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Seabourn Cruises - Set Sail 2018 Event

Seabourn Cruises - Set Sail 2018 Event

Book by November 13, 2018 to take advantage of our Set Sail Event. Special offers may include:

Complimentary Three Veranda Suite Category Upgrade*
- Complimentary 300-minute Internet Package per person*
- Up to $750USD Air Credit per person *
- Up to $500USD per Suite Shipboard Credit*
- 50% Reduced Deposit *
- Up to 15% Combination Cruise Savings on select voyages *

Book Penthouse and Premium Suites and receive:

- Complimentary Unlimited Internet Package per Suite *
- Up to $1,500USD per person Air Credit*
- $1,000USD per Suite Shipboard Credit*

* On select voyages.

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77 Results Found

2018 Seabourn Cruises

Nov 267Seabourn EncoreSingapore$6,748$2,69960%
Dec 017Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$5,748$2,29960%
Dec 0318Seabourn EncoreBali / Benoa$9,998$3,99960%
Dec 0418Seabourn OvationDubai$12,498$4,99960%
Dec 1116Seabourn SojournSydney$13,748$5,49960%
Dec 1136Seabourn SojournSydney$26,248$10,49960%
Dec 2116Seabourn EncoreSydney$17,998$7,19960%
Dec 2214Seabourn OvationSingapore$22,498$8,99960%

2019 Seabourn Cruises

Jan 057Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$6,248$2,49960%
Jan 0514Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$12,498$4,99960%
Jan 0514Seabourn OvationHong Kong$14,998$5,99960%
Jan 0616Seabourn EncoreAuckland$14,498$5,79960%
Jan 127Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$7,498$2,99960%
Jan 1214Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$14,998$5,99960%
Jan 1614Seabourn SojournSingapore$18,748$7,49960%
Jan 1914Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$14,998$5,99960%
Jan 197Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$7,498$2,99960%
Jan 1914Seabourn OvationSingapore$14,998$5,99960%
Jan 1928Seabourn OvationSingapore$31,248$12,49960%
Jan 2216Seabourn EncoreAuckland$14,998$5,99960%
Jan 2614Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$14,998$5,99960%
Jan 267Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$7,498$2,99960%
Feb 0214Seabourn OvationHong Kong$21,248$8,49960%
Feb 0228Seabourn OvationHong Kong$33,998$13,59960%
Feb 027Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$7,498$2,99960%
Feb 0214Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$14,998$5,99960%
Feb 0321Seabourn QuestBuenos Aires$29,998$11,99960%
Feb 0732Seabourn EncoreSydney$26,248$10,49960%
Feb 0716Seabourn EncoreSydney$14,248$5,69960%
Feb 0914Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$14,248$5,69960%
Feb 097Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$7,498$2,99960%
Feb 1614Seabourn OvationSingapore$15,748$6,29960%
Feb 1614Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$14,248$5,69960%
Feb 167Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$7,498$2,99960%
Feb 2112Seabourn SojournCape Town$12,498$4,99960%
Feb 2332Seabourn EncoreAuckland$26,248$10,49960%
Feb 2314Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$14,248$5,69960%
Feb 2316Seabourn EncoreAuckland$14,998$5,99960%
Feb 237Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$7,498$2,99960%
Feb 2421Seabourn QuestSan Antonio$27,498$10,99960%
Mar 027Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$7,498$2,99960%
Mar 0214Seabourn OvationHong Kong$16,248$6,49960%
Mar 0214Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$14,998$5,99960%
Mar 0236Seabourn OvationHong Kong$33,748$13,49960%
Mar 0520Seabourn SojournCape Town$17,498$6,99960%
Mar 0536Seabourn SojournCape Town$29,998$11,99960%
Mar 0572Seabourn SojournCape Town$78,748$31,49960%
Mar 0554Seabourn SojournCape Town$42,498$16,99960%
Mar 0914Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$13,248$5,29960%
Mar 097Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$7,498$2,99960%
Mar 1116Seabourn EncoreAuckland$14,248$5,69960%
Mar 167Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$6,248$2,49960%
Mar 1614Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$11,248$4,49960%
Mar 1622Seabourn OvationSingapore$19,998$7,99960%
Mar 1642Seabourn OvationSingapore$32,498$12,99960%
Mar 1747Seabourn QuestBuenos Aires$32,498$12,99960%
Mar 1721Seabourn QuestBuenos Aires$12,498$4,99960%
Mar 2314Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$13,748$5,49960%
Mar 237Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$7,498$2,99960%
Mar 2325Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$19,998$7,99960%
Mar 2516Seabourn SojournMale$14,998$5,99960%
Mar 2716Seabourn EncoreSydney$12,498$4,99960%
Mar 2726Seabourn EncoreSydney$20,748$8,29960%
Mar 3018Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$13,748$5,49960%
Mar 307Seabourn OdysseyPhilipsburg / St. Maarteen$7,498$2,99960%
Apr 0611Seabourn OdysseyBarbados / Bridgetown$7,498$2,99960%
Apr 0720Seabourn OvationDubai$18,748$7,49960%
Apr 1036Seabourn SojournSingapore$42,498$16,99960%
Apr 1018Seabourn SojournSingapore$14,998$5,99960%
Apr 1210Seabourn EncoreBali / Benoa$9,998$3,99960%
Apr 1226Seabourn EncoreBali / Benoa$19,998$7,99960%
Apr 2234Seabourn EncoreSingapore$23,748$9,49960%
Apr 2216Seabourn EncoreSingapore$12,498$4,99960%
Apr 2841Seabourn SojournShanghai$37,248$14,89960%
Apr 2818Seabourn SojournShanghai$27,498$10,99960%
May 0818Seabourn EncoreDubai$14,248$5,69960%
May 1623Seabourn SojournKobe$14,998$5,99960%

