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Celebrity Cruises - Summer and Beyond Sale

Celebrity Cruises - Summer and Beyond Sale

There’s no better time to plan a summer getaway with your family, to some of the most incredible destinations in the world, including the Europe, Alaska, Bermuda and the Caribbean. For a limited time, first and second guests in your stateroom choose two free perks, like unlimited drinks and Wi-Fi. WANT IT ALL AND MORE?

Book Suite Class accommodations, first and second guest receive FOUR perks.
• Premium Beverage Packages • Unlimited Wi-Fi • Prepaid Tips • $150 to spend on board
Plus, Family and Friends in your suite get 50% off their cruise fares.

Other Stateroom Categories Receive:
Family and Friends in your stateroom save 50% off their cruise fares.
First and Second Guests choose 2 free perks:
Classic Beverage Package • Unlimited Wi-Fi • Prepaid Tips • $150 to spend on board
Book your vacation by May 2 and get this incredible offer applied to almost any sailing departing June 1, 2018 through April 30, 2019.
Book now to reserve the best stateroom available.

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147 Results Found

2018 Celebrity Cruises

Nov 154Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$299$19934%
Nov 1610Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,049$1,0243%
Nov 168Celebrity EquinoxMiami$679$60911%
Nov 177Celebrity SummitSan Juan$529$47910%
Nov 1812Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,049$84920%
Nov 195Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$369$3399%
Nov 2012Celebrity SolsticeAuckland$5,779$5,3997%
Nov 247Celebrity SummitSan Juan$719$41942%
Nov 247Celebrity EquinoxMiami$649$55914%
Nov 2414Celebrity MillenniumHong Kong$2,249$1,79921%
Nov 245Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$274$21921%
Nov 2611Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$859$8343%
Nov 294Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$349$16952%
Nov 309Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,299$97925%
Dec 017Celebrity SummitSan Juan$479$42911%
Dec 017Celebrity EquinoxMiami$599$50916%
Dec 0211Celebrity SolsticeSydney$1,599$1,13929%
Dec 035Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$259$21916%
Dec 0714Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,099$1,0099%
Dec 085Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$279$23915%
Dec 087Celebrity SummitSan Juan$549$42922%
Dec 0814Celebrity ConstellationAbu Dhabi$1,199$89926%
Dec 0814Celebrity MillenniumSingapore$1,099$94914%
Dec 0912Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$899$8298%
Dec 097Ft. Lauderdale$1,099$1,0743%
Dec 0914Celebrity EclipseBuenos Aires$1,499$99934%
Dec 1310Celebrity SolsticeAuckland$1,199$86928%
Dec 134Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$259$21916%
Dec 157Celebrity SummitSan Juan$489$39919%
Dec 157Celebrity EquinoxMiami$599$48919%
Dec 167Ft. Lauderdale$1,049$1,0243%
Dec 175Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$359$30914%
Dec 217Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$974$8998%
Dec 2112Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,574$1,39912%
Dec 2214Celebrity MillenniumHong Kong$1,124$1,0497%
Dec 2214Celebrity ConstellationAbu Dhabi$1,219$1,09910%
Dec 225Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$649$6244%
Dec 227Celebrity SummitSan Juan$849$72915%
Dec 227Celebrity EquinoxMiami$1,449$89938%
Dec 237Ft. Lauderdale$1,749$1,7242%
Dec 2312Celebrity SolsticeSydney$2,299$1,79922%
Dec 274Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$619$5945%
Dec 287Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,124$94916%
Dec 297Celebrity SummitSan Juan$1,299$92929%
Dec 297Celebrity EquinoxMiami$949$8798%
Dec 307Ft. Lauderdale$1,799$1,7742%
Dec 315Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$719$6944%

