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2017 Celebrity Cruises to the Caribbean

Oct 2710Celebrity EquinoxMiami$1,099$1,0495%
Oct 287Celebrity SummitSan Juan$524$34934%
Nov 0314Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,969$1,52923%
Nov 047Celebrity SummitSan Juan$774$39949%
Nov 117Celebrity SummitSan Juan$424$34918%
Nov 1214Celebrity EclipseMiami$1,179$97917%
Nov 169Celebrity EquinoxMiami$694$46933%
Nov 1710Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$549$49910%
Nov 187Celebrity SummitSan Juan$819$54933%
Nov 197Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$624$39937%
Nov 257Celebrity SummitSan Juan$499$34931%
Nov 2614Celebrity EclipseMiami$1,074$79926%
Nov 2711Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$969$9196%
Dec 027Celebrity EquinoxMiami$624$44929%
Dec 0210Celebrity SummitSan Juan$549$44919%
Dec 0810Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$724$64911%
Dec 097Celebrity EquinoxMiami$574$44922%
Dec 1011Celebrity EclipseMiami$874$64926%
Dec 1211Celebrity SummitSan Juan$799$59926%
Dec 167Celebrity EquinoxMiami$574$39931%
Dec 177Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$574$39931%
Dec 184Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$299$19934%
Dec 2112Celebrity EclipseMiami$1,274$1,1996%
Dec 2211Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,819$1,6699%
Dec 237Celebrity SummitSan Juan$724$49932%
Dec 237Celebrity EquinoxMiami$924$74919%
Dec 247Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$999$79921%
Dec 307Celebrity SummitSan Juan$749$59921%
Dec 307Celebrity EquinoxMiami$999$79921%
Dec 317Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$874$69921%

2018 Celebrity Cruises to the Caribbean

Jan 026Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$699$6498%
Jan 067Celebrity SummitSan Juan$599$49917%
Jan 064Celebrity EquinoxMiami$399$29926%
Jan 0714Celebrity EclipseMiami$1,299$1,1998%
Jan 077Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$799$64919%
Jan 137Celebrity SummitSan Juan$649$54916%
Jan 1412Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,299$1,1998%
Jan 1910Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$999$89911%
Jan 207Celebrity SummitSan Juan$729$57921%
Jan 207Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$69913%
Jan 2114Celebrity EclipseMiami$1,199$1,0999%
Jan 269Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,699$1,6742%
Jan 277Celebrity EquinoxMiami$849$74912%
Jan 2911Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,199$1,1495%
Feb 037Celebrity EquinoxMiami$759$60920%
Feb 0414Celebrity EclipseMiami$1,749$1,5999%
Feb 047Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$799$64919%
Feb 0910Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,399$1,3494%
Feb 107Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$64919%
Feb 117Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$799$64919%
Feb 177Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$59926%
Feb 177Celebrity SummitFt. Lauderdale$649$54916%
Feb 187Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$849$69918%
Feb 1814Celebrity EclipseMiami$1,499$1,29914%
Feb 1911Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,249$1,1995%
Feb 247Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$59921%
Feb 257Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$769$61920%
Mar 0210Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$999$9496%
Mar 037Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$59921%
Mar 047Celebrity SilhouetteMiami$849$69918%
Mar 0414Celebrity EclipseMiami$1,199$1,04913%
Mar 107Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$64919%
Mar 117Celebrity SilhouetteMiami$849$69918%
Mar 1211Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,049$9995%
Mar 177Celebrity EquinoxMiami$849$74912%
Mar 187Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$799$64919%
Mar 1814Celebrity EclipseMiami$1,249$1,09913%
Mar 2310Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$999$9496%
Mar 247Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$64919%
Mar 257Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$799$64919%
Mar 317Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$64919%
Apr 017Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$849$74912%
Apr 0114Celebrity EclipseMiami$1,399$1,24911%
Apr 0211Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$999$9496%
Apr 078Celebrity EquinoxMiami$949$9243%
Apr 087Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$749$59921%
Apr 147Celebrity SummitSan Juan$799$61923%
Apr 158Celebrity EquinoxMiami$849$69918%
Apr 218Celebrity SummitSan Juan$629$52916%
Apr 2311Celebrity EquinoxMiami$1,349$1,3242%
May 0410Celebrity EquinoxMiami$999$9743%
May 1411Celebrity EquinoxMiami$1,049$1,0243%
May 258Celebrity EquinoxMiami$949$8996%
Jun 027Celebrity EquinoxMiami$899$8743%
Jun 097Celebrity EquinoxMiami$899$8743%
Jun 167Celebrity EquinoxMiami$949$9243%
Jun 237Celebrity EquinoxMiami$949$9243%
Jun 307Celebrity EquinoxMiami$999$9743%
Jul 077Celebrity EquinoxMiami$999$9743%
Jul 147Celebrity EquinoxMiami$999$9743%
Jul 287Celebrity EquinoxMiami$999$9743%
Aug 047Celebrity EquinoxMiami$999$9743%
Aug 117Celebrity EquinoxMiami$949$9243%
Aug 187Celebrity EquinoxMiami$949$9243%
Aug 259Celebrity EquinoxMiami$999$9743%
Sep 0311Celebrity EquinoxMiami$1,049$1,0243%
Sep 1410Celebrity EquinoxMiami$1,049$1,0243%
Sep 2411Celebrity EquinoxMiami$1,049$1,0243%
Oct 0510Celebrity EquinoxMiami$999$9743%
Oct 158Celebrity EquinoxMiami$849$8243%
Oct 216Celebrity SummitCape Liberty$499$4746%
Oct 2610Celebrity EquinoxMiami$999$9743%
Oct 277Celebrity SummitSan Juan$699$6744%
Nov 037Celebrity SummitSan Juan$599$5745%
Nov 0511Celebrity EquinoxMiami$1,049$1,0243%
Nov 0511Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,249$1,2243%
Nov 105Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$429$4046%
Nov 107Celebrity SummitSan Juan$649$6244%
Nov 1610Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,299$1,2742%
Nov 168Celebrity EquinoxMiami$899$8743%
Nov 177Celebrity SummitSan Juan$599$5745%
Nov 1812Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,499$1,4742%
Nov 195Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$399$3747%
Nov 247Celebrity SummitSan Juan$599$5745%
Nov 247Celebrity EquinoxMiami$699$6744%
Nov 245Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$429$4046%
Nov 2611Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,299$1,2742%
Nov 309Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$949$9243%
Dec 017Celebrity EquinoxMiami$699$6744%
Dec 035Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$399$3747%
Dec 0714Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,549$1,5242%
Dec 087Celebrity SummitSan Juan$1,498$59960%
Dec 087Celebrity EquinoxMiami$699$6744%
Dec 085Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$429$4046%
Dec 0912Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,399$1,3742%
Dec 157Celebrity EquinoxMiami$699$6744%
Dec 157Celebrity SummitSan Juan$1,498$59960%
Dec 167Ft. Lauderdale$2,149$2,0993%
Dec 175Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$399$3747%
Dec 2112Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$2,199$2,1742%
Dec 217Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,299$1,2742%
Dec 225Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$799$7744%
Dec 227Celebrity SummitSan Juan$1,049$1,0243%
Dec 227Celebrity EquinoxMiami$1,249$1,2243%
Dec 237Ft. Lauderdale$1,979$1,9542%
Dec 287Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,299$1,2742%
Dec 297Celebrity EquinoxMiami$1,399$1,3742%
Dec 297Celebrity SummitSan Juan$1,099$1,0743%
Dec 307Ft. Lauderdale$1,599$1,5742%
Dec 315Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$799$7744%

