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Silversea Cruises - Bonus Savings Days

Silversea Cruises - Bonus Savings Days

Experience savings like never before with Silversea’s Bonus Savings Days. This exclusive offer gives up to $500 savings per suite when you book and pay in full by 28 February, 2019. PLUS combine these savings with limited time promotions. There’s no time to wait, take advantage of your opportunity to explore the authentic beauty of the world.

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2019 Silversea Cruises

Jan 267Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$8,800$
Jan 2610Silver CloudUshuaia$16,500$
Jan 2810Silver WindFt. Lauderdale$5,500$
Jan 2910Silver SpiritFt. Lauderdale$4,600$
Feb 017Silver ShadowHong Kong$5,000$
Feb 0215Silver MuseSydney$11,000$
Feb 027Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$10,800$
Feb 0214Silver WhisperSydney$8,900$
Feb 0318Silver ExplorerUshuaia$26,100$
Feb 0510Silver CloudUshuaia$16,500$
Feb 077Silver WindFt. Lauderdale$3,800$
Feb 087Silver SpiritSan Juan$3,500$
Feb 0814Silver ShadowHong Kong$8,300$
Feb 097Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$11,000$
Feb 147Silver WindSan Juan$3,900$
Feb 157Silver SpiritSan Juan$3,500$
Feb 1510Silver CloudUshuaia$16,500$
Feb 1614Silver WhisperBali / Benoa$9,000$
Feb 1719Silver MuseAuckland$8,700$
Feb 1914Silver Discoverer$9,500$
Feb 2114Silver ExplorerUshuaia$11,400$
Feb 2110Silver WindFt. Lauderdale$4,200$
Feb 2214Silver ShadowSingapore$8,300$
Feb 2210Silver SpiritSan Juan$4,700$
Feb 237Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$9,700$
Feb 2510Silver CloudUshuaia$16,500$
Mar 0216Silver WhisperTokyo$11,400$
Mar 027Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$10,800$
Mar 037Silver WindSan Juan$3,700$
Mar 0411Silver SpiritFt. Lauderdale$4,500$
Mar 0515Silver DiscovererYangon / Rangoon$10,200$
Mar 0721Silver CloudUshuaia$14,700$
Mar 0813Silver MuseBali / Benoa$6,100$
Mar 0813Silver ShadowHong Kong$7,500$
Mar 097Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$10,000$
Mar 107Silver WindBarbados / Bridgetown$3,200$
Mar 157Silver SpiritSan Juan$3,200$
Mar 167Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$10,700$
Mar 1614Silver ExplorerEaster Island$14,800$
Mar 1816Silver WhisperSingapore$11,400$
Mar 2016Silver DiscovererBali / Benoa$12,900$
Mar 2112Silver ShadowSingapore$5,500$
Mar 2113Silver MuseSingapore$8,500$
Mar 2211Silver SpiritBarbados / Bridgetown$4,800$
Mar 237Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$11,500$
Mar 247Silver WindSan Juan$3,700$
Mar 2818Silver CloudCape Town$16,700$
Mar 307Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$10,000$
Mar 3013Silver ExplorerPapeete$12,500$
Mar 3110Silver WindSan Juan$4,800$
Apr 0213Silver SpiritFt. Lauderdale$6,000$
Apr 0215Silver ShadowSingapore$9,200$
Apr 0313Silver MuseHong Kong$9,600$
Apr 0314Silver WhisperMombasa$10,200$
Apr 0510Silver DiscovererDarwin$7,500$
Apr 067Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$10,900$
Apr 109Silver WindFt. Lauderdale$4,200$
Apr 1316Silver ExplorerLautoka$13,600$
Apr 137Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$10,900$
Apr 1516Silver Cloud$14,900$
Apr 1510Silver DiscovererBroome$7,600$
Apr 1510Silver SpiritLisbon$6,600$
Apr 1613Silver MuseTokyo$11,300$
Apr 1724Silver WhisperCape Town$13,700$
Apr 179Silver ShadowMumbai (Bombay)$5,100$
Apr 1911Silver WindFt. Lauderdale$5,400$
Apr 207Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$10,600$
Apr 2510Silver DiscovererDarwin$7,900$
Apr 257Silver SpiritBarcelona$5,000$
Apr 2615Silver ShadowDubai$6,500$
Apr 277Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$11,300$
Apr 2913Silver MuseTokyo$11,100$
Apr 2913Silver ExplorerApra$8,700$
Apr 3016Silver WindFt. Lauderdale$6,800$
May 0112Silver CloudLisbon$11,200$
May 047Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$10,900$
May 0510Silver DiscovererBroome$7,700$
May 099Silver SpiritMonte Carlo$5,100$
May 1111Silver Shadow$12,000$
May 118Silver WhisperLisbon$6,100$
