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Scenic Cruises Free Air Promotions

Fly Free on all 11+ day select Europe sailings
Fly for $495 on 8-11 Day balcony suites on select Europe Sailings
Fly Free Economy Air on 8-11 day standard suites on select Europe Sailings

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331 Results Found

2017 Scenic River Cruises

Mar 278Scenic OpalMunich$6,738$2,69560%
Apr 0315Scenic PearlBudapest$15,863$6,34560%
Apr 038Scenic OpalBudapest$8,613$3,44560%
Apr 0311Scenic OpalBudapest$10,263$4,10560%
Apr 0721Scenic JadeParintins$22,150$8,86060%
Apr 0718Scenic JadeParintins$20,050$8,02060%
Apr 0711Scenic OpalPrague$10,263$4,10560%
Apr 1015Scenic JewelBudapest$15,863$6,34560%
Apr 108Scenic OpalNuremberg$8,613$3,44560%
Apr 1018Scenic JadeAmsterdam$17,963$7,18560%
Apr 1015Scenic JadeAmsterdam$15,863$6,34560%
Apr 1215Scenic JasperBudapest$15,863$6,34560%
Apr 178Scenic RubyAmsterdam$7,988$3,19560%
Apr 1715Scenic PearlAmsterdam$16,863$6,74560%
Apr 1816Scenic OpalVienna$17,738$7,09560%
Apr 188Scenic OpalVienna$8,063$3,22560%
Apr 2021Scenic GemParintins$26,875$10,75060%
Apr 2021Scenic GemParintins$28,350$11,34060%
Apr 2011Scenic GemParintins$14,863$5,94560%
Apr 2411Scenic CrystalBudapest$10,413$4,16560%
Apr 2415Scenic JewelAmsterdam$16,863$6,74560%
Apr 248Scenic RubyZürich$7,988$3,19560%
Apr 259Scenic OpalBelgrade$8,438$3,37560%
Apr 2619Scenic JasperAmsterdam$21,825$8,73060%
Apr 2619Scenic SapphireParintins$24,725$9,89060%
Apr 2615Scenic JasperAmsterdam$16,863$6,74560%
Apr 2616Scenic SapphireParintins$20,838$8,33560%
Apr 2817Scenic SapphireParintins$21,913$8,76560%
Apr 2814Scenic SapphireParintins$18,313$7,32560%
Apr 3024Scenic DiamondBordeaux$34,348$13,73960%
Apr 3024Scenic DiamondParintins$31,438$12,57560%
Apr 3024Scenic AzureParintins$33,288$13,31560%
Apr 3021Scenic GemParintins$27,875$11,15060%
Apr 3011Scenic GemParintins$14,863$5,94560%
Apr 3021Scenic GemParintins$29,725$11,89060%
May 019Scenic OpalBucharest$8,438$3,37560%
May 018Scenic JadeMunich$8,238$3,29560%
May 0116Scenic OpalBucharest$17,738$7,09560%
May 018Scenic RubyAmsterdam$7,838$3,13560%
May 0115Scenic PearlZürich$17,238$6,89560%
May 0223Scenic CrystalBucharest$26,350$10,54060%
May 0211Scenic CrystalBucharest$10,475$4,19060%
May 038Scenic AmberMunich$8,238$3,29560%
May 0611Scenic JadeBudapest$10,725$4,29060%
May 088Scenic JewelZürich$8,738$3,49560%
May 088Scenic RubyAmsterdam$8,738$3,49560%
May 098Scenic OpalBelgrade$8,063$3,22560%
May 1021Scenic GemParintins$30,438$12,17560%
May 1011Scenic GemParintins$15,575$6,23060%
May 108Scenic JasperZürich$8,738$3,49560%
May 1018Scenic CrystalBudapest$21,700$8,68060%
May 1015Scenic CrystalBudapest$17,238$6,89560%
May 108Scenic AmberBudapest$9,863$3,94560%
May 118Scenic SapphireNice$11,188$4,47560%
May 1218Scenic PearlParintins$21,700$8,68060%
May 1221Scenic PearlParintins$23,775$9,51060%
