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Oceania Cruises - OLife Choice

Oceania Cruises - OLife Choice

Enjoy an even more care-free experience with OLife Choice*, which offers you the flexibility to personalize your vacation experience. Easily stay in touch with FREE Unlimited Internet, PLUS select one from a choice of generous amenities: FREE Shore Excursions, FREE House Beverage Package or a Shipboard Credit.

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309 Results Found

2017 Oceania Cruises

Dec 1210RivieraMiami$7,598$1,39982%
Dec 156InsigniaMiami$3,998$1,09973%
Dec 1635SirenaSan Diego$20,998$5,99972%
Dec 1712MarinaMiami$11,098$1,79984%
Dec 2034RegattaSydney$26,998$9,29966%
Dec 2130NauticaCape Town$26,598$8,89967%
Dec 2113InsigniaMiami$12,998$4,59965%
Dec 2212RivieraMiami$11,398$2,79976%
Dec 2936MarinaMiami$24,198$7,49970%
Dec 2918MarinaMiami$14,198$4,49969%

2018 Oceania Cruises

Jan 0310InsigniaMiami$6,998$1,84974%
Jan 0371InsigniaMiami$46,798$15,94966%
Jan 0310RivieraMiami$7,398$2,04973%
Jan 0336InsigniaMiami$23,198$7,24969%
Jan 03180InsigniaMiami$138,984$35,69975%
Jan 1326InsigniaBarbados / Bridgetown$18,598$5,94969%
Jan 1374RivieraMiami$48,998$14,39971%
Jan 1310RivieraMiami$7,598$2,14972%
Jan 1618MarinaLimassol$12,998$3,49974%
Jan 2039SirenaRio de Janeiro$21,998$6,49971%
Jan 2021SirenaRio de Janeiro$14,098$2,99979%
Jan 2015NauticaSingapore$16,998$2,79984%
Jan 2314RivieraMiami$10,998$3,59968%
Jan 2313RegattaSydney$16,998$6,29963%
Feb 0310MarinaPapeete$10,598$2,64976%
Feb 0415NauticaHong Kong$16,598$2,59985%
Feb 0524RegattaAuckland$19,798$4,99975%
Feb 0553RegattaAuckland$37,998$11,64970%
Feb 0610RivieraMiami$7,998$2,29972%
Feb 0835InsigniaCape Town$29,598$10,79964%
Feb 1072SirenaMiami$41,598$12,97969%
Feb 1039SirenaMiami$23,598$7,57968%
Feb 1018SirenaMiami$10,998$3,49969%
Feb 1312MarinaPapeete$12,598$3,14976%
Feb 1610RivieraMiami$7,998$2,29972%
Feb 1915NauticaBernkastel-Kues$16,598$2,59985%
Feb 2510MarinaPapeete$10,598$2,79974%
Feb 2610RivieraMiami$7,998$2,29972%
Feb 2833SirenaLimassol$21,998$6,64970%
Feb 2821SirenaLimassol$15,198$4,59970%
Mar 0129Regatta$20,598$4,99976%
Mar 0153Regatta$34,398$8,39976%
Mar 0618NauticaShanghai$18,998$3,99979%
Mar 0712MarinaPapeete$12,598$3,14976%
Mar 0810RivieraMiami$7,998$2,29972%
Mar 1520InsigniaSingapore$17,598$5,14971%
Mar 1810RivieraMiami$7,598$2,09973%
Mar 1934MarinaPapeete$21,998$6,59971%
Mar 1918MarinaPapeete$12,998$3,29975%
Mar 2133SirenaBuenos Aires$19,998$5,19975%
Mar 2112SirenaBuenos Aires$9,998$2,19979%
Mar 2418NauticaYokohama (Tokyo)$18,198$3,59981%
Mar 2814RivieraMiami$9,998$2,14979%
Mar 2924RegattaHonolulu$15,998$3,99976%
Apr 0221SirenaRio de Janeiro$12,998$3,59973%
Apr 0435InsigniaBeijing$26,998$9,49965%
Apr 0616MarinaLos Angeles / San Pedro$11,598$3,79968%
Apr 1118NauticaBernkastel-Kues$14,998$4,29972%
Apr 2112RivieraBarcelona$9,998$2,39977%
Apr 2119RivieraBarcelona$14,598$3,69975%
Apr 2216MarinaMiami$13,998$2,69981%
Apr 2231MarinaMiami$23,198$6,04974%
Apr 2318SirenaMiami$12,398$3,19975%
Apr 2311SirenaMiami$7,998$1,79978%
Apr 2610RegattaMiami$7,998$1,29984%
Apr 2928NauticaMumbai$19,398$6,19969%
May 0314RivieraBarcelona$11,598$2,79976%
May 037RivieraBarcelona$6,998$1,59978%
May 047SirenaMiami$4,998$1,79965%
May 0627RegattaMiami$17,198$5,29970%
May 0616RegattaMiami$10,598$3,29969%
May 0825MarinaMontréal$17,798$5,79968%