2019 Celebrity Cruises to the Caribbean

Jan 029Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$949$9243%
Jan 0414Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,599$1,5742%
Jan 057Celebrity EquinoxMiami$699$6744%
Jan 0512Celebrity SummitSan Juan$1,399$1,3742%
Jan 055Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$429$4046%
Jan 067Ft. Lauderdale$1,049$1,0243%
Jan 127Celebrity EquinoxMiami$699$6744%
Jan 137Ft. Lauderdale$1,099$1,0743%
Jan 145Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$399$3747%
Jan 1712Celebrity SummitSan Juan$1,399$1,3742%
Jan 1810Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,299$1,2742%
Jan 197Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$7244%
Jan 2012Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,399$1,3742%
Jan 207Ft. Lauderdale$999$9743%
Jan 267Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$7244%
Jan 277Ft. Lauderdale$999$9743%
Jan 2811Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,349$1,3242%
Feb 019Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$999$9743%
Feb 027Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$7244%
Feb 037Ft. Lauderdale$1,049$1,0243%
Feb 0810Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,299$1,2742%
Feb 097Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$7244%
Feb 1012Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,449$1,4242%
Feb 107Ft. Lauderdale$1,049$1,0243%
Feb 167Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$7244%
Feb 167Celebrity SummitSan Juan$679$6544%
Feb 177Ft. Lauderdale$1,049$1,0243%
Feb 1811Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,399$1,3742%
Feb 229Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$999$9743%
Feb 237Celebrity SummitSan Juan$679$6544%
Feb 237Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$7244%
Feb 247Ft. Lauderdale$999$9743%
Mar 0110Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,599$1,5742%
Mar 027Celebrity SummitSan Juan$699$6744%
Mar 027Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$7744%
Mar 037Ft. Lauderdale$1,049$1,0243%
Mar 0312Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,499$1,4742%
Mar 097Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$7744%
Mar 097Celebrity SummitSan Juan$729$7044%
Mar 107Ft. Lauderdale$1,049$1,0243%
Mar 1111Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,349$1,3242%
Mar 159Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,099$1,0743%
Mar 165Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$499$4746%
Mar 167Celebrity SummitSan Juan$729$7044%
Mar 167Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$7744%
Mar 2210Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,299$1,2742%
Mar 237Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$7744%
Mar 237Celebrity SummitSan Juan$699$6744%
Mar 247Ft. Lauderdale$999$9743%
Mar 2412Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,499$1,4742%
Mar 307Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$7744%
Mar 307Celebrity SummitSan Juan$729$7044%
Mar 317Ft. Lauderdale$1,099$1,0743%
Apr 0111Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,349$1,3242%
Apr 059Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,099$1,0743%
Apr 067Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$7744%
Apr 067Celebrity SummitSan Juan$729$7044%
Apr 077Ft. Lauderdale$1,049$1,0243%
Apr 1210Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,299$1,2742%
Apr 137Celebrity SummitSan Juan$749$7244%
Apr 135Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$499$4746%
Apr 137Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$7744%
Apr 147Ft. Lauderdale$1,099$1,0743%
Apr 207Celebrity SummitSan Juan$749$7244%
Apr 207Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$7244%
Apr 217Ft. Lauderdale$999$9743%
Apr 277Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$7244%
Sep 3011Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,748$1,89960%
Oct 2111Civitavecchia (Rome)$4,498$1,79960%

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