May 1421Scenic JasperParintins$23,775$9,51060%
May 1411Scenic AmberPrague$11,500$4,60060%
May 1418Scenic JasperParintins$21,700$8,68060%
May 1411Scenic JadeBucharest$10,725$4,29060%
May 158Scenic JewelAmsterdam$9,363$3,74560%
May 1518Scenic PearlAmsterdam$19,313$7,72560%
May 1515Scenic PearlAmsterdam$17,238$6,89560%
May 158Scenic RubyZürich$9,363$3,74560%
May 1714Scenic SapphireParintins$20,325$8,13060%
May 178Scenic AmberNuremberg$9,863$3,94560%
May 1715Scenic OpalBudapest$17,238$6,89560%
May 1718Scenic JasperAmsterdam$19,313$7,72560%
May 1718Scenic OpalBudapest$21,700$8,68060%
May 1715Scenic JasperAmsterdam$17,238$6,89560%
May 1812Scenic JewelZürich$14,325$5,73060%
May 2021Scenic GemParintins$28,588$11,43560%
May 2024Scenic GemParintins$32,150$12,86060%
May 2021Scenic GemParintins$30,438$12,17560%
May 2024Scenic GemParintins$34,000$13,60060%
May 2011Scenic GemParintins$15,575$6,23060%
May 228Scenic JadeBudapest$9,863$3,94560%
May 2224Scenic JasperPrague$24,425$9,77060%
May 228Scenic JewelZürich$9,363$3,74560%
May 2211Scenic JadeBudapest$11,500$4,60060%
May 248Scenic CrystalAmsterdam$9,363$3,74560%
May 248Scenic AmberBudapest$9,863$3,94560%
May 2411Scenic AmberBudapest$11,500$4,60060%
May 2618Scenic RubyParintins$21,700$8,68060%
May 2621Scenic RubyParintins$23,775$9,51060%
May 2611Scenic JadePrague$11,500$4,60060%
May 2719Scenic CrystalZürich$22,475$8,99060%
May 2811Scenic AmberPrague$11,500$4,60060%
May 2915Scenic JewelAmsterdam$17,238$6,89560%
May 2915Scenic PearlBudapest$17,238$6,89560%
May 2918Scenic RubyAmsterdam$19,313$7,72560%
May 298Scenic JadeNuremberg$9,863$3,94560%
May 2915Scenic RubyAmsterdam$17,238$6,89560%
May 3024Scenic GemParintins$33,500$13,40060%
May 3021Scenic GemParintins$28,588$11,43560%
May 3011Scenic GemParintins$15,575$6,23060%
May 3021Scenic GemParintins$29,938$11,97560%
May 3024Scenic GemParintins$32,150$12,86060%
May 3115Scenic OpalAmsterdam$17,238$6,89560%
May 3118Scenic JasperBudapest$21,700$8,68060%
May 3119Scenic OpalAmsterdam$22,475$8,99060%
May 318Scenic AmberNuremberg$9,863$3,94560%
May 3115Scenic CrystalZürich$17,238$6,89560%
May 3114Scenic SapphireParintins$20,325$8,13060%
May 3115Scenic JasperBudapest$17,238$6,89560%
Jun 0511Scenic JadeBudapest$11,513$4,60560%
Jun 058Scenic JadeBudapest$9,863$3,94560%
Jun 0715Scenic AmberBudapest$17,363$6,94560%
Jun 0921Scenic GemParintins$28,588$11,43560%
Jun 0921Scenic GemParintins$29,938$11,97560%
Jun 0918Scenic PearlParintins$22,163$8,86560%
Jun 0911Scenic GemParintins$15,575$6,23060%
Jun 0921Scenic PearlParintins$24,000$9,60060%
Jun 0911Scenic JadePrague$11,513$4,60560%
Jun 1012Scenic OpalZürich$14,600$5,84060%
Jun 1121Scenic CrystalParintins$24,000$9,60060%
Jun 1118Scenic CrystalParintins$22,163$8,86560%
Jun 1219Scenic SapphireParintins$26,725$10,69060%
Jun 128Scenic JewelZürich$9,363$3,74560%
Jun 128Scenic RubyBudapest$9,863$3,94560%
Jun 1215Scenic PearlAmsterdam$17,363$6,94560%
