you would like some personal down time in what is literally the lap of luxury, while the kids have daily adventures supervised by trained counselors. Next, you may only have a few days to wind down from a hectic schedule, but you want to spend that precious time relaxing in the finest restaurants and enjoying an exciting Las Vegas style night life. Finally, you may be that person that wants to test the cruise waters for the first time. Well hop aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship for a three or four day cruise out of Miami or Port Canaveral to the Bahamas and Grand Stirrup Cay and experience the joy of free style cruising to the land of sun, surf, and sand.

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2017 Norwegian Cruises to the Bahamas

Apr 297Norwegian GemNew York City$1,248$49960%
May 053Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
May 067Norwegian GemNew York City$1,448$57960%
May 123Norwegian SkyMiami$1,073$42960%
May 137Norwegian GemNew York City$1,498$59960%
May 154Norwegian SkyMiami$3,823$1,52960%
May 193Norwegian SkyMiami$1,023$40960%
May 207Norwegian GemNew York City$1,573$62960%
May 224Norwegian SkyMiami$2,298$91960%
May 263Norwegian SkyMiami$973$38960%
May 277Norwegian GemNew York City$1,573$62960%
May 294Norwegian SkyMiami$2,098$83960%
Jun 023Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Jun 037Norwegian GemNew York City$1,623$64960%
Jun 054Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Jun 093Norwegian SkyMiami$1,048$41960%
Jun 124Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Jun 163Norwegian SkyMiami$1,073$42960%
Jun 177Norwegian GemNew York City$1,748$69960%
Jun 194Norwegian SkyMiami$1,448$57960%
Jun 233Norwegian SkyMiami$873$34960%
Jun 264Norwegian SkyMiami$1,523$60960%
Jul 017Norwegian GemNew York City$2,373$94960%
Jul 034Norwegian SkyMiami$1,598$63960%
Jul 073Norwegian SkyMiami$1,373$54960%
Jul 087Norwegian GemNew York City$2,248$89960%
Jul 104Norwegian SkyMiami$1,698$67960%
Jul 143Norwegian SkyMiami$1,248$49960%
Jul 157Norwegian GemNew York City$2,248$89960%
Jul 174Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Jul 213Norwegian SkyMiami$1,323$52960%
Jul 227Norwegian GemNew York City$2,248$89960%
Jul 244Norwegian SkyMiami$1,748$69960%
Jul 283Norwegian SkyMiami$1,248$49960%
Jul 297Norwegian GemNew York City$1,998$79960%
Jul 314Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Aug 043Norwegian SkyMiami$1,373$54960%
Aug 057Norwegian GemNew York City$1,998$79960%
Aug 074Norwegian SkyMiami$1,598$63960%
Aug 113Norwegian SkyMiami$1,248$49960%
Aug 127Norwegian GemNew York City$1,998$79960%
Aug 144Norwegian SkyMiami$1,698$67960%
Aug 183Norwegian SkyMiami$1,123$44960%
Aug 197Norwegian GemNew York City$1,998$79960%
Aug 214Norwegian SkyMiami$1,448$57960%
Aug 253Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Aug 267Norwegian GemNew York City$1,923$76960%
Aug 284Norwegian SkyMiami$1,448$57960%
Sep 013Norwegian SkyMiami$1,323$52960%
Sep 044Norwegian SkyMiami$1,448$57960%
Sep 083Norwegian SkyMiami$1,048$41960%
Sep 114Norwegian SkyMiami$1,598$63960%
Sep 153Norwegian SkyMiami$1,073$42960%
Sep 184Norwegian SkyMiami$1,573$62960%
Sep 223Norwegian SkyMiami$1,048$41960%
Sep 254Norwegian SkyMiami$1,573$62960%
Sep 293Norwegian SkyMiami$1,073$42960%
Oct 017Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,948$77960%
Oct 024Norwegian SkyMiami$1,823$72960%
Oct 063Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Oct 087Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,873$74960%
Oct 094Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Oct 133Norwegian SkyMiami$848$33960%
Oct 157Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,873$74960%
Oct 164Norwegian SkyMiami$1,573$62960%
Oct 203Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Oct 227Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,873$74960%
Oct 234Norwegian SkyMiami$1,573$62960%
Oct 273Norwegian SkyMiami$1,123$44960%
Oct 297Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,873$74960%
Oct 304Norwegian SkyMiami$1,623$64960%
Nov 033Norwegian SkyMiami$948$37960%
Nov 057Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,873$74960%
Nov 064Norwegian SkyMiami$1,623$64960%
Nov 103Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Nov 127Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,948$77960%
Nov 134Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Nov 173Norwegian SkyMiami$1,073$42960%
Nov 197Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,998$79960%
Nov 204Norwegian SkyMiami$1,698$67960%
Nov 243Norwegian SkyMiami$1,373$54960%
Nov 267Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,823$72960%
Nov 274Norwegian SkyMiami$1,423$56960%
Dec 013Norwegian SkyMiami$1,048$41960%
Dec 044Norwegian SkyMiami$1,673$66960%
Dec 083Norwegian SkyMiami$1,073$42960%
Dec 114Norwegian SkyMiami$1,623$64960%
Dec 153Norwegian SkyMiami$1,123$44960%
Dec 157Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$2,073$82960%
Dec 184Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Dec 224Norwegian SkyMiami$2,573$1,02960%
Dec 227Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$2,573$1,02960%
Dec 263Norwegian SkyMiami$1,473$58960%
Dec 297Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$2,623$1,04960%
Dec 294Norwegian SkyMiami$2,698$1,07960%