May 0815MarinaMontréal$10,998$3,79966%
May 0938InsigniaSydney$24,998$7,14972%
May 0920InsigniaSydney$16,998$4,79972%
May 107RivieraMonte Carlo$6,998$1,49979%
May 119SirenaMiami$5,998$1,99967%
May 178RivieraCivitavecchia (Rome)$7,598$1,79977%
May 208SirenaMiami$5,598$1,89967%
May 2211RegattaSan Francisco$7,998$2,39971%
May 2320MarinaSouthampton$15,998$4,59972%
May 2310MarinaSouthampton$8,998$2,39974%
May 2512RivieraVenice$10,998$2,89974%
May 2712NauticaCivitavecchia (Rome)$13,998$4,39969%
May 2722NauticaCivitavecchia (Rome)$22,798$7,49968%
May 2818InsigniaPapeete$11,598$2,89976%
May 289SirenaMiami$5,598$1,29977%
Jun 0210RegattaVancouver$7,998$2,29972%
Jun 0210MarinaSouthampton$9,598$2,49974%
Jun 067SirenaMiami$4,998$1,79965%
Jun 0610RivieraBarcelona$9,198$2,19977%
Jun 0810NauticaSouthampton$10,998$3,59968%
Jun 0820NauticaSouthampton$19,398$6,89965%
Jun 127RegattaVancouver$5,898$1,39977%
Jun 1210MarinaStockholm$9,598$2,59973%
Jun 1325SirenaMiami$14,398$4,19971%
Jun 1310SirenaMiami$6,398$2,19966%
Jun 1516InsigniaLos Angeles / San Pedro$10,598$3,09971%
Jun 1610RivieraLisbon$9,198$2,29976%
Jun 1618RivieraLisbon$14,398$3,79974%
Jun 1810NauticaDublin$11,598$3,99966%
Jun 1910RegattaSeattle$7,898$2,69966%
Jun 2210MarinaCopenhagen$9,598$2,49974%
Jun 2337SirenaMiami$25,398$7,24972%
Jun 2385SirenaMiami$56,998$16,89971%
Jun 2325SirenaMiami$16,598$4,64972%
Jun 2347SirenaMiami$32,598$9,54971%
Jun 2315SirenaMiami$9,298$2,24976%
Jun 268RivieraCivitavecchia (Rome)$7,998$1,79978%
Jun 2820NauticaDublin$20,598$7,39965%
Jun 2832NauticaDublin$29,898$10,29966%
Jun 297RegattaSeattle$6,498$1,79973%
Jul 0114InsigniaMiami$9,398$2,19977%
Jul 0226MarinaStockholm$24,198$7,59969%
Jul 0212MarinaStockholm$12,598$3,49973%
Jul 048RivieraVenice$7,998$1,79978%
Jul 0822SirenaLisbon$17,998$5,09972%
Jul 0810SirenaLisbon$9,598$2,59973%
Jul 1210RivieraAthens$9,598$2,49974%
Jul 1310RegattaSeattle$9,298$3,19966%
Jul 1436MarinaAmsterdam$31,998$10,29968%
Jul 1426MarinaAmsterdam$24,598$7,89968%
Jul 1414MarinaAmsterdam$14,698$4,59969%
Jul 1510InsigniaNew York City$5,598$1,29977%
Jul 1812SirenaBarcelona$11,398$2,89975%
Jul 1812NauticaOslo$12,598$3,59972%
Jul 1832NauticaOslo$30,698$10,69966%
Jul 2210RivieraAthens$9,598$2,49974%
Jul 2222RivieraAthens$18,198$5,19972%
Jul 2310RegattaSeattle$9,298$3,19966%
Jul 2510InsigniaNew York City$5,598$1,29977%
Jul 2822MarinaAmsterdam$19,798$5,89971%
Jul 2812MarinaAmsterdam$12,998$3,79971%
Jul 3020SirenaCivitavecchia (Rome)$16,398$4,89971%
Jul 3020NauticaSouthampton$21,398$7,79964%
Jul 3010SirenaCivitavecchia (Rome)$9,598$2,49974%
Jul 3034NauticaSouthampton$32,098$11,24965%
Aug 0112RivieraBarcelona$11,398$2,99974%
Aug 027RegattaSeattle$7,098$1,99972%
Aug 0410InsigniaNew York City$5,598$1,29977%
Aug 097RegattaSeattle$7,098$1,99972%
Aug 0910SirenaVenice$9,598$2,69972%
Aug 0910MarinaSouthampton$9,598$2,49974%
Aug 1317RivieraVenice$14,398$3,79974%
Aug 1310RivieraVenice$9,598$2,59973%
Aug 1410InsigniaNew York City$5,598$1,29977%
Aug 1611RegattaSeattle$9,698$3,19968%
Aug 1928SirenaAthens$18,798$4,94974%
Aug 1912SirenaAthens$11,398$2,89975%
Aug 1910MarinaStockholm$9,598$2,59973%
Aug 1914NauticaSouthampton$14,098$4,14971%
Aug 237RivieraCivitavecchia (Rome)$7,398$1,49980%
Aug 2410InsigniaNew York City$5,598$1,29977%
Aug 2711RegattaSeattle$9,298$2,99968%
Aug 297MarinaCopenhagen$6,998$1,39981%
Aug 3015RivieraMonte Carlo$12,198$2,79978%