Jun 1218Scenic PearlAmsterdam$19,200$7,68060%
Jun 128Scenic JadeNuremberg$9,863$3,94560%
Jun 1211Scenic RubyBudapest$11,513$4,60560%
Jun 1216Scenic SapphireParintins$22,838$9,13560%
Jun 1417Scenic SapphireParintins$24,050$9,62060%
Jun 1414Scenic SapphireParintins$20,450$8,18060%
Jun 1415Scenic CrystalAmsterdam$17,363$6,94560%
Jun 148Scenic OpalZürich$9,363$3,74560%
Jun 148Scenic JasperAmsterdam$9,363$3,74560%
Jun 1418Scenic CrystalAmsterdam$19,200$7,68060%
Jun 1618Scenic JewelParintins$22,163$8,86560%
Jun 1611Scenic RubyPrague$11,513$4,60560%
Jun 1618Scenic JadePrague$19,200$7,68060%
Jun 1621Scenic JewelParintins$24,000$9,60060%
Jun 1621Scenic JadePrague$23,900$9,56060%
Jun 1712Scenic JasperZürich$14,600$5,84060%
Jun 1921Scenic GemParintins$29,938$11,97560%
Jun 1924Scenic GemParintins$32,150$12,86060%
Jun 198Scenic RubyNuremberg$9,863$3,94560%
Jun 1924Scenic GemParintins$33,500$13,40060%
Jun 1918Scenic JadeBudapest$22,163$8,86560%
Jun 1915Scenic JadeBudapest$17,363$6,94560%
Jun 1915Scenic JewelAmsterdam$17,363$6,94560%
Jun 1921Scenic GemParintins$28,588$11,43560%
Jun 1918Scenic JewelAmsterdam$19,200$7,68060%
Jun 218Scenic JasperZürich$9,363$3,74560%
Jun 2118Scenic AmberAmsterdam$19,200$7,68060%
Jun 2115Scenic AmberAmsterdam$17,363$6,94560%
Jun 2318Scenic PearlPrague$19,200$7,68060%
Jun 268Scenic RubyBudapest$9,863$3,94560%
Jun 2615Scenic PearlBudapest$17,363$6,94560%
Jun 2611Scenic RubyBudapest$11,513$4,60560%
Jun 288Scenic JasperAmsterdam$9,363$3,74560%
Jun 2921Scenic GemParintins$29,688$11,87560%
Jun 298Scenic SapphireLyon$12,988$5,19560%
Jun 2921Scenic GemParintins$28,088$11,23560%
Jun 3021Scenic JadeParintins$23,775$9,51060%
Jun 3018Scenic JadeParintins$21,788$8,71560%
Jul 0211Scenic CrystalPrague$10,963$4,38560%
Jul 0318Scenic JadeAmsterdam$19,225$7,69060%
Jul 0318Scenic JewelBudapest$21,788$8,71560%
Jul 038Scenic RubyNuremberg$9,613$3,84560%
Jul 0315Scenic JewelBudapest$17,363$6,94560%
Jul 0315Scenic JadeAmsterdam$17,363$6,94560%
Jul 058Scenic AmberBudapest$9,613$3,84560%
Jul 0511Scenic AmberBudapest$10,963$4,38560%
Jul 058Scenic CrystalNuremberg$9,613$3,84560%
Jul 058Scenic JasperZürich$8,863$3,54560%
Jul 0515Scenic OpalZürich$16,988$6,79560%
Jul 0714Scenic SapphireParintins$19,663$7,86560%
Jul 0911Scenic AmberPrague$10,963$4,38560%
Jul 0924Scenic GemParintins$31,213$12,48560%
Jul 0924Scenic GemParintins$32,813$13,12560%
Jul 0921Scenic GemParintins$27,650$11,06060%
Jul 0921Scenic GemParintins$29,250$11,70060%
Jul 0911Scenic GemParintins$15,138$6,05560%
Jul 1018Scenic PearlAmsterdam$18,850$7,54060%
Jul 1015Scenic PearlAmsterdam$16,988$6,79560%
Jul 1015Scenic RubyBudapest$16,988$6,79560%
Jul 128Scenic AmberNuremberg$9,613$3,84560%
Jul 1215Scenic CrystalBudapest$16,988$6,79560%
Jul 1418Scenic JadePrague$18,850$7,54060%
Jul 1715Scenic JewelAmsterdam$16,988$6,79560%
Jul 1718Scenic JewelAmsterdam$18,850$7,54060%
Jul 1715Scenic JadeBudapest$16,988$6,79560%