    Terms and Conditions

    *Fares and Set Sail Event offers are based on Promo(s) NN/NH/RH/RU. Featured fares are per person based on double occupancy, inclusive of all discounts, cruise only and expire on November 13th, 2018. Fares are in US dollars. Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses are additional on all fares and range from $453 to $1,959. Offers are per stateroom based on double occupancy, for 1st and 2nd guests sharing a stateroom and excludes 3rd/4th guests, except as provided herein. Offers are available for new bookings only, are not combinable with any other discounts and are not transferable or refundable. Offers are applicable on select 2018-2020 sailings . Subject to availability. Veranda Upgrade Offers: Set Sail Complimentary veranda for ocean-view and complimentary three veranda suite category upgrade offers are subject to availability at time of booking. Upgrade will be reflected in fare paid for selected suite category. Combination Cruise Offer: Set Sail Combination Cruise Savings offer of up to 15% off apply when combining consecutive cruises on the same ship and are subject to availability. Wi-Fi Offer: Set Sail Complimentary Wi-Fi package offer is available on new bookings only: Includes 300 minutes of internet access per guest for 1st & 2nd guest booking in Ocean View and Veranda categories or (1) unlimited internet access package per suite in PH, PS, OW, SS, WG & GR categories. Wi-Fi service is not guaranteed. Seabourn is not responsible if Wi-Fi service is unavailable. No credit or other compensation will be provided should Wi-Fi service not be available. Reduced Deposit: Set Sail 50% reduced deposit offer is valid for new bookings only. Bookings made on voyages requiring immediate final payment are not eligible for a reduced deposit. Shipboard Credit Offers: Set Sail shipboard credit offer is offered in the following amounts: Canada, Panama Canal and Pacific Coast cruises receive $200USD per suite ($100USD/person); Antarctica, Caribbean, & Asia cruises receive $300USD per suite ($150USD/person); South America, Arabia/Africa, and Australia/New Zealand cruises receive $500USD per suite ($250USD/person); Europe & Alaska cruises receive up to $500USD per suite ($250USD/person). Set Sail Premium Suite Shipboard credit offer of $1,000USD per suite ($500USD/person) is available only for guests booked in PH, PS, OW, SS, WG and GR suite categories. All shipboard credit offers are in U.S. dollars and are non-refundable, non-transferable, not for cash value, expires at the end of the cruise, may not be used in the casino and are not combinable with any other shipboard credit offers. Air Offer: Set Sail air credit offer is available on new bookings only made between August 27th, 2018 and November 13th, 2018, for flights booked by December 13th, 2018 based on promo RX/JX. All Air credit offers are: (1) valid for guests booking/purchasing the applicable Air Package for travel via Seabourn’s Flight Ease program, (2) applicable to first and second full-fare guests per suite only, (3) seats are limited and may not be available on every flight and (4) include one complimentary checked bag, additional fees for baggage and other charges may be directly assessed by airlines or airports; please refer to the applicable airline website for further information. All Offers are capacity controlled, available on select 2018-2020 voyages and may be modified or withdrawn without prior notice. Other restrictions may apply. Set Sail offers end November 13, 2018. Seabourn reserves the right to correct errors. Ships' registry: Bahamas. ©2018 Seabourn.

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