Aug 307RivieraMonte Carlo$7,398$1,49980%
Aug 3124SirenaCivitavecchia (Rome)$13,998$3,79973%
Aug 3116SirenaCivitavecchia (Rome)$9,698$2,44975%
Sep 0212NauticaStockholm$12,398$3,39973%
Sep 0238NauticaStockholm$36,398$11,84968%
Sep 0224NauticaStockholm$24,398$7,79969%
Sep 0310InsigniaNew York City$5,598$1,29977%
Sep 0510MarinaStockholm$8,998$2,29975%
Sep 068RivieraBarcelona$7,198$1,59978%
Sep 0710RegattaSeattle$7,698$2,19972%
Sep 1310InsigniaNew York City$9,898$3,29967%
Sep 1433NauticaSouthampton$30,398$9,54969%
Sep 1410RivieraLisbon$8,998$2,39974%
Sep 1426NauticaSouthampton$25,998$8,54968%
Sep 1412NauticaSouthampton$14,898$4,89968%
Sep 1512MarinaCopenhagen$10,998$2,89974%
Sep 1531MarinaCopenhagen$24,198$6,99972%
Sep 1524MarinaCopenhagen$19,398$5,49972%
Sep 168SirenaMiami$5,598$1,59972%
Sep 1710RegattaVancouver$7,198$1,89974%
Sep 2310InsigniaMontréal$9,898$3,49965%
Sep 249SirenaMiami$5,998$1,59974%
Sep 2410RivieraCivitavecchia (Rome)$8,998$2,39974%
Sep 2621NauticaSouthampton$17,598$5,04972%
Sep 2614NauticaSouthampton$13,898$4,24970%
Sep 2712MarinaAmsterdam$10,998$2,99973%
Sep 2729RegattaVancouver$18,998$5,89969%
Sep 2719MarinaAmsterdam$15,198$4,19973%
Sep 2711RegattaVancouver$7,698$2,19972%
Oct 037SirenaMiami$4,998$1,79965%
Oct 0310InsigniaNew York City$9,898$3,49965%
Oct 0410RivieraBarcelona$7,998$1,89977%
Oct 0818RegattaSan Francisco$12,698$4,19967%
Oct 097MarinaLisbon$6,398$1,49977%
Oct 109SirenaMiami$5,998$1,69972%
Oct 107NauticaBarcelona$5,998$1,09982%
Oct 1310InsigniaMontréal$9,898$3,34967%
Oct 1410RivieraAthens$7,998$1,89977%
Oct 1617MarinaBarcelona$11,798$2,59978%
Oct 1610MarinaBarcelona$7,998$1,89977%
Oct 1720NauticaCivitavecchia (Rome)$12,998$3,09977%
Oct 1710NauticaCivitavecchia (Rome)$7,598$1,69978%
Oct 197SirenaMiami$4,998$1,79965%
Oct 2310InsigniaNew York City$9,298$3,04968%
Oct 248RivieraAthens$6,598$1,29981%
Oct 267MarinaVenice$5,998$99984%
Oct 2632RegattaMiami$20,998$5,99972%
Oct 2621MarinaVenice$13,398$2,29983%
Oct 2616RegattaMiami$11,698$3,69969%
Oct 2614MarinaVenice$9,598$1,59984%
Oct 2610SirenaMiami$6,398$1,79972%
Oct 2710NauticaCivitavecchia (Rome)$7,598$1,69978%
Nov 0112RivieraVenice$7,998$1,89977%
Nov 0126RivieraVenice$15,198$3,94975%
Nov 0216InsigniaMontréal$12,398$3,99968%
Nov 0214MarinaCivitavecchia (Rome)$9,198$1,39985%
Nov 027MarinaCivitavecchia (Rome)$5,598$79986%
Nov 0525SirenaMiami$15,398$4,99968%
Nov 0610NauticaVenice$6,998$1,39981%
Nov 0919MarinaMonte Carlo$12,398$2,39981%
Nov 097MarinaMonte Carlo$5,598$79986%
Nov 1131RegattaLos Angeles / San Pedro$21,798$5,84974%
Nov 1116RegattaLos Angeles / San Pedro$11,398$2,79976%
Nov 1326RivieraBarcelona$15,798$3,79976%
Nov 1314RivieraBarcelona$8,998$2,14977%
Nov 1612MarinaBarcelona$8,998$1,89979%
Nov 1628MarinaBarcelona$16,598$3,79978%
Nov 1620NauticaAthens$13,798$3,49975%
Nov 2712RivieraMiami$8,298$1,99976%
Nov 2715RegattaPapeete$13,798$3,49975%
Nov 2816MarinaLisbon$9,998$2,14979%
Nov 3010SirenaMiami$6,298$1,79972%
Dec 0630NauticaDubai$24,198$7,99967%
Dec 0710InsigniaMiami$6,498$1,59976%
Dec 0910RivieraMiami$6,298$1,49977%
Dec 107SirenaMiami$5,498$1,79968%
Dec 1334RegattaSydney$27,798$8,59970%
Dec 1438MarinaRio de Janeiro$25,598$7,24972%
Dec 1420MarinaRio de Janeiro$16,198$4,49973%
Dec 1710SirenaMiami$9,198$2,79970%
Dec 1710InsigniaMiami$8,598$2,49971%
Dec 1914RivieraMiami$14,798$4,99967%
Dec 2715InsigniaMiami$13,398$4,29968%
Dec 277SirenaMiami$7,398$2,29969%