Jul 1915Scenic OpalAmsterdam$16,988$6,79560%
Jul 1911Scenic AmberBudapest$10,963$4,38560%
Jul 1921Scenic GemParintins$27,650$11,06060%
Jul 1921Scenic GemParintins$29,250$11,70060%
Jul 1911Scenic GemParintins$15,138$6,05560%
Jul 198Scenic AmberBudapest$9,613$3,84560%
Jul 2114Scenic SapphireParintins$19,663$7,86560%
Jul 2121Scenic RubyParintins$23,275$9,31060%
Jul 2121Scenic PearlPrague$23,275$9,31060%
Jul 2118Scenic PearlPrague$18,850$7,54060%
Jul 2118Scenic RubyParintins$21,413$8,56560%
Jul 2311Scenic AmberPrague$10,963$4,38560%
Jul 2415Scenic RubyAmsterdam$16,988$6,79560%
Jul 2418Scenic PearlBudapest$21,413$8,56560%
Jul 2415Scenic PearlBudapest$16,988$6,79560%
Jul 2418Scenic RubyAmsterdam$18,850$7,54060%
Jul 268Scenic AmberNuremberg$9,613$3,84560%
Jul 2615Scenic JasperBudapest$16,988$6,79560%
Jul 268Scenic CrystalAmsterdam$8,863$3,54560%
Jul 2618Scenic JasperBudapest$21,413$8,56560%
Jul 2818Scenic JewelPrague$18,850$7,54060%
Jul 2911Scenic GemParintins$15,138$6,05560%
Jul 2919Scenic CrystalZürich$22,225$8,89060%
Jul 3118Scenic JadeAmsterdam$18,850$7,54060%
Jul 3115Scenic JewelBudapest$16,988$6,79560%
Jul 3115Scenic JadeAmsterdam$16,988$6,79560%
Aug 028Scenic OpalZürich$8,863$3,54560%
Aug 0218Scenic AmberBudapest$21,288$8,51560%
Aug 0215Scenic AmberBudapest$16,988$6,79560%
Aug 0215Scenic CrystalZürich$16,988$6,79560%
Aug 0418Scenic RubyPrague$19,088$7,63560%
Aug 0414Scenic SapphireParintins$19,638$7,85560%
Aug 0417Scenic SapphireParintins$22,575$9,03060%
Aug 0715Scenic RubyBudapest$16,988$6,79560%
Aug 0715Scenic PearlAmsterdam$16,988$6,79560%
Aug 0912Scenic OpalAmsterdam$14,100$5,64060%
Aug 098Scenic OpalAmsterdam$8,863$3,54560%
Aug 1121Scenic JadePrague$23,150$9,26060%
Aug 1118Scenic JadePrague$19,088$7,63560%
Aug 1118Scenic JewelParintins$21,288$8,51560%
Aug 1121Scenic JewelParintins$23,388$9,35560%
Aug 1212Scenic OpalZürich$13,975$5,59060%
Aug 1212Scenic OpalZürich$13,975$5,59060%
Aug 1415Scenic JewelAmsterdam$16,988$6,79560%
Aug 1418Scenic JadeBudapest$21,288$8,51560%
Aug 1418Scenic JewelAmsterdam$19,088$7,63560%
Aug 1415Scenic JadeBudapest$16,988$6,79560%
Aug 168Scenic CrystalAmsterdam$8,738$3,49560%
Aug 1616Scenic SapphireParintins$22,838$9,13560%
Aug 1619Scenic SapphireParintins$26,725$10,69060%
Aug 168Scenic OpalZürich$8,738$3,49560%
Aug 1818Scenic PearlPrague$19,463$7,78560%
Aug 1814Scenic SapphireParintins$19,638$7,85560%
Aug 1817Scenic SapphireParintins$23,238$9,29560%
Aug 1926Scenic OpalMunich$31,000$12,40060%
Aug 2118Scenic RubyAmsterdam$19,463$7,78560%
Aug 2115Scenic RubyAmsterdam$17,363$6,94560%
Aug 2115Scenic PearlBudapest$17,363$6,94560%
Aug 2318Scenic JasperBudapest$21,663$8,66560%
Aug 2315Scenic CrystalZürich$17,363$6,94560%
Aug 238Scenic OpalAmsterdam$8,738$3,49560%
Aug 2315Scenic JasperBudapest$17,363$6,94560%
Aug 2518Scenic JewelPrague$19,463$7,78560%
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