2019 Celebrity Cruises

Jan 029Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,024$84918%
Jan 0413Celebrity SolsticeSydney$2,099$1,55926%
Jan 0414Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,299$1,17910%
Jan 055Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$359$31912%
Jan 057Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$7299%
Jan 0512Celebrity SummitSan Juan$699$56919%
Jan 0515Celebrity ConstellationAbu Dhabi$1,819$1,7942%
Jan 0614Celebrity Eclipse$2,224$1,74922%
Jan 067Ft. Lauderdale$1,599$1,5742%
Jan 127Celebrity EquinoxMiami$649$55914%
Jan 137Ft. Lauderdale$1,599$1,5742%
Jan 145Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$499$4697%
Jan 1714Celebrity SolsticeAuckland$1,449$1,3994%
Jan 1712Celebrity SummitSan Juan$749$61918%
Jan 1810Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$949$82913%
Jan 197Celebrity EquinoxMiami$899$80911%
Jan 2014Celebrity EclipseBuenos Aires$2,424$2,3494%
Jan 2012Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,279$1,10914%
Jan 2014Celebrity ConstellationSingapore$999$79921%
Jan 207Ft. Lauderdale$1,499$1,4742%
Jan 267Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$67910%
Jan 277Ft. Lauderdale$1,599$1,5742%
Jan 2811Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$999$87913%
Jan 2912Celebrity SummitSan Juan$849$71916%
Jan 3112Celebrity SolsticeSydney$1,849$1,8242%
Feb 019Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,229$1,10910%
Feb 027Celebrity EquinoxMiami$899$8496%
Feb 0314Celebrity ConstellationShanghai$999$84916%
Feb 037Ft. Lauderdale$1,399$1,3742%
Feb 0314Celebrity EclipseBuenos Aires$3,199$2,79913%
Feb 0810Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,149$1,1243%
Feb 095Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$429$36914%
Feb 097Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$7497%
Feb 1012Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,449$1,3497%
Feb 107Ft. Lauderdale$1,399$1,3742%
Feb 104Celebrity SummitSan Juan$399$31921%
Feb 1216Celebrity SolsticeAuckland$2,049$1,9993%
Feb 167Celebrity EquinoxMiami$1,099$1,0495%
Feb 1614Celebrity MillenniumHong Kong$1,149$99914%
Feb 1715Celebrity ConstellationSingapore$2,679$2,6541%
Feb 177Ft. Lauderdale$1,399$1,3742%
Feb 1710Celebrity EclipseBuenos Aires$949$8996%
Feb 1811Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,399$1,3742%
Feb 194Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$469$4397%
Feb 229Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,149$1,0797%
Feb 237Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$7497%
Feb 247Ft. Lauderdale$1,449$1,4242%
Feb 2711Celebrity EclipseBuenos Aires$1,449$1,4242%
Feb 2816Celebrity SolsticeFremantle / Perth$3,749$3,09918%
Mar 0110Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,299$1,2494%
Mar 0214Celebrity MillenniumSingapore$1,449$1,3994%
Mar 027Celebrity EquinoxMiami$799$7497%
Mar 0312Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,249$1,1796%
Mar 037Ft. Lauderdale$1,399$1,3742%
Mar 0414Celebrity ConstellationAbu Dhabi$1,629$1,37916%
Mar 097Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$649$57911%
Mar 097Celebrity EquinoxMiami$769$7197%
Mar 107Ft. Lauderdale$1,399$1,3742%
Mar 1014Celebrity EclipseBuenos Aires$2,499$2,4493%
Mar 1111Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,099$1,0495%
Mar 159Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,099$1,0297%
Mar 1613Celebrity SolsticeAuckland$4,294$4,2691%
Mar 167Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$6997%
Mar 1614Celebrity MillenniumHong Kong$2,499$1,89925%
Mar 165Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$499$4697%
Mar 1815Celebrity ConstellationAbu Dhabi$3,699$3,6492%
Mar 214Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$449$4197%
Mar 2210Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$999$9496%
Mar 237Celebrity EquinoxMiami$699$6498%
Mar 2415Celebrity Eclipse$1,349$1,3242%
Mar 2412Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$1,199$1,1296%
Mar 247Ft. Lauderdale$1,499$1,4742%
Mar 255Celebrity SummitSan Juan$399$31921%
Mar 2914Celebrity SolsticeAuckland$1,899$1,8742%
Mar 307Celebrity EquinoxMiami$719$64910%
Mar 307Celebrity SummitSan Juan$629$54913%
Mar 3014Celebrity MillenniumShanghai$1,999$1,9493%
Mar 317Ft. Lauderdale$1,399$1,3742%
Apr 0111Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$1,149$99914%
Apr 0215Celebrity ConstellationSingapore$2,999$2,9741%
Apr 059Celebrity SilhouetteFt. Lauderdale$999$9298%
Apr 067Celebrity EquinoxMiami$649$57911%
Apr 067Celebrity SummitSan Juan$649$57911%
Apr 077Ft. Lauderdale$1,499$1,4742%
Apr 089Celebrity EclipseSan Diego$1,319$1,2694%
Apr 1210Celebrity ReflectionFt. Lauderdale$949$8996%
Apr 137Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$6997%
Apr 137Celebrity SummitSan Juan$699$59915%
Apr 1314Celebrity MillenniumTokyo$11,749$10,9497%
Apr 147Ft. Lauderdale$1,399$1,3742%
Apr 1712Celebrity EclipseVancouver$1,499$99934%
Apr 1715Celebrity ConstellationAbu Dhabi$1,599$1,17927%
Apr 184Celebrity InfinityFt. Lauderdale$479$4497%
Apr 207Celebrity EquinoxMiami$649$5998%
Apr 207Celebrity SummitSan Juan$699$59915%
Apr 217Ft. Lauderdale$1,499$1,4742%
Apr 277Celebrity EquinoxMiami$749$6997%
Apr 277Celebrity SilhouetteSouthampton$1,349$1,3242%
Apr 2910Celebrity EclipseHonolulu$1,449$1,01930%
Apr 3010Celebrity SolsticeHonolulu$1,249$1,2243%