2019 Oceania Cruises

Jan 0210RivieraMiami$7,298$1,99973%
Jan 0318MarinaSafi$12,998$3,29975%
Jan 0310SirenaMiami$6,898$2,19969%
Jan 0515NauticaCape Town$13,598$3,59974%
Jan 11180InsigniaNew York City$133,982$35,39974%
Jan 1151InsigniaNew York City$34,998$11,64967%
Jan 11158InsigniaNew York City$120,184$33,59973%
Jan 1119InsigniaNew York City$13,398$4,49967%
Jan 11174InsigniaNew York City$133,982$35,39974%
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Terms and Conditions

Standard terms apply. View complete terms and conditions in addition: OLife Choice offer is subject to change on 10/1/17. OLife Choice amenities are per stateroom, based on double occupancy and subject to change. Free Internet is one per stateroom; Owner’s, Vista & Oceania Suites receive access for two devices per suite. OLife Choice free shore excursions vary by voyage and exclude Oceania Select, Oceania Exclusive, Executive Collection, Food & Wine Trails, Wellness and Culinary Discovery Tours. Voyages up to 9 days receive 4 free shore excursions;10-13 days receive 6 free shore excursions; 14+ days receive 8 free shore excursions. If shore excursion amenity is selected, all excursions must be chosen at least 14 days prior to sailing. OLife Choice beverage package amenity is House Select. Guests in the same stateroom must choose the same OLife Choice amenity, and amenity must be chosen by final payment. Not all promotions are combinable.

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Canada (toll-free) 1-888-313-8883
United Kingdom 020-8133-2862
Australia 02-8005-0873
Hong Kong 8120-6202
Other Countries 1-727-906-0444

If you'd like one of our Oceania Cruise Agents to call you, please click here.


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