May 117Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$13,300$
May 1216Silver MuseTokyo$7,900$
May 129Silver ExplorerKobe$9,300$
May 1310Silver CloudAmsterdam$8,500$
May 1510Silver DiscovererDarwin$7,700$
May 1614Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge)$12,000$
May 187Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$12,100$
May 1914Silver WhisperLondon (Greenwich)$7,700$
May 2111Silver ExplorerBusan$6,500$
May 225Silver ShadowNice$7,400$
May 2312Silver CloudDublin$13,700$
May 2510Silver DiscovererBroome$7,700$
May 257Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$10,600$
May 2710Silver Muse$7,800$
May 3010Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge)$7,300$
May 3011Silver ShadowBarcelona$8,100$
Jun 0111Silver SpiritBarcelona$5,500$
Jun 0113Silver ExplorerKobe$7,500$
Jun 017Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$10,100$
Jun 0410Silver DiscovererDarwin$9,300$
Jun 0414Silver CloudLondon (Tower Bridge)$11,300$
Jun 0611Silver MuseVancouver$6,700$
Jun 087Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$9,700$
Jun 0913Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge)$8,600$
Jun 0910Silver WhisperCivitavecchia (Rome)$12,100$
Jun 107Silver ShadowBarcelona$6,700$
Jun 1215Silver SpiritTilbury (London)$8,800$
Jun 1418Silver ExplorerOtaru$17,200$
Jun 1410Silver DiscovererBroome$9,600$
Jun 157Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$9,800$
Jun 1710Silver MuseVancouver$6,500$
Jun 1711Silver ShadowMonte Carlo$9,000$
Jun 1814Silver CloudReykjavík$13,400$
Jun 2214Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge)$8,700$
Jun 227Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$11,200$
Jun 2415Silver DiscovererDarwin$11,800$
Jun 2611Silver WhisperVenice$8,900$
Jun 277Silver SpiritCopenhagen$5,400$
Jun 277Silver MuseVancouver$6,000$
Jun 289Silver ShadowVenice$10,700$
Jun 297Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$9,400$
Jul 0111Silver Explorer$8,730$
Jul 0210Silver Cloud$10,710$
Jul 047Silver SpiritStockholm$4,770$
Jul 047Silver Muse$5,670$
Jul 067Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$7,920$
Jul 077Silver WhisperMonte Carlo$4,950$
Jul 0710Silver Shadow$7,110$
Jul 0912Silver DiscovererBali / Benoa$9,720$
Jul 117Silver SpiritCopenhagen$4,680$
Jul 1213Silver ExplorerVancouver$10,620$
Jul 1210Silver Cloud$10,800$
Jul 137Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$9,090$
Jul 137Silver WindAmsterdam$4,950$
Jul 1710Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome)$6,750$
Jul 187Silver SpiritStockholm$4,680$
Jul 1812Silver WhisperBarcelona$8,910$
Jul 187Silver Muse$5,670$
Jul 2011Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge)$7,470$
Jul 207Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$7,740$
Jul 2214Silver Cloud$11,700$
Jul 257Silver MuseVancouver$5,670$
Jul 2510Silver SpiritCopenhagen$7,470$
Jul 2516Silver Explorer$12,060$
Jul 277Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$7,470$
Jul 277Silver ShadowBarcelona$4,770$
Jul 307Silver Whisper$7,200$
Jul 3111Silver WindReykjavík$8,100$
Aug 017Silver Muse$4,860$
Aug 037Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome)$4,590$
Aug 047Silver SpiritCopenhagen$5,580$
Aug 059Silver CloudReykjavík$10,440$
Aug 067Silver WhisperVenice$5,580$
Aug 087Silver MuseVancouver$4,860$
Aug 1025Silver ExplorerNome$37,620$
Aug 109Silver ShadowBarcelona$5,130$
Aug 107Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$8,640$
Aug 1113Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge)$8,010$
Aug 1110Silver SpiritStockholm$6,120$
Aug 1412Silver CloudReykjavík$12,510$
Aug 157Silver Muse$4,680$
Aug 177Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$7,650$
Aug 1911Silver ShadowLisbon$5,760$
Aug 207Silver WhisperCivitavecchia (Rome)$4,500$
Aug 217Silver SpiritCopenhagen$5,130$
Aug 227Silver MuseVancouver$4,680$
Aug 247Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$6,660$
Aug 2412Silver WindLondon (Tower Bridge)$7,920$
Aug 2616Silver CloudKangerlussuaq$19,170$
Aug 277Silver WhisperCivitavecchia (Rome)$4,590$