2018 Norwegian Cruises to the Bahamas

Jan 023Norwegian SkyMiami$973$38960%
Jan 053Norwegian SkyMiami$923$36960%
Jan 084Norwegian SkyMiami$1,373$54960%
Jan 123Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Jan 154Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Jan 193Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Jan 224Norwegian SkyMiami$1,373$54960%
Jan 263Norwegian SkyMiami$1,148$45960%
Jan 294Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Feb 023Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Feb 054Norwegian SkyMiami$1,373$54960%
Feb 093Norwegian SkyMiami$1,123$44960%
Feb 124Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Feb 169Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$2,623$1,04960%
Feb 163Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Feb 194Norwegian SkyMiami$1,698$67960%
Feb 233Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Feb 257Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,748$69960%
Feb 264Norwegian SkyMiami$1,523$60960%
Mar 023Norwegian SkyMiami$1,073$42960%
Mar 034Norwegian EpicPort Canaveral$948$37960%
Mar 047Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,748$69960%
Mar 054Norwegian SunMiami$1,933$44977%
Mar 054Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Mar 073Norwegian EpicPort Canaveral$748$29960%
Mar 093Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Mar 104Norwegian EpicPort Canaveral$1,323$52960%
Mar 117Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,998$79960%
Mar 124Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Mar 143Norwegian EpicPort Canaveral$823$32960%
Mar 163Norwegian SkyMiami$1,248$49960%
Mar 187Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,998$79960%
Mar 194Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Mar 233Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Mar 257Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$2,373$94960%
Mar 264Norwegian SkyMiami$2,023$80960%
Mar 303Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Apr 017Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$2,498$99960%
Apr 024Norwegian SkyMiami$2,023$80960%
Apr 063Norwegian SkyMiami$1,348$53960%
Apr 077Norwegian GemNew York City$2,248$89960%
Apr 087Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$2,248$89960%
Apr 094Norwegian SkyMiami$1,873$74960%
Apr 133Norwegian SkyMiami$1,348$53960%
Apr 147Norwegian GemNew York City$2,248$89960%
Apr 164Norwegian SkyMiami$2,023$80960%
Apr 203Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Apr 217Norwegian GemNew York City$2,248$89960%
Apr 234Norwegian SkyMiami$2,023$80960%
Apr 273Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Apr 287Norwegian GemNew York City$1,748$69960%
Apr 304Norwegian SkyMiami$2,023$80960%
May 043Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
May 057Norwegian GemNew York City$1,748$69960%
May 074Norwegian SkyMiami$2,023$80960%
May 113Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
May 127Norwegian GemNew York City$1,748$69960%
May 144Norwegian SkyMiami$2,023$80960%
May 183Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
May 197Norwegian GemNew York City$1,873$74960%
May 214Norwegian SkyMiami$2,023$80960%
May 253Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
May 267Norwegian GemNew York City$1,998$79960%
May 284Norwegian SkyMiami$2,323$92960%
Jun 013Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Jun 044Norwegian SkyMiami$2,173$86960%
Jun 083Norwegian SkyMiami$1,348$53960%
Jun 097Norwegian GemNew York City$2,248$89960%
Jun 114Norwegian SkyMiami$2,173$86960%
Jun 153Norwegian SkyMiami$1,423$56960%
Jun 184Norwegian SkyMiami$2,173$86960%
Jun 223Norwegian SkyMiami$1,348$53960%
Jun 254Norwegian SkyMiami$2,173$86960%
Jun 293Norwegian SkyMiami$1,348$53960%
Jun 307Norwegian GemNew York City$2,548$1,01960%
Jul 024Norwegian SkyMiami$2,473$98960%
Jul 063Norwegian SkyMiami$1,348$53960%