    Terms and Conditions

    Cruise must be booked April 5 – May 2, 2018 (the “Offer Period”). Offer applies to select 4-night and longer cruises departing June 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019. Offer excludes Galapagos, repositioning, transatlantic and transpacific cruises. Eligible sailings listed at celebritycruises.com/ Full deposit must be paid by deposit payment required due date. Standard full deposit penalty is applied if booking is cancelled within final payment period; see Celebrity’s cancellation policy for details. 50% Off Savings: Savings applies to the cruise fare of the third and fourth passengers booked in a triple, quad, or family ocean view, veranda, Concierge Class or suite stateroom. 50% Off Savings offer component not applicable to Alaska Cruisetours or Celebrity Explorations. Free Perks Offer: Each of the first two guests in a qualifying ocean view, veranda, Concierge Class, or AquaClass stateroom are eligible to receive two complimentary amenities: Classic Beverage Package, Unlimited Internet Package, $150 per person onboard credit (“OBC”), or Prepaid Gratuities. For an additional charge, guests may receive four amenities with an upgrade to the Premium Beverage package. Charge varies by number of cruise nights. All guests in the same stateroom must select the same options and provide Celebrity with the selected options at the time of booking. Promo codes are not required. Each of the first two guests in a qualifying suite booking are eligible to receive four complimentary amenities: Premium Beverage Package, Unlimited Internet Package, $150 per person onboard credit (“OBC”), and Prepaid Gratuities. Guests with Internet Packages will receive instructions for Internet access in their staterooms on the first day of the cruise. OBC option: Guests’ stateroom folios will be credited with an OBC. OBC has no cash value, is applicable to cruise only, non-transferable, not redeemable for cash, and will expire if not used by 10:00 PM on the final night of the cruise. Prepaid Gratuities option provides for prepaid stateroom, waiter, assistant waiter, and headwaiter gratuities in the amount suggested by Celebrity’s guidelines. Gratuities will be applied to the reservation within 10 days of booking date. Offer applies to new individual bookings and to staterooms in non-contracted group bookings, which must be named and deposited during the Offer Period. Offer is capacity controlled, availability varies by sailing, and eligible staterooms may sell out. All offers are non-transferable and applicable only to the Offer Cruise. Offer is not combinable with Book & Go Packages, Exciting Deals, Interline, senior, loyalty, resident, net, travel agent, and employee rates. No refunds or credits will be granted for unused options. Offer and prices are subject to availability and change without notice, capacity controlled, and not applicable to charters or contracted groups. Single occupancy bookings are eligible for the Offer. Changes to booking may result in removal of Offer.

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