Aug 2811Silver SpiritStockholm$6,030$
Aug 297Silver Muse$4,590$
Aug 307Silver ShadowMonte Carlo$4,320$
Aug 317Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$6,660$
Sep 037Silver WhisperMonte Carlo$4,590$
Sep 0515Silver Explorer$16,380$
Sep 0512Silver WindReykjavík$6,030$
Sep 057Silver MuseVancouver$4,500$
Sep 067Silver ShadowBarcelona$4,500$
Sep 077Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$6,030$
Sep 0814Silver SpiritLondon (Greenwich)$7,200$
Sep 107Silver WhisperBarcelona$5,490$
Sep 1114Silver CloudKangerlussuaq$13,410$
Sep 1214Silver Muse$4,860$
Sep 139Silver ShadowMonte Carlo$7,290$
Sep 147Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$6,030$
Sep 1711Silver WindMontréal$7,020$
Sep 179Silver WhisperLisbon$5,400$
Sep 2015Silver ExplorerReykjavík$14,490$
Sep 227Silver SpiritBarcelona$4,950$
Sep 2211Silver ShadowVenice$9,090$
Sep 2516Silver CloudQuébec City$7,380$
Sep 2615Silver WhisperLondon (Greenwich)$5,850$
Sep 2714Silver MuseTokyo$7,650$
Sep 2810Silver Wind$6,300$
Sep 287Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$8,280$
Sep 299Silver SpiritCivitavecchia (Rome)$5,670$
Oct 037Silver ShadowCivitavecchia (Rome)$5,400$
Oct 057Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$8,550$
Oct 0810Silver SpiritMonte Carlo$5,760$
Oct 0811Silver WindMontréal$6,930$
Oct 107Silver ShadowVenice$5,040$
Oct 1111Silver Whisper$5,400$
Oct 1119Silver CloudFt. Lauderdale$10,710$
Oct 1110Silver MuseTokyo$6,930$
Oct 1217Silver ExplorerFt. Lauderdale$8,460$
Oct 187Silver SpiritVenice$7,020$
Oct 1910Silver Wind$5,670$
Oct 197Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$8,640$
Oct 2114Silver MuseTokyo$7,290$
Oct 2211Silver Shadow$7,650$
Oct 2210Silver WhisperMontréal$5,310$
Oct 2516Silver Spirit$6,210$
Oct 267Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$8,100$
Oct 2911Silver ExplorerPuntarenas$5,760$
Oct 2912Silver WindMontréal$6,480$
Oct 3025Silver Cloud$14,310$
Nov 0110Silver Whisper$3,600$
Nov 027Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$7,560$
Nov 0414Silver MuseHong Kong$6,210$
Nov 0914Silver ExplorerGuayaquil$7,110$
Nov 109Silver SpiritDubai$3,510$
Nov 1011Silver WindCharleston$4,230$
Nov 1111Silver WhisperSan Juan$4,140$
Nov 167Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$9,720$
Nov 1818Silver MuseSingapore$7,740$
Nov 1918Silver SpiritMumbai (Bombay)$6,300$
Nov 2110Silver WindBarbados / Bridgetown$4,140$
Nov 2112Silver ShadowLisbon$3,690$
Nov 2214Silver WhisperFt. Lauderdale$5,940$
Nov 237Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$7,200$
Nov 2312Silver ExplorerValparaíso$6,390$
Nov 2416Silver CloudBuenos Aires$14,400$
Nov 307Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$7,110$
Dec 017Silver WindSan Juan$2,970$
Dec 037Silver ShadowFt. Lauderdale$2,970$
Dec 0512Silver ExplorerUshuaia$12,240$
Dec 0614Silver MuseSydney$7,560$
Dec 0614Silver WhisperFt. Lauderdale$5,490$
Dec 077Silver GalapagosSan Cristobal$7,020$
Dec 0714Silver SpiritSingapore$5,400$
Dec 089Silver WindSan Juan$3,780$
Dec 109Silver ShadowSan Juan$3,780$
Dec 1010Silver CloudUshuaia$12,060$
Dec 147Silver GalapagosBaltra, Galapagos$6,660$
Dec 1718Silver ExplorerUshuaia$20,970$
Dec 1710Silver WindFt. Lauderdale$5,220$
Dec 199Silver ShadowFt. Lauderdale$4,590$
Dec 2017Silver WhisperFt. Lauderdale$7,920$
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Terms and Conditions

Bonus Savings Days valid on new, individual bookings made between 4 January, 2019 and 28 February, 2019. Guest benefits from an extra savings per person, valid on all categories, on all cruises sailing between 4 January, 2019 and 31 March, 2020 plus a selection of cruises sailing beyond 31 March, 2020. Guest is eligible for up to $250 savings per guest with a maximum of $500 savings per suite. Savings amount varies by voyage. Savings applied to cruise fare at checkout. Cancel and re-books do not qualify. Single supplements will apply and vary by voyage. Other restrictions may apply. Ships’ registry: Bahamas and Ecuador.

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