Jul 077Norwegian GemNew York City$2,498$99960%
Jul 094Norwegian SkyMiami$2,323$92960%
Jul 133Norwegian SkyMiami$1,373$54960%
Jul 147Norwegian GemNew York City$2,498$99960%
Jul 164Norwegian SkyMiami$2,248$89960%
Jul 203Norwegian SkyMiami$1,348$53960%
Jul 217Norwegian GemNew York City$2,498$99960%
Jul 234Norwegian SkyMiami$2,323$92960%
Jul 273Norwegian SkyMiami$1,348$53960%
Jul 287Norwegian GemNew York City$2,498$99960%
Jul 304Norwegian SkyMiami$2,323$92960%
Aug 033Norwegian SkyMiami$1,298$51960%
Aug 047Norwegian GemNew York City$2,498$99960%
Aug 064Norwegian SkyMiami$2,023$80960%
Aug 103Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Aug 117Norwegian GemNew York City$2,498$99960%
Aug 134Norwegian SkyMiami$1,873$74960%
Aug 173Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Aug 187Norwegian GemNew York City$2,498$99960%
Aug 204Norwegian SkyMiami$2,023$80960%
Aug 243Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Aug 257Norwegian GemNew York City$2,248$89960%
Aug 274Norwegian SkyMiami$1,723$68960%
Aug 313Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Sep 017Norwegian GemNew York City$1,998$79960%
Sep 034Norwegian SkyMiami$1,873$74960%
Sep 073Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Sep 104Norwegian SkyMiami$1,723$68960%
Sep 143Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Sep 174Norwegian SkyMiami$1,873$74960%
Sep 213Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Sep 244Norwegian SkyMiami$1,873$74960%
Sep 283Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Oct 014Norwegian SkyMiami$1,873$74960%
Oct 053Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Oct 084Norwegian SkyMiami$1,873$74960%
Oct 123Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Oct 147Norwegian EscapeNew York City$1,873$74960%
Oct 154Norwegian SkyMiami$1,873$74960%
Oct 193Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Oct 217Norwegian EscapeNew York City$1,748$69960%
Oct 224Norwegian SkyMiami$1,873$74960%
Oct 263Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Oct 287Norwegian EscapeNew York City$1,748$69960%
Oct 294Norwegian SkyMiami$1,873$74960%
Nov 023Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Nov 047Norwegian EscapeNew York City$1,623$64960%
Nov 054Norwegian SkyMiami$1,873$74960%
Nov 093Norwegian SkyMiami$1,198$47960%
Nov 117Norwegian EscapeNew York City$1,623$64960%
Nov 124Norwegian SkyMiami$1,873$74960%
Nov 163Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Nov 177Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,873$74960%
Nov 187Norwegian EscapeNew York City$1,873$74960%
Nov 194Norwegian SkyMiami$1,873$74960%
Nov 233Norwegian SkyMiami$1,123$44960%
Nov 247Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,623$64960%
Nov 264Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Nov 303Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Dec 017Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,623$64960%
Dec 034Norwegian SkyMiami$1,373$54960%
Dec 073Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Dec 087Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,623$64960%
Dec 104Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Dec 143Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Dec 157Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,748$69960%
Dec 174Norwegian SkyMiami$1,623$64960%
Dec 217Norwegian EscapeNew York City$3,248$1,29960%
Dec 213Norwegian SkyMiami$1,248$49960%
Dec 244Norwegian SkyMiami$2,248$89960%
Dec 289Norwegian EscapeNew York City$3,498$1,39960%
Dec 283Norwegian SkyMiami$1,248$49960%
Dec 314Norwegian SkyMiami$2,373$94960%

2019 Norwegian Cruises to the Bahamas

Jan 043Norwegian SkyMiami$1,123$44960%
Jan 074Norwegian SkyMiami$1,498$59960%
Jan 113Norwegian SkyMiami$998$39960%
Jan 127Norwegian BreakawayNew York City$1,623$64960%
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